Day of The Lord

I was listening to a song and I just had this scene appear in my mind as I praised God. It was so powerful I wanted to recreate it in writing. This is not an interpretation of Revelations or any end of time scriptures, though inspired. The purpose of this is to give glory to God and encourage that even if you feel alone in your walk with Christ against this world. You are not alone. This battle is His. We lift each other up. He will win and He has already won. Despite darkness and pain it will not last. Nothing will defeat Him.

This world does not understand what I do. They lift up their shield and ready their sword.

I stand alone at the bottom of the mountains and hill. The wind blows through my hair. Lightning flashes in the sky.

No one is left who used to stand with me.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.35.40 PM

The blood moon stands still.

The dark one whispers.

Stars fall from the sky. Hitting the ground. I hear, “This battle is Mine. Keep your eyes to Me.”

Animals have crept along the hillside drawing near. They kneel and bow their heads. Hailstones begin to crash breaking the ground.

Ashes form the shape of a man. He wears a wicked grin. The eyes of the many around him are blackened. Marks show their loyalty. Blind to the locked key within their spirit. They stay deceived and praise him. He steps forward and their eyes follow robotically.

Still, He says, “This battle is Mine. Keep your eyes to Me.”

The wind picks up.

A trumpet sounds and the command shatters the earth like thunder, “RISE!”

Screams begin amongst the blackened eyes. But before I am pulled into fear, I feel a hand on me. Then another. And another.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.36.34 PM.png

I hear the saints rise up in a marching song of one army. A chorus of Halleuigh breaks the sound. Mixed between angel and man. Animals begin to make noise into harmony.

Fire falls from the sky. The dark one rises up with a dim light to those all who are blind.

But those of us who can see, there is static in the air. We hear a lion’s cry echo around. With lifted hands, we continue to raise our voices with His glory, but we do not budge. We do not move.

This is His day, who will stand.

A presence sweeps over the land so intense no one can stand. The earth shakes as every knee bows. I hear the sounds of rushing Waters. A gentle whisper that merges into a ROAR. A current embodied of pure holiness shoots through the air. To the saved, they feel a familiar warmth. To the blackened eyes they feel a shameful wrath.

The blood moon sinks into the horizon. Screaming rages against the chorus.

Darkness enters.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.37.45 PM.png

The sky breaks in two. As the Savior emerges through.

His eyes are piercing.

Without moving His mouth, I hear Him say, “This battle is Mine. Remain still.”

Piercing screams are drowned out by the songs of the saints.

“Praise Him!”

“Glory be to He who lives and conquered death!”

Blinding light fills the darkness. A fire comes out of His mouth and consumes the dark one and the blackened eyes.

New songs of praise are formed on the lips of the saints and offered to Him as a pleasing aroma.

Peace has entered.

His name is Jesus.

Month Question to be shared in a later post- What scriptures do you turn to when afraid or in need of comfort?

And Remember...Be The Salt Of The earthAnd The Light On The HillWe Are His Branches1

Monthly Scripture – (NIV) Galatians 6:17, “From now on, let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.”

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40 thoughts on “Day of The Lord

  1. Thank the Lord for this! It speaks of the times in which we now live. It speaks, too, of overcoming this darkness and being mighty conquerors in battle through Jesus Christ who loves us and who gave his life up for us. Again, I see a running theme today throughout several blogs. God is definitely speaking to us, his people, to not fear this darkness, but to rise up, and to sing his praises in chorus with the other saints of God. He is reminding us of his many promises to us, and that we are to hold on to those promises and to not fear what is here and is yet to come.

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  2. I had a pretty rotten day today. Uncharacteristically, as I’m an encourager. I’m having trouble falling to sleep, so I hopped on hear to be edified.
    Your words, “The battle is mine” …..praise God for using you.
    And as your words repeated in your vision. It’s like I easily could’ve quickly skip read over them. Yet HE repeated them, knowing how much I needed to hear it.
    You are His willing vessel. I’m grateful. Thank you!

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  3. Wow. This is amazing! Thank you for posting such a powerful and thought provoking image. It breaks my heart to think of the ones who will be stuck down.

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  4. T. R. Noble, I have been blogging for a while. I mean for about a decade. I have the education, I have the Hard very hard past behind him and in front of me that helps me to preach the Message of the Gospel, but what am I doing wrong with Blogging? I have a twitter, facebook, google account, I got the SEO set up with Google, but why are my subscribers not increasing and my blog views aren’t interacting with the site. I was wondering if you could give me some pointers in how your doing it?


    1. What I am going to share may be hard to hear. But one of the best pieces of advice I can give people is do not focus on numbers. Focus on indivduals. Focus on the glory of God. Pray He reaches indivduals and pray for your focus and love for those reached matters more than anything else. God has been and continues to teach me this. The many do not matter at the end of the day, aside from an ego boost and I do not need that. It doesn’t help me to compare. It doesn’t help me to focus on what benefits me. That is not Christlike. When I draw to Him and His messages I am content, regardless of what the world tells me is success. The few is what matters and I am working on focusing on the few when everything around me wants to focus on the many.

      I have a page with all of my Christian blogging topics if you are interested. 🙂 Hang in there and focus on Him and those who may seem insignificant (the indivduals) because that’s who He cares about.

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      1. 10 years ago, 5 years ago and 2 years ago I would of said that same-thing. I clicked your link below, you have some great tips. The “Engagement” part caught my eye. I’m Not very creative, i’m really plain. I’m an Black and White type of person, but I did sit down and looked over my site for few hours yesterday trying to see how I could be more CORORFUL on that site and make it more personal to. Added in an new theme and change a-lot of things up. I’m going to be adding more pictures after my interview later.

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      2. And nothing wrong with being black and white. 🙂 The truth is black and white. Personal stories go a long way.

        Something else is how often are you engaged with the community in WordPress. How often are you reading posts and telling others what you took away from their writing? I realized people can’t come to my blog if they do not know I exist, and giving encouragement and support to others on their blogs has been encouraging to me.

        You might also enjoy the bible study for the Christian blogger post I wrote and things I’ve noticed a lot of blogs have in common.

        I’m glad you found some information that could bless you.

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      3. I think this world pushes and teaches us so much on our own success, that we think certain things have to be this way. Or we are a failure.

        But God has taught me otherwise and often times when my numbers get to me, a lot of times it is because my heart is not where it needs to be. I get caught up in myself. And I have to stop and remember why I’m writing in the first place, I want to give glory to God and help others. If I’m doing that, no matter how little, I’m doing what I need to do. We are told God give us an increase, but we also told people are all given different increases. Some 30, some 100.

        I recently wrote about making ripples, a few weeks back, and God continues to teach me through it. I may be the first to step out, and it may not look like much, but someone I affect may be someone the Lord will use for thousands. And that’s okay because my role was just as important to the Lord.

        What I’ve learned is to keep humility in the back of my pocket because it can be so easy to be tempted to think worldly when it comes to blogging. It is not easy.

        But with the Lord, always worth it. God be with you!

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      4. Your right. No matter how small the rock is, it still creates a ripple effect. I was on a marine corp base, I’m a US Marine. Well, one day a marine friend started bugging me everyday at chow to start a bible study. He wouldn’t leave me alone. I finally gave in and we started one, me and him in my room. about 8 weeks later, I witness a group of Guys and Girls marines having a bible study and other marines taking charge and leading it. It was amazing. To this day marines from around the world reach out to me asking about how to walk with God. All because this 19 year old kid would not let me just eat in peace at chow, 100’s of marines are going to be saved.

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      5. Wow, what an opportunity! You know, we what need more of are teachers and shepherds who apply military life lessons to scripture. My husband was in the Air Force and in his six years of serving he very much thinks now on how his time in affects his way of thinking. It’s a different life than civilian and I think civilian teaching is not always what people in the military need. They need someone who understands their world who can apply it to the Bible.

        When I lived in Little Rock, my pastor and his wife were close friends with another pastor and wife, so we would go to each other’s churches and the pastors would alternate teaching some nights. The one pastor also was a Marine and he often connected his lessons to what he went through, and I think more people need that.

        I don’t know how often you have similar posts on your blog but you have been given something this world needs. And maybe that is a ministry you could continue on your blog, if you’re not already, should the Lord direct you, of course.


      6. Sometimes I write about my time in the Corps. I’m a reservist, so I get to see the civilian world more than the military. Most of my piece of writings have stories about my past. Before Christ, I was a bad person, after Christ, I was a very Different and successful business person, then I join the corp. I try to connect to all the people groups that I have connection to in my writing and in everyday life.

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