Community Spotlight | March ’18

Welcome back to our third installment of the year!! Community Spotlight! These are posts that have spoke to me throughout the month of March. Please take the time to look over the post summaries and check out these amazing bloggers. 🙂 Create In Me- Why I Left Instagram - Faye wrote a beautifully honest post … Continue reading Community Spotlight | March ’18

Good Friday For Us, Not Him

I created an image for my Facebook page and have shared it on Twitter as well. Today is Good Friday, and take some time out of the day to really think about what that means. Second Blog: Peeking Beneath Social- Twitter: T. R. Noble   Facebook Page: T. R. Noble   Pinterest: TRNoble77

Feeling Disconnected From God

As Easter approaches, I was wondering what to talk about. When I took my break last week, this was the topic constantly on my mind, and it never left. I know a lot of people, and myself, have at some point or another in their walk with Jesus have felt disconnected from Him. Easter and … Continue reading Feeling Disconnected From God

Despair & Struggle | Reflection On Month Scripture

The scripture for the month of March has been, (NIV) 2 Samuel 22:02-04, “He said: “The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation. He is my stronghold, my refuge and my savior– from violent people … Continue reading Despair & Struggle | Reflection On Month Scripture

What Real Faith Looks Like

A lot of people speak lightly when they use the word "faith." It's almost interchangeable with the word "belief." But these are two separate words when it comes to following Christ. The world can certainly use faith in whatever manner they want, but as a believer, we do not have that luxury. We are faced … Continue reading What Real Faith Looks Like

I Am Back!!! | New Schedule/Life Chat

First, I want to thank all of you who were so encouraging and understanding last week when I took a break from reading posts and blogging. I shared a post on my second blog, some of you have already checked out, which was I Was Getting Burnt Out I shared my journey about starting Peeking Beneath and … Continue reading I Am Back!!! | New Schedule/Life Chat

50th Song Sunday | Awake & Alive (Skillet)

Skillet was a band I was introduced to in my mid-teens, but I never got into their music till my early 20s. Their music is meant to help teens especially, but I love the fact their messages are deep and passionate. There's that word again 😉 Today's selected song is a song God gave me when … Continue reading 50th Song Sunday | Awake & Alive (Skillet)