Song Sunday – City Lights (Destiny Rayne)

(I think this song really speaks to Christian teen girls especially with the world we live in. When so many people want to push you down, keep holding onto Christ, everyone.)

With the Fourth of July coming, I think this week’s song, with its focus on lights, is convenient. I found Destiny’s music on YouTube a few months ago, an up and coming artist. I actually have talked to her a few times on Twitter. She’s really sweet with a love of Christ. This song is one of my favorites from her.

City Lights, by Destiny Raye

Fakeness is all around us. It sinks into our own heart. It makes us doubt ourselves, and who we are supposed to be when everyone around us is false.

But we are not supposed to be like everyone else. We are lights on a hill and the salt of the earth for a reason.

In Christ alone, we know who we are, and who He has made us to be. May we shine and reflect so others see us.

Destiny Raye is a Contemporary Christian artist. Check out her beautiful song (with lyrics) below, and go show her some support and love on YouTube, Twitter, and her other social media.

Please let me know prayer requests you have for the month of July. The post will be coming out soon! Thanks! 

And Remember...Be The Salt Of The earthAnd The Light On The HillWe Are His Branches1

Month Scripture (NIV) Job 2:10, “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?”

***Community Prayer Request For JuneJoin Me In Praying For Each Other And If You Have A Request To Add Let Me Know. A New Prayer Request Post Comes Out Every Month And Is Updated As Requests And Updates Come In. 

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2 thoughts on “Song Sunday – City Lights (Destiny Rayne)

    1. Thank you, Lynn!! She really is! Like this song video, for example, only has a little over 100 views, and she has about 200 subscribers on YouTube. I really hope people hear her music and help her grow 🙂

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