Community Spotlight | March ’18

Welcome back to our third installment of the year!! Community Spotlight!

These are posts that have spoke to me throughout the month of March. Please take the time to look over the post summaries and check out these amazing bloggers. 🙂

Create In Me- Why I Left Instagram – Faye wrote a beautifully honest post about her obsession with social media, in particular, Instagram. She shares how God pricked her spirit with scripture. We are accountable. One of my favorite things she spoke of had to do with though followers of hers were increasing, her faith wasn’t. It’s very eye opening and a wonderfully thought-provoking post.

Be Blessified- Why Are The People Drawn To You? – Pastor Aldtric shares a thought-provoking post in asking the question of why are people drawn to us. Is it holy or is it unholy? He explains why sinners were attracted to Christ, stating many were attracted because of Christ’s words.

– She Was Created For Purpose Not Pain– Pastor Aldtric shared a beautiful post about a little girl who got bullied all throughout her school years because she was different than others. He makes us understand that students who have been bullied have a history, a story that needs to be understood. He points out the fact bullies do not stay only in schools. Adults often can be bullies too. We need to stop the pain.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 1.04.03 PM.png

When Someone Asks You To Explain How God Is Real– another powerful post for the month. This covers the things people accept in the world that come just as easily as the existence of God.

Doubledgedsword- Facing Our Nebuchadnezzar’s With Confidence– Dave wrote a powerful post about Daniel and his relationship with God. A quote that spoke a lot to me was, “You can memorize all the scripture you want and come across as a hard-core theologian, but if you don’t take the time to know God and choose to know him from a distance instead, when it comes to facing challenges in our lives, you will forever feel disconnected from the peace of God.” Amen!

A Prayer For You This Week – Dave wrote a really nice and encouraging post about not giving up. Even if we feel far from Christ. I needed to read this because I’ve had some down days mentally. If you have had some down days, check out this post.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 1.04.48 PM.png

Love Joy BalanceTaming The Tongue – She asks some really great questions that made me think about what I am doing and how I am glorifying God.

– Joy In Giving –  Beautiful post with the focus on giving instead of receiving. I love the statement she makes about how the world tends to only look at blessings in which we have received something.

Lea’s Spiritual Journey- Don’t Get Too Comfortable Lea shared a beautiful post about positivity in our attitude coming from our values not our feelings on the current situation. She parallels this lesson with a connection to her ballet pointe shoes and how the shoes aren’t uncomfortable, but they contain deep lessons of endurance and willingness to say “yes” despite the discomfort.

LoveNCourage- Motive– Alecia shares a beautiful sincere post about her prayer life and wanting to spend a day just giving God worship and glory. She shares doubts that fill her mind and try to persuade her that she only has selfish actions for this reason. God reveals otherwise to her.

God Inspires, I Write – The Fine PrintCydanni shares the truth of how Christians will not live a perfect life. There are things that will happen that will not make sense. But this does not mean God isn’t nearby. It doesn’t mean He hasn’t left us. In fact, there are many promises God gives us, and Cydanni lists some powerful ones.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 1.09.49 PM.png

Grace Over Pain- Struggling With Acceptance – Efua wrote a powerful post about how it isn’t about pleasing others. She shares past experiences and how God taught her the truth through them. She also warns us that when we desire to be liked by others we are putting the focus on people and making them our idols. Wow!

Guard Your Gates – This post is SO GOOD! Efua does a wonderful job explaining different parts of our body eyes, ears, and heart. How we allow the things in this world to affect us and what that means. I love how she takes these concepts further than others may want to go.

– Should I Tithe- Another amazing and thought-provoking post covering tithe. The focus is on Christ’s words which is interesting because most of the time I think we see references only from the Old Testament. This post pushes us to understand what tithing really means as well as trust. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 1.14.45 PM.png

Comeback Pastor- When Bad Things Happen– Pastor Matthew does a wonderful job at summarizing the book of Job and what we need should really take away from everything Job went through. If you enjoy Bible Study, and/or want to learn how to deal in hard times read this post.

Red Letters- But First – Hayley has started this awesome series called Buried Time. This was her first post of the series. She simply discusses how we often times have that one or two things we want to get done or do before we do something God has called us to do. Very thought provoking!

Planted By Living Water- What Is Holiness– This is a wonderful post about exploring how God is holy and in what ways He is holy.

Run With It- Change Sue wrote a powerful post on what change really is, and how we need to give up our sins. She takes crucial time in discussing the importance and depth we need to go.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 1.17.01 PM.png

Dreaming Of Guatemala- Missions Monday Pt. 8 – Maggie shares a beautiful post on things that God has been teaching her. Her honesty is very relatable as I have also talked about some of the same topics. She opens up about how God directs her focus back to Him in everything.

The Way Online – Schizophrenia: Demon, Devil, or Disease – Tamara has done an incredible job of sharing the truth. Why do some mental illnesses, and other illnesses are thought to be of the devil, but other mental illnesses and other illnesses aren’t? This post dives into questions and a look of what person with schizophrenia experiences. It pushes us to listen and understand first, instead of rebuke and judge.

Through Ink & ImageGod’s Hedges – What a powerful post, Lynn has shared about how God used something painful for His good, and the good for her. Sometimes we are going to go through thorns, but God will use it for His better purpose, often times, for our own healing.

Thank you, everyone, for sharing what is on your heart, and your ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ!

T. R. Noble

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29 thoughts on “Community Spotlight | March ’18

  1. T. R this makes me feel like I won the lottery haha! But seriously you are super kind, sweet and generous for doing this. Thank you so much Sis for all your support. I will be checking out the other blogs. You are sooooooo sweet❤️😊

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    1. 🙂 thank you!!! This is the one of the best ways I’ve found to spotlight other bloggers and let everyone know we have an awesome community. I’m so glad this has helped people find new bloggers. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that you do this, T.R.! The posts are all excellent and I even followed a few of the blogs.

    Thank you for sharing my post! It really means so much! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  3. T.R. Thank you so much for including my blog in your spotlight. It was very thoughtful of you to think of me. I give all the glory to God for this for I just write what he teaches me.

    I look forward to reading the other blog posts listed here.

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  4. You are such a blessing to this community, T.R. This is such a great way to read more inspiring posts and make more meaningful connections.
    Thank you for sharing my post, it means so much to me.
    Blessings to you and your hubby for a beautiful Easter.
    Love Hayley 😊💜🙏

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  5. Thank you with ALL my heart, dear TR!! I’m so honored that my post spoke to you and that you included in among these other posts that represent such a powerfully gifted blogger line-up! You are truly a blessing to all of us! Love and huge hugs!! Happy Resurrection Day!! 💜

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  6. Thanks for letting us know about all these read-worthy posts, T.R., but my goodness, as if I didn’t have enough reading already, now I want to read all these, too! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😉 haha! Sorry about that!!! ❤ I'm so glad this encourages the community both for the ones whose posts are selected, but just knowing there are many branches of Christ out there proclaiming the truth.

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