50th Song Sunday | Awake & Alive (Skillet)

Skillet was a band I was introduced to in my mid-teens, but I never got into their music till my early 20s. Their music is meant to help teens especially, but I love the fact their messages are deep and passionate.

There’s that word again 😉

Today’s selected song is a song God gave me when I was preparing to write my book series. I felt torn, confused, and I knew it would be a journey many would not be able to understand.

But God would, and I found strength in His comfort.

Awake & Alive, by Skillet

The battle with the world and society begins. We are torn between the flesh and God. We are weary and want to close our eyes. But the Spirit of God refines, refuels, and purifies us. When we choose Him, we can remain standing through Him. He grounds us. We can withstand through the wind and rain.

People who do not know Christ will struggle to understand. They may try to lure us, unintentionally, and on purpose, away from Christ. Temptations and deception they have accepted will continue to make it hard for them to understand when you are not part of it. There will be a disconnect.

But God will not allow our strength to be broken through this world, NOT THROUGH HIM!

Through Christ, we can understand and have the grounds to keep walking forward.

For us to be awake and alive. We become alive to the truth, and we have awakened from the dead.

Skillet is an American Christian Rock band. Check out their powerful song below and support their music on YouTube and iTunes.

T. R. Noble

If you would like to play a Christian playlist in the background, here is the YouTube playlist I’ve put together with almost 500 songs on it.

Featuring all of the Song Sunday songs, and more. Variety of genres, all Christian.

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