Community Spotlight | June ’18

My goodness!! So many amazing posts this month of June, but when do you guys not provide amazing content!!!

This is not to make anyone feel like they need to “get on” this list. These are the posts that really spoke to me this month.

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God’s WarriorGalatians Bible Study Pt. 1 – Joshua has done an excellent job going through the first chapter of Galatians. It’s a great summary and reminder that we only understand scripture through the Holy Spirit. That yes, while man recorded, the revelation of the truth comes from the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Be BlessifiedIf God Doesn’t Consider Taking A Knee Disrespectful– This may be an iffy topic for some readers. But what I like about this post is the fact that Pastor Aldtric points out we sometimes become tripped up over things that God isn’t tripped up about. Doing things out of tradition does not make it sacred, it’s just a tradition. Jesus Christ did things out of tradition as well, but we aren’t required to stand up every time we read the Bible. Very thought provoking! What are we putting our focus on? Is our passion misplaced?

All You Need Is JesusHurt People Hurt People– Leigh wrote a post I know so many of us can relate to. When we are hurt, we hurt others. She beautifully points out that these negative feelings lock us into a prison, one we walk into with our bitterness. We need forgiveness for healing, for God’s forgiveness, and people need our forgiveness too.

Dreaming Of GuatemalaTeach Me To Be Gentle– I love this poem that Maggie wrote. It’s very heartfelt. We so often lose track over what we want to control that we do not see how God’s hand is working in our life. Maggie requests in this prayer poem that her eyes and heart be directed and follow Christ over what she wants and feels. Amen.

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Eighteen Months of Dreaming Of Guatemala– This is a really honest post, Maggie shares in how blogging originally became her idol. The good she was doing was clouding her eyes, and it was turning her into something she did not like. She even considered stopping. But then she shares the direction God gave her and what He ultimately opened her eyes up to. Powerful.

FAVORITE POST Learning To Be A Humbled Blogger– I do not always have a favorite post of the month, but man did Maggie’s post convict me!!! She opens up about how she should have been focused on the blogging for the right purpose, not blogging for the response, and I was just floored. I totally have been tripped up before because of lack of response. I know many of you can also relate.

Love Joy BalanceQuality Time–  This post covers the love language of Quality Time, and she shares some ways we can spend quality time with those we love. It’s good to know, as she shares, time is one of the most important things we could ever give to someone else.

Intimate Prayer – This post rings true to my heart. A variety of ways we need to dig into prayer with the Lord and the things that can sometimes trip us up.

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Pastor WintersTrust Your Gut– Pastor Winters wrote a really encouraging post on WHY we need to trust the Holy Spirit within and to pray to Him for discernment. Christ really can help us know what to do or give us warnings in situations.

Efua- The Secret Place– Efua paints a beautiful picture of why prayer and time with the Lord is important. I want to be drenched in His anointing and I can only do that when I am with Him. When I give Him time.

Becoming His TapestrySo, You Think I’m Nice– Powerful post from Brenda. She shares how on the outside, strangers, and people not so close to us may see us as nice. But those closest to us know us better. We, unfortunately, can be harsher and put too much expectation on those close to us.

JesskiddingMaybe I’m The Jell-O– Jess wrote this awesome post between the connection of her squirming daughter struggling during a diaper change, and the fact God wants the best for us. God has a way of using life examples to speak to us and His message He shared with Jess, was not missed by me.

My Way Home Life- Clap Your Hands All Ye People– This is such a touching story of a little boy who couldn’t stay still during a service, yet his excitement is a reminder of childlike faith.

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This Little Light Of Mine– I really love this post because she talks about how we should not quench the Holy Spirit and what it really means to be a light of Christ.

Grow In Grace– Another beautifully written post. She covers the symbolism of gardening, and weeds in particular, to our own lives, and the things we allow in our “garden” our life. The negative things, our former selves can choke the good we have. We need to always be aware, cling to what is good, and get rid of what is not of Christ.

Sue LoveNet Neutrality Protections-Sue wrote this really encouraging post about how we need to trust God despite the uncertain future. It’s easy as a believer to feel discouraged in this world, but God forever remains the same.

Clay Vessels– The day I read this I needed encouragement to continue to trust Jesus. The world wants us to see things on the outside. But Jesus wants us to be focused on the core and the inside. What we see with our eyes, most of the time is not what God has planned. We need to trust Him, not others.

Allyson AnonymouslyHow God Uses Writers– Allyson first started following me on Twitter, and soon afterward she followed my blog, which was the same day I realized she had a blog as well. This post is so encouraging not only as a blogger but as a novelist as well. She reminds us that God can use us for His purpose, and sometimes we just need that push. Allyson is a published author as well, and she openly talks about being a Christian writer. Go check her out.

Pointe To Christ My Testimony– I have just found this blog, another teen Christian blogger and dancer I know there are some other Christian teens and dancers who are out there. She shared her testimony post on mine, and I’m so glad she did. What a testimony! She shares that she had wanted to draw closer to Christ, but what a journey He took her through. Please check out her story and her blog.

BeehopperThis Is A New Day– This post is a wonderful reminder not be to be stuck in the past. But to walk forward, see what God has done and trust what He will do.

And Remember...Be The Salt Of The earthAnd The Light On The HillWe Are His Branches1

Month Scripture (NIV) Job 2:10, “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?”

***Community Prayer Request For June – Join Me In Praying For Each Other And If You Have A Request To Add Let Me Know. A New Prayer Request Post Comes Out Every Month And Is Updated As Requests And Updates Come In. 

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20 thoughts on “Community Spotlight | June ’18

  1. Thank you, T.R., for spotlighting two of my blog posts this month. All glory to God, for they come from him through me, a clay vessel.

    Thank you, as well, for these monthly spotlights, for I read many encouraging blog posts here from other bloggers that I might not have otherwise seen. I look forward to reading these today.

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    1. You are so welcome, Sue!! Praise the Lord for inspiring us and guiding us with His hand.

      I’m so glad these posts have encouraged others to find new bloggers and read posts they have not seen. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much T.R. for spotlighting my blog post this month. I just hope that it encourages someone wherever they are.

    I will definitely have to check out these other blog posts; they sound very interesting.

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