Answered Prayers | January ’18

First off, I want to thank everyone who has joined me in praying daily over everyone’s requests. It’s has been a powerful thing in my own life, and God has taught me a lot. I want to work on deeper prayer, and this is the beginning.

We need to pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We need to pray for the lost. For those we know, and what they are going through.

I am pleased to say there have been answered prayers this month, and I want to share with you what those prayers have been.

May this be used as a testimony, and glory for God.Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 1.14.14 AM.png

Red Letters– Hayley shared that while she was working on a vision for worship nights during the time she was getting ready there was a lady who was against the project. Hayley requested prayer for the worship and the situation.

God answered the prayers. He showed Hayley the purpose of her leading worship (Pt. 3) and Hayley later shared with me the woman apologized.

Hayley wrote about her experience in a few posts and they are powerful.

Count It All Joy Pt. 1 

Meant To Be Misunderstood  Pt. 2 

Freedom Song Pt. 3

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 1.15.30 AM

Someone had an unspoken prayer answered!!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 1.16.47 AM.png

BelleUnruh- While she is taking care of her mother, she shared she was struggling with doubt. She shared this in a comment.

“All this month, I have remembered people from your blog are praying for me. That has been a comfort. I asked for prayer for God to give me wisdom and strength to take care of my mother. The Lord has done this for me. Everything has been going well for her and for me. Thank you all and praise God.”

Praise God, amen!!!

Let’s continue to pray for her and her mother next month as well.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 1.17.33 AM.png

God’s Warrior– He requested prayer for God to direct him and reveal things to him. He shared this.

“One of my prayers about getting to know God through His Word and prayer is being answered because as I am continuing to go through the Bible Challenge and reading His Word outside of that; I am getting better revelations of what He has done for us and how He wants us to live.”

Amen!!! God is good!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 1.18.42 AM.png

Biblebloggergirl- She shared a family lost their home due to a fire right after Christmas. She gave the update.

“The family whose house burned down, they have found a temporary place to stay and have received many donations to help them back on to their feet.”

Praise the Lord!!

God does hear us and He answers us! Do not cease praying, and lift up the body of Christ.

Christi, The Young Theologian, was admitted into the college she requested for, amen!!!

If you had an answered prayer this month, please share in the comments below 🙂 

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

32 thoughts on “Answered Prayers | January ’18

  1. This may seem slightly trite, but one answered prayer that I have had is energy and joy. Heading into my second semester of college, I prayed that God would give me joy and energy opposed to the stress and strain I endured last semester. I cannot say stress is entirely gone. However, nearly 4 weeks in and I am surprisingly relaxed, content, and have had unexplained energy.

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  2. Thank you for your prayers for me and my husband. My husband asks, in addition to what you have already been praying for him, that you pray for him that he would keep giving the things of his life over to the Lord, and trusting HIM, instead of trying to fix things himself. He is very thankful to know that people are praying for him.

    In answer to your prayers for me, the Lord has definitely been filling me with his peace and his love. He just keeps filling my mind with his promises and his assurances and with hope. And, he is helping me to fight off any fears that may come against me, too. I would ask, too, that you continue praying this for me, for it is working!!

    You have also been praying for me regarding the posts I was writing about my life situation to help other women (and men, too) who are going through what my husband and I have been experiencing throughout our 45 years of marriage. You prayed for me for guidance, and for those who need to see and read these posts, that they would see them.

    God is definitely answering this prayer. He has led me to put the collection of posts in book form and to create a second blog just for the purpose of sharing that book. In the two weeks that the blog has been up, it has already had 548 views, praise the Lord! So, keep praying for the Lord to use this in the lives of those who have already visited the site, and to bring more “walking wounded” people to the site to read our story and to read how they can find hope, healing, forgiveness and restoration in their broken lives. – link to the book, “I Married My Dad”

    P.S. While writing the book and even after creating this other site and posting the book on this site I have faced opposition, doubts and fears, but God has wondrously been encouraging my heart. I noticed after it was done that it was completed in 8 days. I also noticed that, in the book, I had mentioned we had been married 8 years, and later on that we had been married 16 years, and then later on that we had been married 32 years, but this was not planned out by me, yet 8 X 2 = 16, and 32 is 4 X 8, so this was multiples of 8. And, then I printed out some copies to give to people, and as I was printing the Lord told me to stop at one point, so I stopped, and then later I realized he had me stop at 8. And, then he spoke to me with this: “…when God’s patience waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was being prepared, in which a few, that is, eight persons, were brought safely through water” (1 Pet. 3:20). He was showing me that this book he had me build is my ark, and the purpose of it is the salvation of many lives (multiples of 8). Amen!

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    1. Oh, this is wonderful!!!! I’m so glad to hear all of this Sue!!! I’ve been praying for your husband to help him give up pride as when you emailed me and I shared what connection God gave me, that was the word that I felt I was given. It seems so. I will continue praying.

      I am so glad to hear how God is answering my specific requests especially with you and your husband. He is showing me a lot of things through prayer, and I will ABSOLUTELY continuing praying for you and your husband.

      My dream came true. The woman that represented you with papers in her hand, you were handing out the book.

      Amen!!!!!!! May people continue to read the post and find strength in Christ!!!

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      1. Thank you, Jesus!!! All glory to God!!! Thank you, T.R., for your faithfulness to God! What a blessing you are to both me and my husband. Love you more than words can say. I just got an email from a man who is a head dude in a church denomination asking for the PDF of the book. He will read it, and if he finds it useful, he will use it as a resource with his pastors. Amen! Glory to God, again.

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      2. AMEN!!! Praise the Lord!!! Sue, the Lord is at hand! We didn’t know what He would do, but we trusted and look at what He has done!

        “Look what the Lord has done. Look what the Lord has done. He healed my body. He healed my mind. He saved me just in time. I’m gonna praise His name. He’s evermore the same. I’m gonna praise Him. Look what the Lord has done.” – is was a praise song my church family in Little Rock sung.

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