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1 Samuel Pt. 6 | David Spares Saul (Ch.24-27)

When I first started this series I foolishly thought I could summarize a whole book in one or two posts…no. I know others can, but with how I try to summarize and go over most chapters, it isn’t easy.

If anyone is considering starting a Bible series, like mine, please be willing to take your time. 🙂 It can get tedious. Make sure your heart is in the right place. This is why I do these posts once every two weeks now because I need time for these posts.

We left off last time with Saul trying to kill David. We begin Ch. 24 with David, in a twisted turn, sparing Saul. Which we will see multiple times. Let’s begin.

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Ch. 24 – David Spares Saul  

Saul learns that David is in the Wilderness on the Rocks of the Wild Goats, I love these names. He takes 3,000 men with him to seek David. Saul finds a cave and we are told he is tending to his needs. Bathroom break? I don’t know.

During this, in the same cave, David and his men who were already in the back of the cave, were faced with the opportunity to take Saul. The men encouraged David that this must be a sign from God that the enemy will now be overtaken. David gets close to Saul, without his knowledge, and David cuts off a piece of Saul’s robe.

But soon afterward David is gripped with guilt. He tells the men that God forbids him to kill another person who was anointed by God.

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Instead, David leaves the cave calling after Saul, and when Saul turns around, David is bowing so low that his face is to the ground. David is asking Saul why is he listening to people tell him that David wants to kill him because it isn’t true. He reveals the torn piece of robe letting Saul know that he had an opportunity to kill him, and David didn’t.

David says that the Lord can avenge him, but David will not lift his hand against Saul.

Saul weeps and says he realizes that David is far more righteous and deserving of being king. He requests and makes David swear that David will not kill off the descendants of Saul, and David swears. They part paths.

Ch. 25- Abigail’s Quick Thinking Stops David

Samuel dies and Israel mourns. David goes to the Wilderness of Paran.

David and his men approach a rich man named Nabal, from the house of Caleb. Unlike Caleb (remember when we talked about Joshua and Caleb?) Nabal was a very bitter, selfish, angry man. Although his beautiful wife, Abigail, was from good understanding, he was an evil and harsh man.

David sends a message with his servants to approach Nabal kindly and requests that Nabal find favor in David and his men. That whatever came into Nabal’s hand he would give to David and his men.

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Nabal is against David and has no idea who he is or cares. He is stingy with his bread, water, and meat. Instead, The men return to David empty handed and with this bad report.

David is upset. After all, he and his men did nothing wrong and this was how they were going to be treated. David prepares for an attack and bloodshed, desiring to leave no male alive.

One of the young men lets Abigail learn of what is going on, and this woman is quick. She gets 200 loaves of bread, 2 skins of wine, five sheep dressed, five seahs of roasted grain, one hundred clusters of raisins, two hundred cakes of figs, and proceeded to load them on donkeys

Wow, lady! 

She finds David and falls before him, offering him and his men all of these provisions. She agrees that Nabal is an evil man and scoundrel, but she requests that the iniquity only be upon her. She says she was not aware of the men. She didn’t see them coming.

She assures David that as he is fighting the Lord’s battles God will make him endure, and evil isn’t found in David.

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David calms down, and thanks her for her advice, He realizes that the bloodshed isn’t what God would have wanted to happen.

Abigail goes back home, returning to a drunk husband. She says nothing. But when Nabal becomes sober she tells him all that happened, scripture then says that his heart died within him and he became like stone.

In ten days time, Nabal was struck by the Lord and he died.

Abigail is then requested by David’s servant to accept a proposal by David to be his bride. Michal, David’s first wife, Saul’s daughter, was given away. But David also took another wife for himself, as at this time it was okay. Currently, the wife total is two. I’m curious to see if we get more numbers as David continues to be king. 

Ch. 26- David Spares Saul Again 

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Saul gets word of where David is staying and sets off after him. They camp and fall asleep.

David and a servant go down into the camp, and the servant tells David this is another opportunity the Lord has given him to kill Saul. But David again says he will not go against God’s anointed.

Instead, David takes the spear and the jug of water by Saul’s head and then leaves. Everyone in the camp remained asleep as God caused a deep sleep to fall over the camp.

David stands on a rock and begins speaking. Saul knows his voice and yet again says he has sinned and he will no longer try to harm David.

Ch. 27 David Seeks Refuge And Lies 

David felt in his heart he would perish by Saul’s hand, so he sought refuge in the enemy’s camp that would stop Saul from pursuing him.

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He went to the Philistine’s camp in Gath.

And he was right, Saul stopped.

David stayed in the land for a little over a year.

But it looks like when David attacked a camp he lied about it. He wouldn’t leave anyone alive so the truth would not come to Achish, the main person in charge. David instead would take cattle and apparel back. Achish believed instead that David was attacking the people of Israel, and thus Israel hated David. Which wasn’t the truth, but David kept this behavior while he lived there to avoid Saul.

Next time, we will finish Ch. 28-31 and complete the book of 1 Samuel!

What did you learn from today’s reading?

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6 thoughts on “1 Samuel Pt. 6 | David Spares Saul (Ch.24-27)

  1. Very nice study. David’s mercy shines through, but Saul’s heart changed. David and Jonathan were very close. After the death of Saul and Jonathan, David took Jonathan’s crippled child in and treated him well.

    We all make mistakes, but God knows our hearts. David adored God. David had an affair and was responsible for the death of his mistress’s husband. Later, David prayed begging God to save their child. Even when the child died. David didn’t blame God. His heart is poured out in many of the Psalms. So beautiful and comforting.

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