Song Sunday | Let Go (Barlowgirl)

Barlowgirl has been one of my favorite bands since my early teenage years. I found them after I found the band Superchic, which wrote a song (very retro feel) about the Barlowgirl sisters and how they chose to remain virgins till marriage against a world of seduction and sexual pressure on teens.

Today’s song, in particular, was one I had listened to multiple times on my CD, but it did not become one of my favorite songs till 2015. I have driving anxiety, and even driving straight down a road that is busy with traffic makes me panic. I needed to drive our car over to get oil checked, and all that maintenance stuff. So in order to fight against my fear, I would play music and praise God in prayer before leaving. And when this song played I just broken down, lifting up my hands.

Let Go, by Barlowgirls

We know the times God has gotten us through. Yet with each new trial, we are uncertain and we struggle to trust. Will God get us through just like He did before?

We walk on the path that we proclaim in Jesus Christ. Faith is going beyond what we can see.

We need to call out the doubt and fear we have within us against the truth that He has always been with us. We cannot go anywhere if we are not with Him.

Let go, and let God.

Barlowgirl is an American Christian Rock band. Check out their song below and support their music.

(I was not able to find a lyric video this time around. But you can read the lyrics to the song here.) 

Have you listened to Barlowgirl before? 

What are some of your favorite songs from the band? 

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9 thoughts on “Song Sunday | Let Go (Barlowgirl)

    1. Let Go was one the album released after the album with Never Alone on it. Never Alone was my first favorite from them and got me interested into their music actually. 🙂 You can find a number of their songs on YouTube. She Walked Away also is a really good one, and was on the album of Never Alone. 🙂

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      1. Oh, that’s cool. 🙂 Oh yes! She Walked Away and Never Alone are the two I have on my phone. I’ll have to check out their other songs. 🙂

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