Song Sunday | Sound Of Surviving (Nichole Nordeman)

It’s easy for people to load burdens upon our shoulders. For life to take its toll and for us to fall down. But yet, we are to pull through, and not give up. Which is what today’s song is all about.

Sound Of Surviving- By Nichole Nordeman

Beginning with people not believing us and telling us what to do. Sometimes our voice is one of them. We quiet our spirit. Yet, this is only the beginning.

Hope and faith are survival. When we put everything in life, and we realize we are still going.

Some of the hardest parts of our life that were meant for pain, God can use as a gift. He can help direct our eyes to Him and watch the mountains fall.

We are not done getting back up.

Nichole Nordeman is an American Christian Contemporary singer. Check out her song below and support her.

You can click on the lyric video here if it isn’t showing up for you. 

What is your sound of surviving?
This coming week is Community week. Please let me know your prayer requests for the month of June.
Please let me know any answers to prayer you received for the month of May.

Of The (1)

Month Scripture (MSG) Galatians 6:9-10, “So lets not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest good crop if we don’t give up, or quit. Right now, therefore, every time we get the chance, let us work for the benefit of all, starting with the people closest to us in the community of faith.”

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27 thoughts on “Song Sunday | Sound Of Surviving (Nichole Nordeman)

    1. Thank you!!! It really helps when the actual artist posts a lyric video. I plan for every post to have a lyric video, and I always try to use the artist’s lyric video if they have one. Otherwise, I’ll have to post a fan made one. 🙂 But at least it’s there for those who want to know the lyrics.

      But yeah, I agree. They come up with some really nice lyric videos.

      For the month of June I’ll be exploring some Christian rock songs, and man there are some powerful lyrics in those.

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  1. Thanks for recommending songs every week……I’ve been wanting some new ones. And I can’t wait for the rock songs next month. Yes! 😆
    By the way, did you get the email I sent you the other day?

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    1. Oh, I’m so glad to hear this. Feel free to click on my YouTube link that’s where my playlist is. I have 500 songs I’ve picked out on my playlist and I always am adding more when I find them. 🙂

      Goodness, you know I haven’t checked my email in a few days since I responded to you, so probably not. My routine will get back to normal around Thursday so I’ll be able to connect better, but between today and the next few days. I’ll try to get back to you 🙂

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      1. Thanks…….I’ll definitely check out your channel. ☺☺
        Basically what my email said is that I’ll only be able to do that blog post collab sometime from now until Thursday, becuase I have some important commitments to make on the later portion of the week. We can either do it then or the following week.
        Sorry if this caused you any trouble!

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      2. No problem! I just responded and suggested the first full week of June 🙂 that way I’ll be back home and my schedule will be back to normal.

        Yeah, my channel, no videos from me at this time, or ever haha. But I have tons of playlists for music especially.

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      3. This is actually perfect! The first week of June would be even better than this week. Becuase really, this whole week will be insane anyway. If we do it next week I’ll be able to relax and enjoy it better.

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  2. Here are some updates on RC: he looks healthy (still has all his hair, etc) and went to a specialist in Texas recently, although I don’t know those results yet. They can’t operate on the cancer, so at best they are trying to shrink it right now. His wife is pregnant and nearly due, so pray that RC will be around to raise his child for a long time yet.
    Also, my friend didn’t respond when I texted her. I may have an update soon, but it’s been days and she hasn’t gotten with me, so I don’t know how she is. She still needs prayer!
    Please also continue to pray for me to listen for the still, small voice ☺

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    1. Amen!! I was just about to send you a comment. I already copied and pasted your prayer from this month to the next one. I’m so glad to hear R.C is looking healthy. Absolutely, continued prayers for him and your friend, and of course, you.

      I wanted to let you know, you may want to check out the band Bright City, here is the song I’m listening to right now, “You Are The One Thing.” It seems like they dance in all of their songs. I would consider the genre to be Christian Pop/Electronic.

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  3. Love this song! ❤️
    I shared it with the wife of a family who is going through a really rough time right now and they’ve been asking for prayers and worship songs and verses to help them get through. It’s the family of the founding pastor of my church who’s now an international missionary training other pastors.
    Not long home from a trip to Africa, he and his wife went to Siberia last week and he quickly became ill and had to be hospitalized. He rapidly went downhill, lost consciousness, and nearly died. They diagnosed him with cerebral malaria (malaria that’s infected the brain) which, of course, is really rare in Siberia so the hospital they were at didn’t have the medicine to treat him. They managed to find 2 doses of medicine in the whole city, and had to make do until more got shipped in.
    God has graciously answered so many prayers already for this man’s life and he is still alive a week later, despite the fact that anyone else would have died before that second day. There have been so many other spiritual attacks too (delays, miscommunications, changes in his condition, visa issues, etc), before he was flown to Paris where he can get better treatment. Their grown children have been able to go be with their mother and see their father, too. He is still in a coma, on a ventilator, and fighting for his life against multi-organ failure, sepsis (infection in his blood), and possible brain damage. So many prayers have been answered already, but I would appreciate even more prayer warriors lifting him up for complete healing.
    I believe with my whole heart that he will be completely restored eventually and this will become part of his greater testimony of God’s love, miraculous working, and power. It has already pulled together thousands of believers all over the world who are praying for him, uniting them in this common bond, and renewing their faith in the Lord as the power of prayer is being demonstrated.

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    1. Amen, Mia! It definitely sounds like God is at work. I will add this to the prayer list. It comes out later this week.

      I made this playlist titled “For Tough Times” there is a little over 60 songs. All songs on this playlist are encouraging and point the light to Christ. I don’t know if they would enjoy this playlist or not.

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    1. Welcome to the blogging community! If you are looking for other Christian bloggers to check out, every month I have a Community Spotlight, and highlight the bloggers and posts that have spoken to me. There are some amazing bloggers here, and the support we can all give each other is amazing!


    2. Your blog looks great! Put together. No worries of not getting rid of tutorial stuff. My second blog, Peeking Beneath has a page in which I share tons of stuff for bloggers. Tutorials, tips, what I’ve discovered as a blogger, and free resources you may enjoy using.


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