Emotional & Hypocritical

(I’m thankful to share I’ve been forgiven.)

This past week I published a post inspired by something that happened. A summary, I commented on a post and because I had the opposite view my comment was not taken well, or in my view, it was not taken well. I felt part of the response was a little harsh and meant to dissect what I said.

But I need to be completely honest here. God taught me SO MUCH because I waited on publishing my post covering the topic. He helped me work on editing out a lot of parts that were written in emotion or sounded “sassy.”

However, when the incident occurred, which later inspired the post, I was emotional.

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I tried to open up about it but I really believe I was cloaked in my emotions of anger, hurt, and wanting to desperately be understood. I wanted my side to be understood badly. No one likes being told they’re wrong, let alone multiple times. (And I’ve been the commenter who has previously discussed things I’ve disagreed with multiple times as well.)

…The thing is…being emotional is NOT Christlike.

This is the main reason last year I wrote the misunderstood post. (People were misunderstanding being emotional over being zealous.)  

Post | We Can’t Be Passionate Christians


In my post last week, Women Oppression | Can We Talk Without Casting Stones I talked about how silencing someone is not Christlike.

But I want to make CLEAR, let no one misunderstand, what originally inspired this post was seeded in bitterness, pain, and anger. By the time it got published God helped me burn those seeds and make sure they would not grow.

All but one really. 

I had to seek forgiveness. I thought originally when I tried to explain myself to the person it was done properly but God revealed when I spoke out of emotion and reaction, it was not Christlike. No matter how “well” I tried to word myself.

It was focused on self.

And this my dear reader is hypocritical. 

The desire to be heard. The desire to be understood. The desire to feel justified by my words.

I’ve been doing a Bible Study with a dear friend, and we have been covering a devotional together as well. The past three chapters alone have been about fellowshipping with others, hearing people out, seeking forgiveness, making it more about someone else than ourselves.

It does not matter if we are the offender or the offended. We need to break down selfish barriers. We need to make peace. That is what it means to be Christlike. To swallow pride. To let go of “always feeling right.” It is not about that.

I had a speck in my eye because of this.

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Jesus wants us to love. 

And if we are letting these things affect us as bloggers…what are we doing in our lives with the people around us when we have issues. 

We are a body of believers. We are the CHURCH. If we have issues, we have to talk to each other in love, not rudely! This is true fellowship. It is not happiness, puppies, and butterflies. Breaking bread is breaking the truth among each other.

We can’t be so blind we are not aware of when we are hypocritical. Rude comments are not spoken in love and I am beginning to see I have definitely been rude in trying to explain how I disagree with something. 

God used what happened to me for good. He taught me so much I can use for the better and in the future. But He also reminded me I am not perfect. I do not want to come off flawless because I’m not.

I truly was blind. So heightened with my offense of being hurt I could not focus on anything else, or anyone’s feelings. Christ teaches us to understand each other, even when we disagree, and I did not do that. Yes, I did feel attacked, but in the eyes of Christ, this does not matter. That may be hard to hear. Christ is about loving others, even when we are hurt, more than loving ourselves. 

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This is also not being about being a “martyr” if we try to “love” people because of attention and making others look bad for their actions we have already become the hypocrite. 

Since I was quite open about the experience on the post, I want to be open here. I was hypocritical. I needed to seek forgiveness.  

I’m thankful God allowed the post on women oppression to raise awareness and encourage bloggers to make sure we always speak in love in a Christlike way. The longer I waited and daily edited God revealed to me why it is important the topic is discussed. He opened my heart with love.

But because the behind the scenes stuff was not always so Christlike I feel accountable to be open with you as well.

May God continue to humble me.

May God continue to prick me with the truth of what it means to show His love.

There will be some circumstances in which we will not be able to reconcile. There will be some serious issues in which these things that I wrote about are not relating to that circumstance. But misunderstandings from discussions absolutely should be encouraged for clarity, forgiveness, mercy, understanding, and growth. 

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Monthly Scripture – (NIV) Galatians 6:17, “From now on, let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.”

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30 thoughts on “Emotional & Hypocritical

  1. I like this Sis. Similar thing happened in church yesterday. We were discussing John 3:5 which a lot of people believe baptised of water means water baptising in that scripture. As I tried to explain my point, I was misunderstood and people thought I meant water baptism wasn’t important. This was frustrating because no matter how I worded it, it seemed as though they were bent on misinterpreting my words despite me quoting that I believe it was important. I got to the point of feeling like it’s better never to contribute in topics like these anymore. However that decision bothered me as it was rooted in hurt. I didn’t quite handle my case well due to frustration even though what I was saying I believe was right. A lot of growth is still needed over here and I even if I don’t like how it plays out sometimes, I am glad that the Holy Spirit revealed areas in my heart that needed working on.

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    1. I’ve written two posts on baptism and yes people misunderstood the same thing.. It really can be hard. Something that is meant to be good can get twisted easily and then we have to be willing to admit what causes it and how to work on it. God is amazing at patience with us and I’m thankful He helps us with the not so fun parts of our hearts. For His glory and unity with the church which we are encouraged so often to maintain. Not always easy but so very important.

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  2. This was transparent and I thought that was very cool of you to do that. God is good! And I needed this word. Sometimes it is hard to have that Christ-like character. Life’s problems sometimes make you forget that and you focus on how the world reacts to problems and you think that maybe that’s how you should react. But, like you said, we have to be like Christ and demonstrate his character traits.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Amen!!! Falling short of His glory happens a lot but God is showing me all the more reason to glorify Him and be thankful for His love, compassion, and mercy on us. I think we need to be more open with Christ so He can humble us. I’m so glad this spoke to you!

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  3. My dear sister, I love “realness” and this, my friend, is real. How many times have I gotten into my feelings and even justified them, only to have the Holy Spirit point out my wrongs to me. We are a faculty bunch. Praise God for His grace, mercy and for pointing us to use our Holy boldness in humility. I love this and I love you! May God continue to work in all of our lives, perfecting us along the way till that sweet day when we join Him for eternity. #AndWeMoveForward 💚💚💚

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, Priscilla!!!! ❤ We are full of flaws, and I too am thankful God is so loving toward us!! He uses everything for His glory, praise His name! I'm so glad He helped me be honest. When we love Him, He helps us love others and to do that we must be willing to be humble like HIm. Man, does it take a lot to swallow pride, but I'm grateful I don't have to remain bitter! ❤

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      1. It definitely is for His glory. It shows His perfection and why we need Him. Definitely a bitter pill for us to swallow but it is also sweet. Hebrews 12:6-11 6) For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. 💚 That’s the sweet part. It only means He loves us! May He continue to fix US up!

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  4. I absolutely love how truthful and honest you are. I can 100% relate to being very emotional as an individual and I have learned but I am still continuously improving on how to increase my emotional awareness and use it for positive. This post shows that you are continuously growing while also staying true to yourself and it is beautiful! Blessings!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’ve looked backed on everything and I do not know think how I handled it overall was too bad, but the state of my heart was!! And God knew it. I’m so glad He opened my eyes and my heart. I’m no longer hurting ❤

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  5. I love your honesty, T.R. and this post really spoke to me and resonated with me. God sees the heart! ❤️
    It’s lovely to read your posts again and I’m so glad I can connect with my WordPress friends again!
    Much love, Hayley (from Red Letters)

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    1. I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I think of you and pray so often for you 🙂 Wow, this has been such a blessing. Maggie left for two months, and she just returned, and you have too!!! ❤ ❤ How are you??? How is God in your life?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve missed you too!!! 😘
        Life is wonderful and I’ve just stepped into the most exciting season ever and there’s lots more to unfold still. I’m sharing this blog with some other ladies from the ‘Renew’ team and I’ll be making sure I visit your site regularly. T.R. its so great to see how many followers you now have and your writing just gets better and better!
        How are things with you?
        Lots of love ❤️😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Praise the Lord for all He has done and glory be to Him!!!! Thank you! God has helped me grow in mind, spirit, and He has allowed the blog to grow as well. I’m so thankful for what He has done and what He has taught me! It is so nice to see you again ❤ I can't wait to hear and see what He is doing!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. We serve a gracious and wonderful God, T.R.
        Love how we are continually learning and growing. Looking forward to reading your posts more regularly and catching up too! 💖

        Liked by 1 person

      4. *I don’t think I fully explained haha. I got so excited. I’m on CH.12 of my book, I made a new friend who is a blogger as well, and we have begun skyping weekly! We have started a Bible study together. Going over Romans and 1 Corinthians and then we are going to jump into John when Romans is done and 2 Corinthians when the 1st is done 🙂 God has been good! I have not really made a friend where I live and having this fellowship He has blessed immensely and continues to teach me ❤

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  6. Please give yourself some grace! As a very emotional individual as well, I’ve been learning to beat myself up less for feeling what I’m feeling and acknowledge what I’m feeling before I can figure out the cause. Emotions are not truth, but simply indicators of what’s going on deeper inside! 🙂 keep growing!!

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    1. You are so kind. 🙂 But I needed to admit this. I am emotional and over sensitive but in this case as I said there were potential seeds of anger, bitterness and pain. Christ reminded me what is of Him and isnt. When I sought forgiveness from the person because of the state of my heart everything vanished. 🙂

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  7. We all fall short of His glory, but then again, when we’re weak, then we’re strong. Thanks for your honesty, T.R. and by the way, I am looking out for the 9th chapter. Take care. 😄

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