Good Friday For Us, Not Him

I created an image for my Facebook page and have shared it on Twitter as well. Today is Good Friday, and take some time out of the day to really think about what that means.

He gave His all When we couldn't give ours. Good Friday was good for us,not for Him.Never forget!.png

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16 thoughts on “Good Friday For Us, Not Him

    1. I think a lot of us struggle to convey what we want to because nothing we say will ever come close to the experience He went through. But it doesn’t mean we can’t try to encourage others to understand go deeper into a walk with Him. 🙂

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  1. I have been thinking of all He went through. Tried writing a post about it but it was just all over the place and overwhelming as well. The pain, the humiliation. Like you rightly said Sis, it was good for us but not Him. And to know that in all of this, He remained sinless is deep. He saw the bigger picture which we don’t often see when going through pain. There is something with this season that makes the experience seem so raw (I lack a better way to explain). But I don’t want this to be seasonal. I want this feeling everyday because it brings me into a deeper fellowship with my Saviour. Happy Easter to you sis❤️

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    1. Truthfully, it is hard to convey pain and the connection Christ gives us. We know even if we had the “right” words that sound well, it still would never be enough. It is up to the individual to experience this. Raw would be a good word because the feelings are out in the open, exposed, harsh, and they sting. “O Death where is thy sting?” I can’t help but thinking. Happy Easter to you, my dear sister!!

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