Good Friday For Us, Not Him

I created an image for my Facebook page and have shared it on Twitter as well. Today is Good Friday, and take some time out of the day to really think about what that means. Second Blog: Peeking Beneath Social- Twitter: T. R. Noble   Facebook Page: T. R. Noble   Pinterest: TRNoble77

50th Song Sunday | Awake & Alive (Skillet)

Skillet was a band I was introduced to in my mid-teens, but I never got into their music till my early 20s. Their music is meant to help teens especially, but I love the fact their messages are deep and passionate. There's that word again 😉 Today's selected song is a song God gave me when … Continue reading 50th Song Sunday | Awake & Alive (Skillet)

My Rock, My Sword, My Shield | Scripture Analysis

April 13th, 2021 Update- Many of my readers are intrigued by this scripture. It’s one of my most popular posts that readers look to. And I feel bad that the original post did not really give that much in detail. So, what you see now is an updated post to help you have more scriptural … Continue reading My Rock, My Sword, My Shield | Scripture Analysis

Community Prayer Request | March ’18

This post is updated, sometimes daily, please check in for updates, answered prayers, and for continued prayer over the requests. Thank you! Let’s work together on prayer by praying for each other and lifting up our needs. Christ said where two or more are gathered in His name, and there are definitely more than two … Continue reading Community Prayer Request | March ’18