Song Sunday | Foreigner (Ledger)

Following my theme of Christian Rock this month, I have a female singer who sang in Skillet. She is a powerful vocalist and her lyrics are amazing. I am going to choose one my favorite songs from her, which is today’s selection.

Foreigner – Ledger

This world is full of masks and lies. The closer we are to the Lord, the brighter His flame will burn within us. We will know just how much we do not belong in this world.

We will not connect like those around us do who do not know Christ.

While those bow down to an altar of idolatry, we are bowing to the King who has a mansion set away for us.

Ledger is an American Christian Rock singer. Check out her song below and support her music.

(LYRICS? You can click here for a lyric video if you would like to read lyrics as you listen 🙂 )  

Of The (1)

Month Scripture (NIV) Job 2:10, “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?”

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14 thoughts on “Song Sunday | Foreigner (Ledger)

  1. I love her voice! There’s something mysterious about this song, and I like that the music seems to go with the words! I’m glad you put up the option with lyrics, though. Thanks! I enjoy uplifting music so much more when I actually understand what the words are that they’re saying.

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    1. Yes, I always enjoy lyrics, which is why I try to post the official lyric video if I can, but if not, I will make it an option now because I know I have other readers in the community who also like to know what the words are, and I think that’s fair. 🙂 I’m so glad you like the song!!

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  2. Thanks; good topic to finish this Sunday eve off! I just finished reading More Than Conqueror by Terry Mize. He shares his stories of learning to live by faith by standing on the Word of God and being led fearlessly by Holy Spirit. Quite a challenge as I endeavor to draw closer to the Lord and walk more by faith and not by sight!

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    1. Yes, the closer we are to Him the more foreign this world will be. This world relies on sight and it is hard to break away. But what an opportunity for us to see His hand at work in our lives when we trust Him. 🙂

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