Community Spotlight | July ’18

There were some pretty powerful posts this month, and also some new bloggers I am going to introduce you to. As always, this post is not to make anyone feel like they need to “make the list” these are just the posts that really spoke to me this month. 

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Dorissa VanoverThe Day Unfolds– Dorissa shares a beautiful truth about time management. A lot of us get caught up on the “rush” or “busyness” of our schedules. We need to get things done NOW, and we better have goals to accomplish. She shares how God spoke to her during the times of quiet when she didn’t know what she should do next. And God taught her a lot.

Amazing Tangled GraceHow Great Thou Art– I really like this post. There’s a ton of different scripture talked about and connected.

Walking On Unsteady GroundThe Thing Beneath The Thing – This is a pretty convicting post. She talks about how not one of us is “always” on par with God. We do not always lean on Him in the way we should. She shares how going to church a pastor spoke to her heart and what God opened her eyes to.

Grace AboundsWhat Have I’ve Been Putting My Identity In – Rebekah is extremely honest on who and what she was putting her focus on. This post really spoke to me because I also lost focus on other people and things, and when I do, like she shared, it really takes a lot on my soul.

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Comeback PastorOne Phone Call– Pastor Winters shares some amazing phone calls that showed him God was providing and listening to him. If you want some encouragement that God is with us, read this post.

My Way Home LifeI Laugh At Your Plans- This is a wonderful post about how even when our plans do not go the way we want God can give us a beautiful perspective to keep in mind.

Lost And Found- A very moving story of how God provided with the challenge of trusting Him to provide.

Retrospective LilyTeach Your Children The Fundamentals Of Christianity– Lily did a wonderful job explaining why it is important we teach kids and teens about the Bible. To help them understand the stories and the people of the Bible. The promises that God gives us, and the promises He laid long ago. Often times teenagers struggle with faith (this is my opinion not Lily’s) because they do not have the right walk with Him. As Lily shares, they grow up and when people poke holes through their beliefs they do not know what to do.

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Building Treasures In Heaven– Lily wrote another amazing post about our treasures in Heaven. She actually did a sermon on this and condensed the sermon into a post. It was clear, and very well done!

BLOGGER OF THE MONTH – (I don’t think I’ve ever shared this many posts from one blogger in a month, but seriously Efua’s posts this month have been powerful and much needed.) Grace Over PainWho Are You?– Efua shares a great post encouraging us as Christian bloggers to really make sure we are focused on God and giving Him time. As a Christian blogger, maybe some of us feel like blogging does not make much of a darkness, but think of it from the perspective of darkness. The more light of Christ we shine the more potential others have of growing stronger with Christ, and perhaps accepting Him as their Lord and Savior. We need to be on guard at all times, including with our blogging. That we are not led astray, deceived, or taken advantage of because we were vulnerable.

Stop Aborting The Processes– Another great post which I find encouraging. It can be hard to be in a season of waiting or trial but we would not enjoy the season of harvest had we not waited. Powerful stuff!!!

Is the Bible sexist?– Very powerful post giving more clarity to a past post Efua wrote previously. She brings up examples in the Bible people may struggle with and gives a proper context to help understand the passage.

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When The Curtain Falls– What a convicting post! One in which discusses a hard topic, death. Bearing the question what will we leave behind?

NEW BLOGGERDaily Bible BytesRemembering Childhood Friends– Nitin shares a post that connects both a personal story and tying it to scripture, which is not always easy to do. This post deals with friendship and compares one of the most famous friendships in the Bible. Well done!

NEW BLOGGER- Silvered BelleWhy Silvered Belle?– This is an introductory post and what a post! Candace speaks about how she grew up having issues and not feeling content. This post explores how she met Jesus and turned her life over to Him.

I’m Not In Control Pt. 1 – Candace shares how God provided for her in times she struggled. This is a post I know so many of you will relate to because I’ve read your stories. Check this post out.

How was your month? 

Let me know any prayer requests you have for August. 

And Remember...Be The Salt Of The earthAnd The Light On The HillWe Are His Branches1

Monthly Scripture- NKJ Psalm 9:10, “And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; for Your Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.”

*** Community Prayer Request For July ’18 – Join Me In Praying For Each Other And If You Have A Request To Add Let Me Know. A New Prayer Request Post Comes Out Every Month And Is Updated As Requests And Updates Come In. 

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30 thoughts on “Community Spotlight | July ’18

  1. Millions of thanks Ma’am for your sweet introduction to the new world of bloggers. I feel so good. Finally I am accepted and welcome by blogger community. I am short of words to describe my feelings and gratitude. God bless you and all the new and old blog writers.

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  2. Thank you again for your prayers during the summer work of ministry. The Lord blessed in so many ways some of which I shared in some posts with pictures. God is faithful and it’s wonderful to know He gives us faithful friends and partners in ministry.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’m glad you post these because it’s a great way to connect bloggers in our little community. Apologies for the late response; I wanted to wait ’til I had plenty of time to read the other posts. I’m so honored to be included! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Psh, don’t worry for “late response” I think a comment received is always in due time 🙂 You are welcome!! Yes, I’m really glad other bloggers have enjoyed the community spotlight to connect and read posts they may not have seen before.

      Liked by 1 person

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