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I have a post coming out next week that is a big topic, surprise, surprise, I know. I have covered a number “big topics” on this blog and will continue to do so. However, this topic was inspired by events that happened in the blogging community. And I had to detach myself away before I could post it.

It was tempting.

It was really tempting to post it as soon as I wrote it. It was tempting to wait a week or even two. But when I had made it to about the third week of waiting God helped me see why I needed to wait. I’m glad He had me wait. 

I have shared not to write emotionally and I stand by it especially by the feelings I experienced. Anger, hurt, and the potential of bitterness. The post itself is not about my experience, I give a small summary to explain what inspired me. But when I first started to write the post I still had some anger and hurt in my heart.

I truthfully do not believe, at all, that was the intention of what happened. But nonetheless, that’s how I reacted to it internally and initially. God helped me realize there was something to talk about, but I could not be invested into it as I once was. My heart needed to be towards Him first, and then the reader, not my selfish feelings. 

Sometimes we get inspired to write about something that occurred out of frustration and potential hurt. I do not think it is wrong to write about these things. But I think it is wrong to write on the spot and publish when we are heated, frustrated, not thinking clearly with kindness. Whether or not our post reflects that, God knows the state of our heart when we write. He knows our internal thoughts.

I’m so, so thankful I waited. I was able to forgive and let go. I have gone through the post daily with many, MANY edits. I am able to stand by what my post says with the intention people can see a different perspective that is spoken in kindness.

Not hurt.

That being said, I still have a feeling some may disagree. That is ok. 🙂 what I am asking for is prayer for God’s guidance and people’s hearts to be open.

May He receive His glory. The goal of the post primarily is to show and remind Christian bloggers we need to be Christlike in everything we do, especially in how we speak and act towards others.

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30 thoughts on “Temptation To Post When You Should Wait | Christian Blogger

  1. I have so many posts in my drafts because I always get a lot of uncertainty as to what/when I should post. When I do post, as of now, I always post on Sunday and I try to make sure I edit it. Because I am particular with what I post, I usually feel 100% about it. However, I resonate with the doubt in a lot of circumstances. The basis behind this connection is that I really believe you do everything with careful and close thinking and I admire that. Your loyalty to God is evident and I am a firm believer that intention is the most important aspects as you self-reflect, pray and make decisions! I look forward to your post and I will keep you in my prayers! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! This post in particular I want to go into with a lot of prayer. And I am extremely grateful for all who have joined me in prayer even not knowing what I will be talking about. I want His glory. I hope people see the urgency to be careful about what we say.

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  2. I can relate. There are so many times that I don’t post immediately and I can’t explain why. But usually I feel the timing when I have completely digested the experience or inspiration of that writing and reached a kind of equanimity is when I feel the urge to post.

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  3. I agree!! I never publish a post immediately after I write it because I never get everything right the first go-round, and as you mention, emotions often influence the first draft, so I find myself deleting whole paragraphs sometimes. Thank goodness for editing and hindsight!

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  4. I love this!! We are all so different but then again so much the same!! I’ve jumped the gun with negative emotions in this short time- just over a month in on my blogging journey already. I actually have 25 drafts that have yet to be finished. Some won’t be for the simple fact that I believe writers find healing in writing but all aren’t meant to be published- it’s just a way we can sort thru our own emotions. I will be praying for you and your ministry here and the community as a whole. I’m so grateful I’ve stumbled upon your blog and many others! Thank you again and I look forward to this particular blog post!!

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    1. Thank you!! I’ve trashed some posts I’ve had in drafts. A lot of repetivness and nonsense that did not make much sense when I calmed down and reread it lol. I agree. It is helpful to write out our feelings and then just place them at the feet of Jesus. I really hope people understand where I am coming from. 🙂 thanks for your encouragement.

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      1. You’re welcome! I’ll be praying with you about it. We are told to admonish one another. As long as we do it in love and clear intent of the heart, I believe the Holy Spirit will do His job ❤ Sometimes the giver or receiver of such can a bitter pill to swallow, however He is the living water and He will help us swallow it down as it is prescribed to us. He continually desires to perfect us as we continue to walk the narrow path 😊

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    1. Thank you!! The closer the date is the more I have doubt. A friend checked in with me yesterday asking if the doubt was darkness or God. I know what I talk about needs to be talked about because the way other Christian bloggers have covered the topic easily is not reflective of Christ, and I hope to bring awareness of the issue itself. I’m being more concerned about people than the message and I cant focus on that. Thanks for your encouragement!!

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