Prayers For December?

I will be starting to make up my Community Prayers for December post soon and wanted to ask anyone if you have prayers you want continued or prayers to add let me know. I wish everyone a wonderful Friday and blissful weekend!! Update: You can continue to ask prayers on here or on the prayer… Continue reading Prayers For December?

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Live, Glorify & Walk Forward, Believer Of Christ!

Are we stuck in the now or the past? When we focus on the future is it with worry?  Rejoice for the kingdom of Heaven is near! We hear the scripture. We read it. But this life easily can be distracting. Recently, God inspired me with a thought that combats worry and fear. Which is to… Continue reading Live, Glorify & Walk Forward, Believer Of Christ!

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Back To Schedule | Thoughts On Life & Blog

I recently visited with family and friends and you may have noticed a lack of posts. Last year I remember spending a lot of time trying to prep posts beforehand but then during my visit when I had time to myself, instead of unwinding, I would try to stick to the schedule. This year God… Continue reading Back To Schedule | Thoughts On Life & Blog

Bible Study

The Gospel Journey | Gabriel Is Sent With Announcements

The beginning of the Gospel story begins with the announcement of the births of John the Baptist and his cousin Jesus. These accounts are only told in the book of Luke which is where we will begin. Ch. 1:01-25 - John's Birth Announced to Zacharias  (v.5-7) Zacharias was a priest, his wife Elizabeth is said… Continue reading The Gospel Journey | Gabriel Is Sent With Announcements


Happy Thanksgiving

Today, as in America we gather together with family and friends, I ask you focus on what has made you grateful. Join me as we give thanks to Christ. Monthly Scripture, (NIV) John 16:33, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble.… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

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When The Accuser Accuses You

I've been working on giving up a lot of things I used to watch in particular these past few weeks. Post | Hell Was A Wake-Up Call | Life Chat Post | Are We The Rich Man With Our Entertainment? Post | Stop Coddling Your Sin & Making Excuses What's intriguing to me is the more I've worked… Continue reading When The Accuser Accuses You

Bible Study

2 Samuel |David’s Men Humilated & Jonathan’s Son (Ch.8-10)

Welcome back! Today is about battles so if you enjoy adventure, humiliation, and a bit of kindness, stay tuned 🙂 Ch. 8 - David's Conquests (v.1) David attacked the Philistines subduing them. (v. 2) David defeated Moab (this is one of the bloodlines from Lot where Ruth originally came from.) David kills 2/3 of the… Continue reading 2 Samuel |David’s Men Humilated & Jonathan’s Son (Ch.8-10)