5 Things I Do NOT Have To Do As A Blogger

A post I wrote today on my other blog about 5 things you do not have to do as a blogger. I struggled with these five things, and sometimes still do. I hope it is helpful for you!!

I have noticed ever since last year there were certain things I believed I had to do as a blogger. Things I thought I had to allow because I strive for patience, humility, and understanding. But sometimes I was letting my pearls be trampled.Sometimes, I stretched myself too thin, or let people take advantage of me. 

*Shakes head. No one deserves that.

And no blogger should ever go through burn out either. I hope these are helpful to you!

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 5.11.18 PM.pngI Do Not Have To Accept Your Comment– This is the harshest thing I’m going to say. But my requirements are if you do not connect to the material I posted I do not have to approve your comment. If your words go from “I like this,” to, “check out my blog,” your comment may not be accepted. 

Especially as a Christian blogger, I see some comments purely focused…

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17 thoughts on “5 Things I Do NOT Have To Do As A Blogger

  1. All great points, T. R. As in anything in life, it matters what God would have us do above all else. If blogging takes me away from family time, or serving in my church, or my devotional time, then I skip writing that post. Blogging should have its place, but not control our lives…And on that note, I need to review my lesson for church tomorrow. 😊 So goodbye for now.

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    1. Blogging is very much a ministry God has given me, it is a lot bigger in my life than in some others, I feel a call for it. I have often thought God wanted me to be a writer, but it was not until I started writing for Him He revealed new opportunities and the path He has set me on. However, agreed! We cannot be consumed even in our ministries and make sure nothing we do becomes an idol. Sometimes we lose focus and become part of the motions instead of focusing on the Maker. 🙂 Absolutely agree!!


      1. That’s so great that blogging is a ministry for you! It’s definitely more of a means to study the Bible for me and share what I learn. My ministries are elsewhere. But I’m glad you are following the call the Lord has given you.

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  2. Thank you so much! I am trying to move to new levels with my blogging and I want to follow God’s plan for me during my journey. Your writings help me. I appreciate the encouragement and advice you give from your heart.

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  3. T.R., I think sometimes you are too hard on yourself. Maybe you set expectations for yourself that God does not require of you. I say this in love. And, yes, you are not required to accept this, either, or to publish it. But, who are you working for? The Lord? or for people? Or, for yourself? Who are you trying to please? If it is God, then do you think he wanted you to say all that?

    Maybe you suffer burnout because you expect too much of you. But, again, who are you working for? Who are you trying to please? If God, then it doesn’t really come down to all of what you just wrote. It comes down to what he wants from you, and you just obeying him, no matter what people think or say. Yes, you can not publish people’s comments. That is ok if you filter them. That is not a bad thing.

    But, don’t worry about what people want or what you think they expect of you. Just be who God wants you to be and be on his schedule. Maybe he doesn’t want you to have a schedule, because he wants the Holy Spirit to lead you, and he wants you available for what the Spirit wants to say through you at any given moment.

    Don’t worry about how many likes or responses you get. If God leads you to write something, just write it, and keep doing it even if you never receive any accolades from humans. Then you will know that you are doing it for the Lord. I have one site I have written on for almost 10 years, and I could probably count on one hand the number of comments I have received. But, I know people are reading, and I know God is saying to write, and so I do, because I do it for him, not for human approval.

    I love you in Jesus! I love you as though you were my own daughter or my own granddaughter. I care very much about your well-being. So, please understand that I am writing what I am writing here because I believe God wants me to, and because I am willing to have you think ill of me and to block my comment in order to share with you what I believe will be beneficial for you and for your ministry.

    Let the Lord be the owner of your blogs. Let him decide what you write and don’t write or what community things you do or don’t do. And, then just give it over to him. Say what you know he is giving you to say, and then leave the results in his hands. Rest in him. Be on his schedule. And, keep on loving the people of God with his love as you have been doing. But, don’t stress.

    We love you!! God loves you!! Those who love you want what is best for you. We want to see you happy and fulfilled and doing what God has called you to do. You do not have to perform for us. We love how you reach out to the community, but don’t take on the world! Just rest in Jesus and ask him each day what HE wants and then just do what he says. And, again, leave the results to him. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Oh, Sue you are too sweet! And I too care deeply for you so I know exactly where you are coming from, and it is all in love. I actually think your comment benefits not only me, but anyone struggling especially Christian bloggers. I still have some of these issues from time to time, but definitely no where as bad as last year or at the beginning of this year, when I was burnt out.

      And I so agree with you! We have to know Who are we writing for! Because the more, and more, especially this summer, God redirected my thoughts and purpose to Him, He helped me let go of numbers. He helped me let go of my once tight grip on schedule, series, and acceptance of others. I have had some more difficulty now with others because I’m not holding back what He gives me, and I know what God gives me is challenging for others.

      But I am so thankful this is for His glory! Even when people do not understand. And of course all the more reason I am thankful when He provides people, like you, who do ❤

      Thank you so much, Sue! Always for your support, encouragement, and guidance! May your comment bless others! ❤ It blessed me!

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      1. T.R. – Thank you for your love!! That is huge!! Thank you for accepting my comments in the spirit in which they were given! That blessed my heart! I love you! Just keep on in Jesus!! And, keep resting in and growing in him. Praying for you!! I do understand how things can get much tougher the more you obey the Lord. I know that Big Time! So, I sympathize!! Just keep looking up!! You will be blessed!

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      2. ❤ Christ continually reminds me when I focus on Him if people struggle with what I am saying they may not be ready for it. A fellow blogger told me I challenge what believers think they know. When I was struggling with a post, I started reading scripture that again reminded me God may have me on a level, revealing things to me, others will struggle with. But I'm not going to stop. ❤ I want glory to go to Him, even when believers feel like I'm not doing that. As you said, I have to rely on Him, not them.

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      3. Yes! I identify! Just keep obeying the Lord. His Word will not return empty, but will accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. Keep challenging all of us to stay true to the Word of God and you won’t go wrong. ❤

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      4. ❤ ❤ I'm also thankful how much He teaches me through the posts. Even when people disagree, many of those discussions can be really great. They add perspective. They cover what I'm sure others feel. But the really challenging ones…God pushes me to talk through. I see many commenters start to circle in their responses when I explain and discuss, and it does not make as much sense. I'm not sure why exactly this happens. But I feel like it shows how I am challenging perspectives and how it is not always easy to hear (on either side, do I stand by what I say or do I give up.) I don't want to give up, and I want to be gentle and humble about it. God teaches me through it.

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    2. I do agree too. YES!! I am too hard on myself sometimes, and I’m so glad for the Lord’s patience and guidance. ❤ I shared these particular things because I know others struggle too. And I hope what God has led me to will help others. 🙂

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