We Need Christlike Passion, Not Worldly Passion

Months ago, I wrote a post, you might be familiar with 😉

Today’s Discussion |  We Can’t Be Passionate Christians 

This post definitely created a HUGE discussion. ❤

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 6.14.41 PM

I would say in an ironic twist, people became passionate about a post saying we shouldn’t be passionate Christians.

There seemed to be some confusion, so I later added the disclaimer.

Just wanted to add this quick note. This post is NOT referring to the positives of having passion, especially when referring to being zealous for Christ. Rather, this post is to focus on critical reasons of why are we being passionate, and the unfortunate reason in most cases.” 

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 6.16.14 PM.png

But it didn’t seem to help clarify what I wanted it to.

I wrote my post from the perspective passion tends to be from strong emotions or feelings. Emotions, and feelings, tend to be temperamental.

Temperamental- Sensitive, irritable, and moody.

Oxford definition of passion- barely uncontrollable emotion

These were what inspired the post. The perspective of when we become emotional and passionate because we are angry because we lack the fruit of self-control.

A very in the moment reaction from us. We become passionate about the wrong things. Passionate about telling everyone else how to live and have a relationship with Christ.

But this passion of devotion and enthusiasm does not reflect Christ.

He. Wasn’t. Like. This.

I’m not denying other prophets and disciples can be seen as passionate. But we aren’t to be like other prophets or disciples, we are to be like Christ. I’m not saying, Paul, for example, being passionate was wrong. But we can’t look at them as a reason we can act a particular way. We have to look at Christ only as our example.

My main concern was I didn’t want believers to try to justify their passionate anger as the same kind of anger Christ exhibited. As Christ did not fall into temptation nor did He ever sin, His situation is different than what we experience when we get angry, and in the moment, passionate.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 6.17.03 PM.png

However, I did not shut out what everyone was saying. ❤

Following the same Oxford definition, we see towards the end, another explanation of passion which is intense enthusiasm or desire for something.

This is the part I believe many of you were focused on. Being zealous for Christ. Devoted and enthusiastic in the right manner.

And you know what, I don’t blame you guys. 🙂

Which is why today I am going to share the other side of passion. 🙂 ❤ A passion we should aim for as Christians.

Let’s talk about feelings.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 6.17.56 PM.png

A feeling tends to be a worldly term, and I’ve noticed, when it comes to having a relationship with Christ, there are terms the world will use loosely. These same terms are looked upon differently when it comes to being a believer.

There is one main feeling we all talk about when it comes to Christ.


It all comes down to love.

Many people commented about the love of Christ in relating to passion. So, let’s explore love just a bit.

Three parts of love and its synonyms –

Affection Based On Esteem- respect, appreciation, regard, and admiration.

Passionate And Tender Devotion-  passion, desire, emotion, worship, and enjoyment.

Lively And Enduring Interest- passion, relish, affection, zest, and inclination.

Passion does have a huge role in love.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 6.18.38 PM.pngWhich means it certainly can be an attribute of a Christian. The question remains how do we incorporate proper passion when it comes to our love for Christ and others?

In a post, almost written two years ago, I covered the love chapter in great detail.

If you want to read on the secret of love, and how to overcome everything, check out this post.

Related Post | Secret Of The Love Chapter 

I’m not going to repeat what I wrote, rather expand upon it. Christlike passion means we have passion that is similar to Christ.

We also know that Christ is love.

Therefore, our passion needs to reflect love at all times.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 6.22.10 PM.png

Here is what Christlike passion is not. 

Christlike passion is not envious.

Christlike passion is not exhibiting passion for attention.

Christlike passion is not about gloating, being arrogant, or being prideful.

Christlike passion is not shown in a rude manner.

Christlike passion is not passion for ourselves but others.

Christlike passion is not provoked, nor do we become passionate when provoked.

Christlike passion is not evil.

Christlike passion is not passionate about the sin of others, rather passionate about the truth.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 6.21.32 PM.png
Here is what Christlike passion is.

Christlike passion suffers and is shown in a kind manner.

Christlike passion is supportive at all times. Meaning we are hopeful for others to turn to God. We encourage others with love to turn to Him. We support others getting to know Christ and want to support them accepting salvation and a relationship with Christ. 

Christlike passion believes in all things.  It does not doubt.

Christlike passion endures in all things. It does not waver. It is consistent.

True Christlike passion will not fail. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 7.36.18 PM.png

It is a passion of compassion. A passion for others. Christ was an advocate was for the lost, the poor, and the children.

A passion for Christ. One shown daily to Him in all aspects of our walk with Him. In this passion, maybe we are emotional but it’s between us and Him, not for the eyes of others. A very intimate and special bond.

This kind of passion is different than being vocally passionate.

It comes from our heart. It comes from our actions. It comes from having a relationship with Christ. It is formed out of love.

A gentle passion on the outside, but one inwardly strong enough not to be moved.

This passion is not one we can manifest from ourselves. We will only create a flawed and misgiving passion, erupting in anger, and one that flinches at easy vulnerability.

It is a passion crafted by the Potter’s hand and refined by the Refiner’s fire of the Holy Spirit.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 8.24.57 PM.png

Reflecting Back?

The perspective I had with the first post, I stand by, but I don’t think I covered everything the way I should have, and that caused confusion, especially because of its one-sidedness.

I am continually growing with the grace of God, thank goodness ❤

At the end of the post, it was about love, and our passion has to be the same.

We are not to be passionate in the worldly sense. Not temperamental. Not only in the moment. But we absolutely should wear love deeply, and this love from Christ creates a Christlike passion within us.

What are your thoughts? 

Does this explanation help? 🙂 

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.45.40 PM

Ultimately, as a writer and believer, I want people to be pushed, and I want people to discuss because they are pushed. We need to open our perspectives, share our perspectives, not only learn from each other but listen.

I hope you felt heard ❤ ~ T. R. Noble 


46 thoughts on “We Need Christlike Passion, Not Worldly Passion

  1. You’re right that a Christ-like passion can only come from having a relationship with Christ. His Holy Spirit births it in us.
    I like this explanation above: “A gentle passion on the outside, but one inwardly strong enough not to be moved.”
    I wanted to mention that God’s love cannot be covered adequately using an English dictionary. The word for love which Jesus used in the Greek New Testament is agapaho, which means love in a social or moral sense. It is a verb, thus, an action, not an emotion, although that does not mean the person doing the loving does not have emotion. But we can “agapaho” love others out of pure obedience to Christ and hope that He will cause affection to follow, even if it doesn’t. Some examples of this would be loving your enemy, loving an abusive person, loving someone who makes you cringe. This involves showing kindness and other fruits of the Spirit, and can include giving the gospel, to a person we may not particularly like. It can only be done in a Christ-like manner through the Spirit who dwells in us.

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    1. Amen!!! This further explanation of love definitely helps. There are some older words that pack so much meaning and are so much better than what we have in the English language today. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂


  2. This is a great post, T.R. and I agree. We shouldn’t have a worldly passion that is temperamental and zealous, but sort of have a Christ passion where it is calm and focused. I like when you said, “We become passionate about the wrong things. Passionate about telling everyone else how to live and have a relationship with Christ.

    But this passion of devotion and enthusiasm does not reflect Christ.”

    We are to become passionate like Christ, but not become overly passionate that our passion turns to ourselves and makes us arrogant. Our passion for Christ shouldn’t become angry passion that comes our when we are in an argument with someone.

    I also liked when you said in the post, ” Christlike passion means we have passion that is similar to Christ.

    We also know that Christ is love.

    Therefore, our passion needs to reflect love at all times.”

    I will remember this quote from your post saying, “We are not to be passionate in the worldly sense. Not temperamental. Not only in the moment. But we absolutely should wear love deeply, and this love from Christ creates a Christlike passion within us.

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  3. For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about fruits of the spirit in our Sunday school. 3 weeks ago, we talked about love and you basically covered everything we discussed here. Passion that doesn’t spring out of love will always cause confusion. And i really like this you said. “Christlike passion is not passionate about the sin of others, rather passionate about the truth.” A big amen! Keep writing as you are led! Blessings❤️

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  4. Wow! This is so interesting, T.R.
    I went back over that last post before reading this and I love how you’ve brought the two together. Makes perfect sense what you’re saying and sometimes we have to be obedient and share what we believe God is asking us to, even though there are some that may become offended or take it out of context.
    I’ve noticed a real ‘stepping out’ and sense of bravery in your writing recently. May the Holy Spirit continue to stir the giftings within you.
    Much love,
    Hayley 😊💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ❤ thank you so much, Hayley! I'm glad you see both sides. I didn't want people to misunderstand where I was coming from in the original post, and I do feel, I may have been lacking some clarity in that. I know God gives me some strong views on things, and I by no means, do not want others to think I'm being unkind by speaking uncomfortable things. But at the same time, since I was 13, my calling has been for believers. We are accountable, and we need to be there for each other. I thank you greatly for your encouragement. ❤

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      1. Hi T.R. I did write a long reply to you but for some reason it deleted on me so I had to start again! 😆
        I think that it shows great maturity and wisdom on your part, that you are able to look at your writing constructively and be open to improvements. You can only get better at things when you step back and see it from other people’s perspective.
        I find it so amazing that you have known God’s calling for you from such a young age and I can sense the anointing on your life to speak out in truth and love to the body of believers. I’m excited to see what God is going do through you and this blog.
        Watch this space……
        Love Hayley 💞

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much, Hayley!!! I’m so sorry about the deleted comment, I know how that feels. I’ll check my spam folder just to check if it went there. When my comments deleted that’s where they tended to go, but this comment showed up. So, you’re right, it may have completely vanished. I gave my life to Christ when I was 4. I don’t know if you’ve read the post I wrote when I first starting blogging about my relationship with Christ, as a child, and a teen. You might enjoy reading it. If you would like to read it, you can here.
        No obligation. 🙂 I just didn’t want you scrolling through so many posts.


        I completely agree about stepping back. I always try to work on humility, and one of the best parts of the humility or the frustrating part, haha, perspective, is that humility is always continuous. We never perfect the art of humility.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Wow! T.R. I just read the post and I’ve literally got goose bumps. The intensity that you felt as a child, I felt too! I had the same calling also, for believers…..to lead God’s people into His presence through worship in spirit and in truth. Are you being encouraged in your church to speak and share your heart with others nowadays?
        Thank you for sharing this with me. 😊💕

        Liked by 1 person

      4. The church God has provided me with right now is the blogging community where the believers of the body of Christ fellowship together, and yes I am. My home church when I visit I share what I can, but like in most church building settings people tend to get confused by me or make jokes. I know it was not meant in an unkind manner, but during a Wedensday night discussion, the person leading it, he isn’t used to the way I share, my thoughts, or my relationship with Christ, as my mom shared with me, many older adults aren’t aware or comfortable. I shared a dream dealing with the end of times, and palm trees were in it. I saw the symbol of palm branches being held by the saints. The guy joked that as long as we weren’t seeing palm trees we were okay..which make others laugh. I get it, it’s odd to hear someone my age talk like this. I’m not even 30. But it is difficult to be dismissed for decades. However, I still write poetry. I still share my insight when I can. And God has allowed my calling to be used here. He won’t let people shut me out, and He’s showing me to keep going forward even when many get confused by me.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. You’re so right, T.R. This blogging community is ‘the church’ and I, too am so thankful for the opportunity to share the things of God frequently and with so many. It’s just awesome!
        It hurts my heart to hear that grown adults poke fun in this way and it makes me frustrated that they are not hungry for the word and for God’s presence. I think that Christians can become far too comfortable and can easily forget that these are end times, we are in a spiritual battle and we need Jesus more than ever!
        I encourage you to keep sharing and sowing the seeds.
        As I read your comment over, I believe that God was saying you are His mouthpiece for ‘truth and justice’. The Lord has a great job for you, T.R. For some, the burden would be too heavy but because you rely solely on God, He will make this yolk light.
        Every blessing,
        Your sister in Christ.
        Hayley ❤️

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      6. This greatly has strengthened me. It also overwhelms my heart and brings me to watery eyes ❤ I needed this encouragement. I know some people use joking when they are faced with things unexpected especially when you have a leader hear the things God had shown me and put on my heart. I don't mean to be intimidating, but I do feel sometimes my words can be. God is showing me it's okay because Jesus' words were sometimes intimidating to others as well. I've had multiple dreams about me speaking to the body of believers in my church, and I believe God is also showing me not just my church, but the body of Christ. When I had these dreams I didn't know about Him using the blogging world for me. But He has. Again, your words were something I really needed to hear. Thank you!!! ❤ ❤

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      7. I’m glad that I can be an encouragement to you, T.R.
        I recognise the call of God on your life and know that the enemy hates this and will use people and circumstances in an attempt to distract us from what God is asking us to do. I also believe that God will place those that will encourage us and help us to be accountable. I am always here for you…..to pray, listen and to be a friend.
        Much love,
        Hayley 😊💕

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      8. I’ve said it before, but I’ll said it again ❤ thank you!!!!! I agree with you! I think while we are meant to encourage each other, God provides people to encourage us too. Peace and blessings be upon you!

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  5. Excellent, T.R.! I think the difference is made by answering the question, “Who is driving our emotions?” When we allow “self” to be on the throne, emotions that were meant to be “good” often become muddied by our sinful, self-centered natures… But when we allow the Holy Spirit to direct us–our hearts, our emotions, our minds–all are conformed to the image of Christ… and thus, we become all that God meant us to be! I love your posts, T.R.! You are such a deep thinker… and some of your thoughts are so complex that it is difficult to express it all in the brevity of a single post. I think the fault of any confusion there might have been lies in the limitations of the whole blog venue. I find that to be the most frustrating part of blogging. I truly admire you: You are extremely thoughtful and authentic. We all so love and appreciate you! You’re an amazing person and writer. Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Lynn!! God has slowly been helping me work on seeing gaps and write the pieces I know in my mind and heart, but haven’t verbalized yet. It takes time. This post took about four hours, and most of it was editing. Reading over and seeing what can I cut out and what can I be more clear on. He continues to teach me so much. Blogging can be limited in the sense people can’t hear tone that has caused me the most problems with people misunderstanding my openness and honesty, and like you said, trying to clarify what we want in a single post. Thank you again for all of your love, support, and encouragement. It really helps me as a friend and as a woman of Christ ❤


  6. Since you asked for my feedback, T. R.:

     “We are not to be passionate in the worldly sense. Not temperamental. Not only in the moment. But we absolutely should wear love deeply, and this love from Christ creates a Christlike passion within us.”

    I agree! Love, in this sense, is God-like love, which prefers what God prefers, which is what is holy, righteous, pure, true, faithful, just, honest, upright, moral, etc. Jesus died for us that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. That is how passionate he was about sin and about righteousness, and that we be delivered out of our slavery to sin, and that we be set free to walk in his righteousness. He gave his reputation, his very life for us to make the way for us to be free from our sin so we could walk in his holiness. And, he wants us to have that same kind of passion about sin and about righteousness as he does, not only for ourselves, but for others, too, for this is the ultimate in love, to lay down our lives so that others can go free.

     “We become passionate about the wrong things. Passionate about telling everyone else how to live and have a relationship with Christ. But this passion of devotion and enthusiasm does not reflect Christ.” “Christlike passion is not passionate about the sin of others, rather passionate about the truth.”

    I agree that we should not react to others in anger, and we should not be hot-heads or those who just blast people because we can or because we want to give them a piece of our minds. But, it is not wrong to be passionate about telling people how to live and how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, if we are doing so in the power of the Spirit within us, as directed by the Spirit, and in the love of Christ, in line with his Word. In Christ’s passion we should long to see others be set free from their sinful addictions and to walk in the Spirit and no longer according to the flesh. And, we should care enough about them to tell them the truth about their sin, and about the hope Jesus has promised to those who would put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ to be Lord and Savior of their lives.

     “Christlike passion is supportive at all times.”

    I am not sure what you mean here. Supportive of whom? Supportive of what? Supportive in what sense? In backing them? In encouragement of them? In defense of them? Or, in being kind, sympathetic, and caring? Jesus was supportive (encouraging, backing, defending) of those who were following after him and who were doing what he said. And, he certainly was compassionate (kind, caring, sympathetic) towards those who were hurting and who needed healing, or toward the hungry, who needed to be fed, or toward the spiritually hungry.

    But, he was not supportive of the hypocritical religious leaders in the temple who were clean on the outside but full of wickedness inside. He spared no one’s feelings when he called it like it was, and he confronted them with their wickedness and their hypocrisy. He was not supportive of Judas, who betrayed him, or of Peter, who denied him 3 times, not in the sense of defending or backing them, but later he did show Peter much compassion and forgiveness and restoration. So, Christlike passion is not always supportive, at least not in every sense of the Word, and not in every situation, or with everyone.

    Jesus’ ultimate goal with all of us is to see us walk in holiness and righteousness, free from slavery to sin. And, he puts within us that same passion to see ourselves and others be free and to walk in freedom! And, that is wearing his love deeply, which is what I am doing in responding to you here, as you have asked me to do. Love you deeply, my friend T. R. Hugs! Sue

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    1. Thank you so much, Sue. 🙂

      I’m not against people being moved with passion to speak with others about having a relationship with Christ when done in a loving manner, and for concern for the individual. The beginning was referring to the passion I wrote in the first post. Passion fueled by anger or the wrong things. There are many believers who are passionate to tell others how wrong and they sinful they are, not taking the plank out of their own eyes. This is wrong.

      I actually am going to add to the word supportive. I think it was covering the fact love is hopeful, and I was trying to see if there was a word that fit with passion that could a little more descriptive. Since most of the time, people refer to passion in a very verbal sense.

      When I used the word supportive, I meant in a way supportive of God and encouraging (supportive of) others to walk in His light, but I didn’t add this, which I should have. If it is a Christlike passion, then we know what Christ supported and what He was against, and that’s what I meant the word to represent. Definitely not saying Christ was supportive of anything against God, absolutely not 🙂

      Thank you for looking it over. I know you had some concerns with the first post, which is why I asked for your insight on this one. 🙂 Blessings and hugs be upon you, Sue! ❤

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      1. Well, if you are asking me specifically for my thoughts, you know that I will give them to you, in love, and with the full intent to be helpful, not critical in any way. My goal was to help you to better clarify what you meant, because some of what you said was a little muddy and could have been interpreted to mean something that you, perhaps, did not intend.

        So, I am glad that it helped, and that you were able to use my input to better explain your message. That is very important that you get across the right message, and sometimes just changing some words makes all the difference.

        Love you much! Sue

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      2. Completely agree 🙂 it isn’t meant to be harmful, but helpful. I’m still a very sensitive person, but something I believe is God uses our flaws for opportunities. And asking people to give opinions, listening to what people are saying, and trying to be focused on just that, listening to what they are saying, not what I think people are saying. This post took me four hours to write, most of it was editing haha 🙂 I cut some 400 words originally because I was ranting. I’m working on being as clear as I can, and feedback is a great way to see things I don’t initially see. 🙂 Thanks for your help!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. I have since added this to the description.

      “Christlike passion is supportive at all times. Meaning we are hopeful for others to turn to God. We encourage others with love to turn to Him. We support others getting to know Christ and want to support them accepting salvation and a relationship with Christ.”

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      1. 🙂 I try. I am a very symbolic person, reading into things, and recently God has been helping with book writing and blog posting to work not making no assumptions and write what I know in my mind that I haven’t written down.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think I understand that. Someone very dear to me has a tendency to think part of the conversation in his head and then to say the rest out loud, but then I have this puzzled look on my face, because it lacks context. Sometimes I can figure it out, and sometimes I have to ask, for clarification, so that I know what he is saying, and so that I don’t misinterpret what he is saying.

        Good communication asks questions or it bounces back to the person what one hears the other person say, and then when clarified, true communication has happened. This doesn’t always happen in writing, especially if we don’t get honest feedback. So, feedback can be a good thing! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Absolutely 🙂 The book I’m writing there have been some thoughts test readers have shared with me, and I plan on covering those very thoughts in the book because what better way to cover then direct those thoughts/concerns head-on, and for potential readers who think the same.

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