Song Sunday

Song Sunday | Oh, Lord (NF)

We are going to begin the new year with a very thought-provoking song.

“Oh Lord, ” by NF

This song I found around April or so last year. When I started this series, I knew it would be a good song to use at the beginning of the year. With our focus on starting new, and becoming better.

This song hits it home.

It also is a Christian rap song. I’m not usually a fan of rap, but this song. POWERFUL! This was my first song to his work, and I am a fan.

You can also hear every single powerful thing he is saying.

NF points out the fact that we turn away from God, and then become angry or confused at Him when He doesn’t answer or protect us. He mentions God cannot answer prayers when no one is praying to Him.

We want change, but we won’t do it.

We don’t talk to God, till something happens in our life that makes us.

Everyone is asleep in the pews, and we act like God is asleep on us.

NF is an American Rap/Hip-Hop singer. Check out his powerful song below, and support his music on iTunes and YouTube.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM



45 thoughts on “Song Sunday | Oh, Lord (NF)

  1. Thank You for posting this! I was recently asking myself what NF main thing was that he was talking about. I never understood how he was an christian raper, but you clear that up for me, thanks. Love his music though. Awesome music, the one I love the most is motivated.

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    1. I’ve listened to some of his stuff that came out last year, and yes, I’m not sure if all of his songs are Christian related, which happens with some bands. They are a Christian band/singer, but not all songs are about God, but also about relationships/etc. This isn’t bad of course, it just worries me when certain bands/singers grow they change their music, which is fine, but the focus because less on God. When God and Christ are the center of our lives it is evident.

      I think I’ve heard motivated, it sounds familiar. I love his music too. 🙂 I like the fact he speaks with honesty to people and to himself.

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  2. Yeah, I like listening to a-lot of his stuff. I like his relationship music a-lot. Someone that came to mind just now was Elvis Presley. When he was a kid, like in his 20s, he wrote christian music. After he died, his wife said, “I think Elvis would always be a part of music, no matter what,” Priscilla Presley told TODAY’s Matt Lauer Friday from the King’s Graceland home in Memphis. “It was in his blood. I don’t know if he’d be doing rock ’n’ roll right now; I think that maybe he’d be going into gospel. Maybe even preaching a little bit. He loved to teach and loved the Bible. He always would have been dedicated to his music, that’s for sure.” ……. God gives us Stages to Glorify him and we have an choice, either Glory him or ourselves. That’s why it’s awesome to see your doing this website. A few young Christians try to serve GOD and from Experience, GOD Is going to do something Great through your Website, and Ministry. GOD BLESS and I’m going to keep following your post, there Awesome!!!!

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    1. That’s a really good point about Elvis, my grandmother is a huge fan of him! He definitely gives us moments in our life that could be used for His glory or our own. Whatever He plans to do with my writing, I want to share that it is all Him, and He continues to teach me and guide me. If I become an author I can point to Him, and tell people, “I had a lot of people doubt, but God didn’t, and whatever God has planned for your calling, if you follow it, He will get you through, no matter what anyone else says.” Thank you so much for your encouragement, 🙂

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  3. I do like NF songs. He expresses what everyone feels at one time or another. But a bit spiritually immature sometimes… but that’s okay, because sanctification is process. And it is only the Lord who sanctifies, with that we have to be patient with each other and stand in the gap for each other. I do like his music, especially this album

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    1. That is a great way to put it 🙂 this album definitely had songs that resonated with me the most, for sure. I love your addition of explaining it is a process because it is, and believers are all on their own different paths and journeys with Christ. ❤ Thank you for sharing!!

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  4. NF is “haunting” me! Lol! I am NOT a fan of rap but my younger brother is currently obsessed with NF and is constantly forcing me to listen to him. I know I’ve heard O Lord, but I’m going to have to listen to it again and really listen to the lyrics.

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    1. I’m not a fan of rap either. I have found some Christian rappers within the past month that I do actually like. I like being able to hear words clearly, and I like the meaning to be honest and thought provoking. I hope you are able to take something out of the song 🙂

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  5. This is beautiful. I wouldn’t have classified this as a rap song… just a song with a rap “bridge” in the middle of it… I’m glad to know now how to define rap. I learned something big today 😉 thank you! I really like this, too! His voice really reminds me of a young Toby Mac. 🙂

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    1. Rap definitely does not have to be constant, face paced, but a steady flow like poetry, not really sung, is still rap 🙂 I’m so glad this helped. Yes, he does sound like a young Toby Mac!


    1. I’m so glad you love it!!! I try to always continue to find new music, even if I’m not sure if I will like it. 🙂 I have over 300 Christian songs in the playlist now on YouTube, and I really hope it reaches people, helping them worship God and find encouragement. ❤

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    1. I’ve noticed a lot of teens do like him. He has some pretty intense songs, you may want to listen to more of him depending on how old your kids are. One song, from the same album I believe, he has a song directed at his mom, and how she chose drugs over him. His songs are very real and truthful which is why I like him, but just wanted to give you a heads up. 🙂

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      1. Yes, definitely! Some of his newer stuff you may want to check out, I’m not sure quite how I feel about it. But overall, especially when he covers real topics. I like how he puts it together.

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      2. We do have to be discerning, T.R., I agree, but sometimes it’s good to hear honest lyrics that show a journey. I think the lyrics that I have written, definitely show progression. Some of my older songs I would hate to share as I sound very immature but it’s still part of my growth so I have to be grateful for how far I’ve come in my walk with God. It’s very positive 💞

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      3. And that’s good 🙂 The only issue I have, not with him, in general. Is when we see Christian singers fade away. They are still considered Christian singers, but none of their songs reflect Christ anymore, and that’s where my concern comes from because we are accountable to what we say, and what we point to when others look up to us. I actually have a post I’ve been working on talking about how it is one thing for us to struggle with something as a believer, but then to share it in so much depth because of our confusion we pull others down in our struggle and become a stumbling block to them. It just goes back to accountability and our words, I think 🙂 And I know NF is powerful with words, I agree, I want him to grow. I want him to reach others and testify about Christ. 🙂

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      4. You’re so right! They are answerable to God for the decisions they make regarding their music and the lyrics they write. I think it becomes dangerous territory for a person to actually go backwards rather than forwards in regards to the way they present their music. They should be accountable and recognise that even though people should be looking to God, they will be looking at them also. 😊

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      5. His recent music also covers relationships, a lot of his music, in general, is about relationships. One commenter had referred to him as an immature Christian, still growing, which is where all believers start. The only thing I’ve heard was in his song, Lie, he talks about a girl who took advantage of him, and one line I don’t like talks about she used him to get drinks. I hope as he grows he writes more songs like Oh, Lord.

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      6. He’s on a journey, same as we all are. That’s what I love about a relationship with Jesus, it’s individual and personal and can’t be compared to anyone else’s relationship. I do wish people wouldn’t judge and say he’s an immature Christian. What right do they have to say that?! He may well be but I think it’s really discouraging to say it. Always better to focus on the positives and lift people up, especially those in the limelight for the Lord. I bet it’s not easy for him. I know myself how you are on the frontline when it comes to worship/music because it’s so very powerful.
        Let’s pray he has a powerful encounter where he is led to write more worshipful songs. 😊💕

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      7. This is a great way to say it. You can hear his youth (not that I should speak I’m only a couple years older than him), but considering his journey it makes sense to hear how he is figuring out his path. I’ve been listening to his music to make sure his newer music has stuff I agree with. One line of a song I heard, he says in church he learned loved, but in church it was also where he learned how to judge. Yes, let’s lift him up!

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      8. Ouch! That lyric hurt but you know what, I hate to say it but there’s probably some truth there. Sunday just gone, I felt incredibly judged and misunderstood by someone from church. 😢It does happen unfortunately. I’ll be praying for him and listening to his new stuff and yes, lifting him up. 🙏😊

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      9. I’ve been working on not holding on to people misunderstanding me at church. If they only see the surface of me, and don’t understand the depth and the roots of how I’ve gotten to be where I am, then they may not understand my words, and why I’m open about things others aren’t. They haven’t reached that level yet. But it is no reason to hold me back. It’s not a reason to stop sharing what God has done and what He continues to teach me. 🙂

        I just found this song, from 2015, and I really like it.

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      10. I like that one! The lyrics are very relatable. I’m going to play it to Layla, my daughter.

        You’re so right! I always feel like I have to explain to every person what I used to be like and how I am now but I know I need to stop it as it’s a bit like ‘people pleasing’. Not every single person is going to connect with me and ‘get’ my heart and I’m kind of getting okay with that. 😆💞

        Like you, I’m not going to let it hold me back from sharing God’s goodness, however intimidated I may feel at times. 😘

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