Community Prayer Requests | May ’18

This post is updated, sometimes daily, please check in for updates, answered prayers, and for continued prayer over the requests. Thank you!

Let’s work together on prayer by praying for each other and lifting up our needs. Christ said where two or more are gathered in His name, and there are definitely more than two of us. Let us come together to Him even if we are miles apart. Let us lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ and anyone who can join the body of Christ.

Purpose- Draw Closer To God, Draw Closer To The Community, See Answered Prayers

I want us as a community to pray for a month. I want to work on giving time to Christ and increasing faith. Prayer can be one of the most powerful ways we go to Christ, we are to come to Him boldly, and believe.

Please Comment Below – 

If God reached out to you during this month of prayer, please share how He reached you down below. Whether prayer was listed or not.

If you would like your request listed, please comment below. If you do not want to say details just say unspoken, and I will add it. God will know what the unspoken is. 🙂 

Here are the prayer requests for the month of May.

Baby J- A mom I know gave an early birth to a beautiful baby boy. Over the past 90 days, he has been growing and currently still is in the hospital, finally reaching over six pounds! Keep praying for this family because he is growing and he has been protected from intensive surgery. Pray that he continues to grow and the family can finally take him home 🙂

Sue Love & Her Husband – Request for prayer against deception and darkness as there is spiritual warfare going on. Continued prayer for Sue to feel assurance, guidance, and direction from the Lord. Prayer for her husband’s spirit to be pricked and refined by the Lord daily. For him to be truthful. To lay the past at the feet of Jesus, and to leave any sins there.

Tamara– I’m asking continued prayers for her son Elliott, and for Tamara to continue to advocate those with mental illness and those supporting loved ones with mental illness.

-Her father very recently passed away please lift up Tamara and family.

A friend’s brother– In addition to Tamara, I’m going to open this prayer request to the public. I know someone’s brother who has schizophrenia and he needs to be uplifted. I ask for prayers that he is surrounded by those who can support and help him. I ask prayers of strength for the family.  I also ask this friend of mine be uplifted against anxiety. That this friend feels continued assurance from God, and His teachings.

Red Letters- Hayley has requested continued prayer for her niece, Taylor.

“It’s the same as before, but now my niece has completely cut herself off from the whole family. We love her very much and just want to see her come back.”

Let’s lift up, Taylor and pray for the Lord to shine His light and His love all over her. May she be consumed in love, and joy overrides whatever darkness she is going through.

Mia– Mia has requested continued prayer for her mother in law’s husband. She has shared this update on what is going on. “The oncologist overseeing the treatments gives him 3-6 months left to live and says his cancer is stage 4, inoperable, and has spread to his liver and lungs, which is not the report (that it was stage 3 and should be operable after chemo shrinks it, and he could live another year or two) he got originally from another doctor. Pray they don’t give up hope, but instead fix their eyes on the God of our hope, and even pray for God to do a healing miracle, which would be an awesome testimony of God’s power.” (Update: Healing has been given, there is no cancer from in lungs or liver. More will be explained in an upcoming Answered Prayers.)

She has also requested, “Keep praying for my writing—it’s working!”

& “My daughter that just had the baby five weeks ago, started out with mastitis almost three weeks ago but it hasn’t responded to two different rounds of antibiotics. We thought she was doing a little better but today started feeling not well again. The reason the antibiotics haven’t been working is that the infection walled off to an abscess, so she’s in the ER right now getting it drained and getting IV antibiotics. She shouldn’t have to be admitted and I know she’ll feel much better after it’s drained, but prayer never hurts.” Amen! Prayer never hurts!

Biblebloggergirl has requested continued prayer for R.C. and her friend.“He has returned to work, but not because he is better but because he needs to; the cancer is still there and it’s still a bad situation, so continued prayers are very much appreciated. My best friend’s dad just died of cancer. She is being very brave, but I can’t imagine how much she is hurting. Please pray for her.”

She requests that she will be able to hear the Holy Spirit and listen.

BelleUnruh– I’m going to continue prayer for Belle. She has talked about how she isn’t able to see well on reading blogs. I want to lift up prayers for her and her protection. As well as continue her requests as before. Her granddaughter needs prayer. Her name is Faith. Continued prayers for Belle and Belle’s mother as Belle takes care of her mom.

“My Granddaughter is still quite sick with OCD. Our family needs wisdom on how to help her and also that God will heal her, or if that is not his will, to help her cope better with her anxieties.”

LeighShe has a date now for when she hears if she gets disability or not and it is in June. Pray that the judge makes the right decision and that Leigh will be taken care of.

Unspoken– Please give the words of guidance and protection to the Lord. He knows what they are for. ❤

You Are Full Of It– Requests, “Prayer request: to be good stewards over our finances; to help me and my family to be more impactful in the domestic missions field to bring people to the Lord or closer to the Lord; Also asking for prayer for the children of Robins Nest Orphanage in Jamaica and the financial needs to maintain and remain open.”

Believe 4147– Donna requests, “Summer ministries- My husband and I are preparing to take a group of teens and young adults on a mission trip to a Native American Res. We will do some construction and a Kids Club. We also have a day camp for elementary age children and an overnight camp for teens. Pray for God to send helpers, children, teens and give the increase. May we faithfully show the love of God to them.”

Christi“Please pray for my current situation. I am having major problems with my best friend and parents. My heart feels like it is broken in a million pieces.”

God’s Warrior– Has requested continued prayer, “To be able to recognize and know God’s presence, so then I would be able to walk in His presence. Also, I just want prayer over my financial aid as I make my decisions for my transfer into a 4-year university or college.” And also,Praying for understanding from God’s Word that I may apply it to my life.”

Maggie“Please pray for me and my family ❤ We have about two weeks to find a new home to move to, as we won’t be signing the one-year lease again for the house we’re currently living in! I am doing my best to trust in the Lord, but my mom truly needs peace over us being able to find the one. I know that He will provide!!!”

I’m going to also ask we pray for His guidance for Maggie’s family as well assurance in addition to peace.

Pastor Winters“Please pray for our church as we are still seeking a new location as ours will no longer be available at the end of May.”

My Request- Please pray for God’s hand in the lives of myself and my husband. That God prepares a place for my husband to have a co-op and potentially be a place he can work at after he graduates that is in his field.

Remember, to pray for the lost, for the body of Christ, leaders to be strengthened, and believers to draw closer to God. We have some fellow bloggers in ministries in Italy and India, please remember them.

If you have a prayer request, or I missed posting it, please let me know in the comments below and I will list it in the prayer requests. 
If your prayer has been answered in the month of May, please let me know. I’d love to do an update post at the end of the month. 🙂 

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20 thoughts on “Community Prayer Requests | May ’18

  1. Please pray for me and my family ❤ We have about two weeks to find a new home to move to, as we won’t be signing the one-year lease again for the house we’re currently living in! I am doing my best to trust in the Lord, but my mom truly needs peace over us being able to find the one. I know that He will provide!!!

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    1. Absolutely, Maggie!!! My husband and I have been in that situation multiple times when he was in the military, especially when he got out last year, when we were looking for the place we live in now. It is not an easy time. I’ll add prayers for guidance and assurance along with peace. 🙂 God be with your family! He moves mountains.

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  2. Thank you T.R. for the continued encouragement through the Community Prayer Requests that you do each month. It really is a great way for us as Christians to come together even when we are in different states and are experiencing different circumstances.

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  3. Please pray for my current situation. I am having major problems with my best friend and parents. My heart feels like it is broken in a million pieces.

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