Are We Listening To God In Our Writing Or Self?

It is really easy to get sidetracked in our writing or blogging.

We can easily make things about ourselves or dive into tangents of our feelings. I know I certainly struggle with the temptation of tangents and ranting, going on and on about something without making a point.

God often uses my writing to convict me. He helps me see that the things I wrote about I must be held accountable to. This happened today actually.

I wrote a post that will come out in the middle of September, and in it, I talked about being kind even when people misunderstand what we say.

Ironically enough, in a discussion, I felt attacked because people were making assumptions from what I said, but then God placed my writing on my heart. If people do not understand, you must explain with kindness. I needed that gentle conviction to go forward even when I was being misunderstood.

I think it is easy for us to get lost in our writing. We can easily write for the wrong reasons. For numbers. To stumble others. To release our feelings or passion with little to no regard of how others think and feel.

I’m guilty too. I’ve had to delete pieces of my post while editing because I knew it was too opinionated or written in anger. I’ve had to write posts that clarified things that confused others in the past. Some of the things we write are for our own benefit and not much else.

We need to reflect Christ in everything and how we speak.

It is important we are aware.

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Monthly Scripture- (NIV) Psalms 62:01-02, 05, “Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from Him. Truly He is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken. Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him.”

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41 thoughts on “Are We Listening To God In Our Writing Or Self?

  1. I totally agree! I often find myself deleting big chunks of my posts because I’ve become distracted or emotional or somehow lost sight of my point. I need to stop and connect with God in these moments. Then He provides the clues and prompts how to proceed and finish the post.

    He also finds uncanny ways to test me in everything I write about!

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  2. It is very important to reflect Christ in what you write as a Christian. Whether in posts or in the comments section of other blogs, I think we have to be careful to only say things that reflect his likeness. Sometimes you have to oppose evil with pen and voice, but it should be done without sharp thrusts, sarcasm, and unnecessary harshness or severity. I think more time spent in the editor can also help us as Christian bloggers to make sure that we get our original points across, and don’t cross any lines.

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    1. Agreed, this is why I wrote the post. We need to be aware. No one is perfect, and I’m sure most bloggers fail at some point even if we try our best. But it is crucial to be aware, and always be willing to grow.

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      1. Very much agreed. I think there is always room for growth and improvement as a writer, and probably even more so from a Christian perspective. It doesn’t hurt anything to use the “trash” button, or come through and edit posts you’ve already published either.

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      2. I’ve written some fairly opinionated posts which I would want to, as the time is a bit more favorable, edit the language of to some extent. In many cases though I feel like I’ve written exactly what was needed, like I often sound the rallying cry for people to study and interpret things out of the Bible for themselves rather than listening to the “learned” al the time.

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      3. True. And I think when opinions are more valaidated with truth, and truth is used as examples to how we have formed our opinions, that’s good. It is also okay for opinion posts when we open discussion for others to join in. But the posts that are more focused and harsher in nature that do not allow others to have an opinion, or at least allow others to feel like they can add to the conversation I think are problematic. These posts can sometimes be more confusing and frustrating to the reader, than what we truly intend by it. But again, I’m not against these types of posts, just that, as we have discussed, we are aware and are as kind as we can be in sharing these ideas.

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      4. Agreed. Harshness and severity only turns people off from listening to what you have to say, and could potentially cause a fight. It’s like it says in Proverbs, “a soft answer turneth away wrath” [Proverbs 15:1]. So, kindness when you write that which is opinionated is important.

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  3. I agree that we shouldn’t be driven by feelings, but feelings aren’t necessarily bad. At times Jesus felt tired, hungry, happy, sad, compassionate, angry etc. There’s a season for every emotion. Often what we feel passionate about is what God has laid on our hearts to blog about. Jesus wasn’t emotionless and unflappable, sailing through life without a care in the world (not that you said He was, just that He’s often portrayed that way!)

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    1. Agreed, feelings are not always bad. They can be used for good. It is important when we write we look at the intentions of our feelings. If it is purely self focused, it may be limiting in how it reaches out to others. But then if it is positive and honest more are able to listen and be involved.

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  4. When I am writing, if I begin to write in the flesh, the flow of thought comes to a dead stop, and so I delete what I believe was “me” writing and then I pray for God to direct the words, and then the words flow again. And God speaks to me, too, through the things he gives me to write. I think it is good that we write what we are learning.

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  5. Yes! This is something I struggle with because I have so much to write and my anxiety becomes such a pressure! I have even thought about expanding my topics but I don’t know how/what to do about continuing my blog and I worry about the prominence of my emotions and the topics I write. Hence, this rant! haha Blessings! Xoxo

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    1. The only barriers we really have in what we blog is what we place in front of ourselves. If we have no one telling us what to do we are our own obstacle. I had to face that this past year and God really opened my eyes to a lot of stuff. 🙂 you can absolutely do this.

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      1. Stereotypical ?? Christians come in all forms and have all types of skills and interesrs. I know a handful of lifestyle Christian bloggers 🙂 if people are going to be that judgemental they are looking to hard at things to criticize.

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      2. Like I don’t listen to Christian music and I believe in the universe, as he created it, and it’s ability to show signs and messages and some people don’t open there mind to those possibilities. But I guess your right! What would I do w/o you? 😉

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      3. Oh, okay 🙂 Well, I know another blogger who does not listen to music, including Christian music. I think it is interesting how science can easily reflect the hand of God. I was just watching a show about how intricate our bodies are, and how our DNA for example has a code. Codes do not randomly happen. To have a code, means there is a coder. It points to our Creator. Scripture says there will be signs in the skies and stars. So whatever topics you want to talk about, if you are able to connect it to scripture that can help others, who may struggle, understand where you are coming from. 🙂

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      4. And trust me even writing Christian topics on scripture I have been judged. It is going to happen. Instead pray for God’s help to endure it, not avoid it, and grow from it. It fits your blog name after all.:)

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  6. I deleted so many of my writing over the years because I got carried away while writing. I still have some work to do, though, but I do pray before I write and ask God to guide me accordingly.

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  7. Yes, that delete key gets a lot of use…not just because of too many personal feelings being shown on my part, but because I feel I owe anyone taking the time to read my posts my absolute best writing, the cream off the top, so to speak. So I edit and cut until I feel as though I am conveying the message from Scripture the best that I can.

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