Community Post Spotlight January ’18

As I’ve been working on ways to incorporate the community I thought this would be something fun. Here are posts I’ve enjoyed throughout the month of January that really stood out to me, made me think, and/or pushed me as a believer.

Tizzie’s Tidbits Of Truth Putting On Christ  Grace does a wonderful job connecting New Year’s resolutions and our tending to fail at them and forgetting them to the sins we aren’t giving to God and working on.

Grace Abounds- Ways To Show Love To Your Siblings – Rebekah became a new blogger around the beginning of this year, and she has such a heart. I really enjoyed this post because I know a number of bloggers who have younger siblings, and I thought it may be helpful to read.

Another post I’ve enjoyed from Rebekah is – When God Doesn’t Feel Near – I love her honesty at sharing she feels like God is distant. The fact she admits when she feels weary she turns to the Truth the Word of God. She encourages everyone to know the love of Christ, despite the battle.

God Inspires I Write The Anatomy of Faith– This post pushes with encouragement what faith is, and how we should strive for it.

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Lea’s Spiritual JourneyGod Of Miracles– I’ve known for a couple of months Lea was going to cover this story, and I’m so glad she did. She shares that she has eczema, and she used to have really bad. She used to think it wouldn’t heal at all and then she had some wonderful prayer warriors who believed otherwise.

I too have eczema and have experienced the power of God healing it so that it is never as bad as it once was. It’s so powerful to see the hand of God at work, especially when you think nothing will change.

Read My Experience Here | Christ Healed Me From Eczema

Another post, Lea wrote I absolutely loved, this may be my favorite post out of the month, was – A Rough Week You can’t forget that all you’ve got is all you can give. And that will always be enough.” I love this quote that was shared with her. Lea shares how a bad day turned into a bad week. She thought she did bad on a test, and she shares how her focus and stress completely robbed her of joy, and I’ll add hope. Lea is a wonderful storyteller. She often writes scenes that allow you to join her experiences as she experienced them. Her raw honesty about trusting God and struggling with confidence is both powerful and extremely relatable.

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Who Is GodMiracles in Motion, God In My 50s– BelleUnruh has been covering her life through various posts and this one was a powerful read. She talks about separation in her family, and how God provided miracle upon miracle to help her stay close to them.

Another post from her I really liked was – From Then Until Now. Bio Of Last 8 Years– She shares how she struggled with suicide and depression. What really spoke to me is when she hears the quote,“Whatever you want to kill yourself over, you love that thing or person more than God.” Nothing has been said with more clarity. She then shares how God helped her ❤ ❤

Dreaming Of Guatemala– The Shift Of My Focus – I found Maggie’s blog last year, and I love her honesty. She is extremely creative, and she has amazing Christian lifestyle posts. But she also shares personal posts as well, and this year Maggie has been extremely open about wanting to be more personal and sharing posts on the spot, instead of being scheduled. Here is a post she shares in which God shows her the truth of what it means to have a relationship with Him, and that when we struggle as believers we should never believe the lies.

Sheila Scorziello– God’s Permission To Succeed – Sheila shares the misguided idea some Christians, me, have. Can we as Christians be successful? There is a lot of humility and meekness in the Bible, how does success apply to a Christian? Sheila answers this question. I love how she covered the topic.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 8.38.51 AM.png

The Way Online– Building Temples : Who Do You Worship – Tamara never fails to provide truth and thought-provoking posts. This post covers how people thousands of years ago worshipped the same material God made for us to use. She connects it with the question do we worship what God has given us in this day and age?

Another post I really enjoyed was – Ghethsemane Is Not A Place – Tamara explains a very deep symbolism with what the word Gethsemane actually means. It really put things into focus for me in relation to Christ giving His life up for our sin.

Sharing Stories Of God’s BlessingsCan We Pray Wrong? – Dorissa shares lessons with such positivity and this is one of them. She talks about a time she couldn’t feel God when she prayed, and her mother kindly asked if she was praying wrong. Dorissa explores this question and comes up with a wonderful answer as well.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 8.39.49 AM.png

Love Joy Balance Miscommunication Frustration – This is a beautiful post she shared about her young son getting upset when he wasn’t understood. She questioned herself on how often she gets frustrated with her children and connected it to how Christ died for all of us. Christ had patience and endurance for all of us. I love her explanation of the kind of example she wants and needs to be for her kids.

Grace Over PainCultivating Good Relationships Amongst Other Christians Pt. 1 –  Efua writes a lot of deep and thorough posts. This one is packed full of honesty. She focuses on double standards, hypocrisy, and judgments within the church. We judge others, picking their flaws. We won’t wear something in church so we aren’t a stumbling block, but we will outside of church. And a lot of other great points and questions she covers.

On My Way HomeThe Abundance Of The Heart – This post is very honest. It focuses on our tone of voice, and how we can speak out of line when we get upset. She talks about how in scripture we see in the woman of Proverbs 31 even before the woman speaks, her mouth opens with wisdom. Wow!

The Buttercup Lamb The Pain In The Quiet, Healing Flow – Rachel has such a gentle and quiet spirit, that not a lot of people get to know the depth of who she is. I was really excited when she started her blog and even more excited when she began to expand her blog and open up more. This post is such a beautiful poem about the raw truth of motherhood. I think all mothers who love their children and do their best for their kids will relate. ❤

Create In Me Blogger – To Watch Or Not To Watch – This post poses the question of what we allow ourselves to watch and how that affects us as a believer. I really enjoyed the thought-provoking questions. It’s a convicting post but it is written with grace and kindness.

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Through Ink And ImageRevue: Into The Shadows – Lynn writes a powerful post of how there is nothing we can go through that God can’t handle. There are definitely things we are not strong enough for. But He is!

Heart Of The JourneyWhen Life Unravels – Victoria shares a lot of amazing stories in this post of how people found God and felt His love.

Another post I enjoyed was – Speak The Truth In Love – Victoria is very open and honest about how sometimes she speaks when she shouldn’t. How some situations we have with friends or even strangers, we shouldn’t immediately try to provide answers. Rather, listen to what the person is saying. Make sure what we respond with is of God, scripture, and with love. Powerful read!

Evad MacCommit To Committing Differently – I really enjoyed reading this post. Dave discusses how people can be too consumed with the church. Serving in too many ministries, becoming worn out, and not making enough time because you’re so torn between responsibilities. It’s a really wonderful read.

Be Blessified – Why We Need More Soul Models Than Role Models – This blog always has a lot of thought-provoking posts, many of them are very short and to the point. As he is also a pastor, it’s great that God has used the blogging world as a way for other shepherds to help the flock. This post talks about different roles a role model gives and what a soul model gives. Very interesting read and we should all aim to be a soul model.

Life As A BelieverRighteous Shall Live By Faith – Sharon wrote an inspiring post on the power of God and our faith. She talks about how it isn’t us who strengthens our faith, but God. Powerful!

I know there are a lot of posts, but I really wanted to share what spoke to me this month, and I’d like to continue doing this.

Please let me know your thoughts. 

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54 thoughts on “Community Post Spotlight January ’18

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      2. Ah, yes! It is possible you aren’t able to check on the phone. When my phone worked I thought I could get the main menu because I liked checking stats, but yeah, maybe that’s the problem. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for this Sis. Super kind of you. Thanks for mentioning my blog. That post is my most liked post. It’s amazing to see how a lot of people can relate to it. I will make out time to check these blogs out. I have been a lot quiet on here. Keeping up with my blogging speed has been very challenging since I started work. I know I must have missed so many posts. Can’t wait to catch up with yours and other bloggers. Much love sis❤️. You’re doing an amazing job!

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement, and much uplifting to you as you begin work. It can be hard to balance, 🙂 I’m so glad to share the light on others and how they are encouraging me. I hope the posts encourage you, as they have me.

      Always nice to hear from you, please take care! God be with you!

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  2. As I was reading, I thought, “I must read these posts. They sound so helpful and wonderful.” I also thought how fantastic it is that God has so many children who want to help others through their experiences. The Bible says God delights in those who follow him. He must be so delighted to see all these blogs out there.

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    1. I’m so glad these posts encourage others, as they have encouraged me.

      You’re right. There are many people in the community of WordPress who are part of the body of Christ, and it is amazing!!! ❤ I think He is happy to see all who glorify Him, and help others, indeed. 🙂

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  3. Awesome posts to reflect, meditate and learn from. I love my WordPress family, I have learned so much and have grown in my faith through reading inspirational posts that speak the word of God through them!
    One of my favourites is you though T.R. ❤️

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