Are You Interested In Learning About Canva and Blogging Tips?

As I approach 800 followers…wow, that’s hard to say. I’ve been thinking about how I know people are curious on this blog about blogging tips and tools. Even though I do cover these on my second blog, that’s mainly why I share the link at the bottom of posts now, I know not everyone is interested in clicking a link. I know not everyone is into clicking a reblog, because admittedly, I’m the same. I’ll be honest. I totally get it 🙂 You are on the current blog you are because you connect with that blogger and the material.

I have a post series coming out on Peeking Beneath, starting this Wednesday (April 25th) on an introduction to Canva.

When I started sharing how I was making changes to the blog  Creating a logo. Working on changing my feature images. Creating a sign-off. All of that. Many people, on both blogs, asked questions and some spoke of an interest in reading posts that were tutorials.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 4.46.59 PM

I think as a gift when I reach 800 followers I will copy the posts and share them on here. No reblogs. No, “Check out my second blog.” I don’t mind 🙂 In fact, the second blog, for the most part, is meant to help other bloggers.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone who has inspired me, pushed me, and encouraged me to keep going. I’ve grown as a blogger because I’ve seen things other bloggers have done, and I was like, “I like that.”

That’s why I have pictures on the left and right in my posts because I liked how it looked when I saw another blogger do that. And I hope that I can encourage you to find something on either blog you like. Especially on Inside Cup, I hope it’s the material, first and foremost 🙂 but knowing people have shared with me they believe I am taking a more professional look as a blogger really is encouraging.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 4.47.54 PM.png

Steven had shared with me he was surprised to learn my blog(s) were free. I am not paying anything on WordPress. The look of my blog, which if you haven’t seen in a few months for Inside Cup, you can see here, is free. That’s why I take the time to go over all the steps you can do in WordPress in my Blogger 101 series. Not everyone realizes what they can do, and I want them to. 🙂

I want you to grow as well.

I’ve been telling myself since I began to make sure I stay humble, and this was when I had under 15 followers on Inside Cup and was lonely. No matter what the numbers say remember where you came from. Remember what that was like. The numbers are for the businesses. Sometimes in order to reach someone, you have to get them by what they see.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 4.48.43 PM.png

Jesus talked about this. How much harder it will be for those who haven’t seen Him. Yet, as believers, we live by faith. If this is what it takes for people to feel comfortable to hear the truth, and what He is doing in my life, and others. So be it. Simple changes can make a big difference. You never know. Take yourself seriously. Take God’s word seriously.

The world works differently. People are hurt. People are guarded. It might seem farfetched, and odd that I’m comparing the two. But there is a ground we both can walk on, if briefly. Jesus did it daily and He shined His light all the way.

I don’t know. 🙂 I have hope in this. This is what He’s taught me and I find comfort in it.

How is your Saturday or Sunday going?

Are you interested in learning? Would you find this beneficial?

Alphabet Devotional starts back up on Monday 😉 it is almost done!

T. R. Noble

Month Scripture (NIV) John 13:07, “Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”

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34 thoughts on “Are You Interested In Learning About Canva and Blogging Tips?

  1. Great post, T.R. and yes, I am interested in learning about Canva and blogging tips. I think it will be a refresher for current bloggers and a beginner for new bloggers as well.

    I really like when you said, “No matter what the numbers say remember where you came from.” I think that’s important because when we think about the numbers; it’s less about the people and how you can impact their lives and more about me me me.

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  2. I am definitely interested in learning some tips. I recently created an account on Canva and have created a couple different images. Still learning how it all works though….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I started in February and just now feel like I have a better grasp on everything. It takes some time. A lot of it is just knowing your options and how you can play around with them. 🙂 Way to go on starting!

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  3. I would love to learn more about Canva! I could also always use some blogging tips ☺
    My weekend has been pretty good! Today, we all packed up and headed out early to go to a state robotics competition that my brother and I competed in. I am very pleased with how we did, and we had a fun day in Springfield together. I am so excited about the warmer weather that will hopefully stay at last 😊
    How has your weekend been so far?

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    1. My weekend has been productive 🙂 I’m in a little pain today, but that should be gone within the next few days.

      Way to go on the competition!! That’s so awesome!

      Thanks for letting me know you’re interested 🙂

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  4. Woohoo, you are doing incredibly well – very exciting to be nearing 800 followers! Following Peaking Beneath now too 🙂 I think sharing tips on Canva & blogging is a great idea and will be really useful to fellow bloggers as you’re really good at it. You’re supported, encouraged & inspired others through your blog, so I really do hope it’s helped nourish you just as much through the journey. ❤
    Caz xx

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    1. Thanks so much for following the second one 🙂 the community has been a blessing. When I was thinking of a word for the new year, back in January, I thought of the word community. I’ve worked on incorporating posts towards the community more with prayer and community spotlight. I know this will be helpful to others as well 🙂 and want to do what I ca. Thank you for the encouragement and support!

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      1. 🙂 Haha! Today I have not felt like a zombie, which is awesome! But yes! Waking up to an alarm always makes me feel like a zombie. I went to bed around 10:30 pm and just got up around 5:46 am.


  5. Yes, very interested here. I love Canva already but I still have been wanting to understand wordpress more. I will check out the link you posted and keep my eyes open for more!! Thanks T.R! That is very thoughtful!

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      1. Oh that post is perfect. I will be going back to it for help in learning more about customizing. I obviously am not an every day blogger, but I do want what I do write about to stand out and that takes effort to learn how. I do not have a lot of time to play around with it so I haven’t learned as much as I should know by now. Thank you for the tips!! There will come a day that I can spend more time here but with a young family and full time job- it is very difficult… until then, I will continue to commit and be thankful for only what I can do. Thanks again, I am following you on Peeking Beneath now!

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      2. Absolutely!!! I’m so glad the page can help you. With the priorities you have with your family, I definitely understand where blogging is, and I think it’s awesome your family come first. ❤ Not everyone does that, you know. With little ones, they totally need your attention.

        Thank you so much for the follow 🙂

        I'm not a mom, but are you familiar with the What's Up Mom's YouTube channel? They have a lot of cool videos and help for little ones. (I watch the channel to learn and share with my mommy friends) The videos also tend to be 5 mins or less for moms on the go.

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      3. One of the ladies who just joined the team, she has a separate channel, and is a Christian mom as well. Her channel is called Do It On A Dime for fugal tips, if you are interested as well 🙂 No problem! I love sharing things I find, in fact, tomorrow on PB I have a post about different YouTube channels I’ve found haha. I’ve thought about making it a new series, not weekly, but still fun to post. 🙂

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  6. Okay so I am working on this and I cannot figure out how to change the font and color throughout my blog post. I am reading your link and I see that you have done it throughout the post you made but the one I am reading tells how to customize your blog site. I don’t see how to do it for each individual post.

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    1. I just found the color. Maybe I am blind because it was right in front of my face… wow! lol! But is there a way to change the font for each individual post? When I have changed it before, my whole site changes.

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    2. Yes, that is because you cannot change the font for every individual post in the settings. I don’t know if there is a specific coding you would have to do in the HTML portion of every single post, but it would add more work then something easy to do.

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      1. Another question, is there a way to link a prior post in the current post, at the bottom of the post with the pic header? Not link the url in place of a word. Does that make sense?
        So I can say “more from this series can be found here:”

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      2. Okay, so yes. If you want to hyperlink with a picture instead of highlighting a word, or leaving the url. You just need to make sure whatever picture you have is selected first, and then click the paperclip (insert/edit link) in the document. Then just click the link you want to post. Or after you have the url copied already, make sure the picture is selected and then right click paste. The url will be pasted onto the picture as well. This quick method works hyperlinking words as well if you don’t want to search for a post. Hope that helps!

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