Community Spotlight | September ’18 (500th Post!)

I think it is fitting my 500th post on Inside Cup would be a Community Spotlight. This blog has grown largely because of everyone who has been involved. Thank you!

As always these spotlights are not in any way meant to make you feel like you need to be on the list. It is not about that. I see a lot of amazing posts every single month. These are the posts that really spoke to me.

Love Joy BalanceGrief  – Anyone who has lost a loved one I believe can relate to this raw post.

(New Spotlight) Wife of a Lumberjack – Soul Saving Grace – Lovely post written by Allie! She talks about how important it is we open up to God about our sins and shame. She shares how when we give God our time He speaks to us and we learn a lot. Agreed!!!

Loved by King of kings– Where I Dwell– what a great post and caution by Ruth. She warns us to be aware of where we are dwelling. Very convicting.

My Way Home Life– Morning People – Meredith wrote a lovely post about how she adjusted to waking in the morning and shares scripture about rising early.

Fractured Faith – I’m More Of A Prayer Wimp– Very honest post on the confusion of prayer. This is relatable and if you struggle with prayer you are not alone.

Start Playing The Martyr – Having courage is important but we must make sure we are not complaining.

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Create. In. Me.The Power Of Communication– Faye wrote a beautiful and truthful post on the power of our words. Very convicting.

Jesskidding– Ice Cream Sundaes For The Soul– This post starts off light-hearted but quickly goes into something deep. And it all begins with ice cream, I love it!!

Outlets, Toilet Bowls, Knocking On Doors– powerful comparison between parents looking out for kids and how God looks out for us.

(New Spotlight) – Maid In His ImageThe Speeding Ticket Pt. 2– This post shares a wonderful connection between having someone pay the cost for us, and being reminded of the truth.

(New Spotlight) – Autumnwoodwrites- Blessed – I love the truth of this post. No one is a perfect Christian and we need to be honest. Especially using a podium like this or just when we are with others we need to be open.

Comeback Pastor– The Financial Future Of The Pastor – I really like the truth and reality of this post. God can and will shut down ministries that are not focused on Him and His will.

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Laughing LeaHere Again– This is about perspective and having the love of Christ in us even when we are struggling. Very truthful and convicting post. I love her prayer at the end.

How My Church Changed My Life – Lea discusses how God led her when she did not connect to her church and how while she searched He used her where she was.

Grace Over PainDon’t Write Me A Tribute When I Am Gone– The conviction is real with this one!!! Efua makes an amazing point we need to be open and loving towards others now instead of later.

Following Him Beside Still WatersUnder This Smile– This poem is raw, deep, and honest! I love how Grace pushes herself to be vulnerable! ❤

I hope you find some posts that encourage and inspire you 🙂

And Remember...Be The Salt Of The earthAnd The Light On The HillWe Are His Branches1

Monthly Scripture – (NIV) Galatians 6:17, “From now on, let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.”

*** Community Prayer Request | September ’18 – Join Me In Praying For Each Other And If You Have A Request To Add Let Me Know. 

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30 thoughts on “Community Spotlight | September ’18 (500th Post!)

  1. Thank you sharing my post in your Community Spotlight! I look forward to reading the others! I’ve found so much hope in the Christian blogging community and am grateful to be a part of it. Although I may never meet any of you guys in person, I look forward to seeing you when we get home! May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry here- all of you!

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  2. Community Spotlight. You know, I’ve seen one other blogger do something like this where they essentially feature other blogs. They actually featured my blog one round. Does this draw in a larger reader base or is it more of a way to interact with people you’ve run across in the reader?

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    1. These posts do tend to be some of my more favorites in my community but I would not say it attracts new readers. It is about getting word out about other Christian bloggers. 🙂 I know many people do not always know how vast the community is and I am thankful to be part of a community that gives glory to God and helps others.

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  3. Thank you so much for including me in this month’s spotlight! Truly blessed to have found your lovely blog (I’m not sure how long ago it is now) and looking forward to reading these posts that brought you so much joy and/or inspiration! God bless!

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