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2 Samuel| Fearing The Ark, David’s Exposing Dance & God’s Promise (Ch.6-7)

It’s been a while but I want to get back into covering the Bible with summaries of the chapters. 🙂 I have some things I plan to do.

Shorter Posts– If these posts were too long for you (previously, I’d do about 5 chapters or about 1,000 words) I’m planning on trying to only do about 400-500 words. Hopefully, that makes these posts easier to go through and not as tedious to read. I know there is a lot of information and it is not always easy to chew on.

Incorporating New Testament Soon– I know a number of people struggle with the Old Testament. What I’m hoping to do is by sharing these summaries people realize the Bible was written for the common man. However, I’m going to start slowly weaving the whole story of the Gospel together. So instead of separate summaries on Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, I’m going to have one summary covering the stories in these books. Some of these stories are repeated multiple times and I don’t want to cover the same story three or more times. Instead, I want to try to tell the whole story altogether. It will take a lot of time going through the chapters, but I’ve been enjoying it. 🙂

My goal is to interchange weeks. So every other week will be a summary post on the Old Testament and then every other week will be one on the New Testament.

I really want to encourage you to join me along this series of going through the Bible.

Last time we left off with Ch. 5.

Ch. 6 – Ark Brought To Jerusalem

David and his choice of 30,000 men take the ark and bring it to the house Abinadab. (v.6) After worshipping they came to Nachon’s threshing floor. A man named Uzzah touched the ark of God with his hand because the oxen stumbled. God was very angry and struck him dead. (v.8) David became angry and because of what God did called that place “Perez Uzzah”.

David’s Fear

David became very afraid (v.9) and did not want the ark of God to be near him. Instead (v.10-11) he has the ark put inside the house of Obed-Edom for three months. God blessed the man and his household.

(v.12) When David heard the household was being blessed he then was glad to move the ark into the city of David.

David’s Exposed While Dancing

(v.16) There is a lot of worshipping and dancing going around as they move the ark into the city. David danced with all his might and I guess in doing so he exposed himself (v.14) Michal, the daughter of Saul, sees David’s actions and begins to hate David in her heart. David offers burnt sacrifices and blesses the people. Giving everyone a loaf of bread, a piece of meat, and a cake of raisins. (v. 17-19)

Upset Wife

(v. 20-23) Michal is upset at David discussing how he uncovered himself in front of the maidservants saying he was shameless in doing so. David answers it was before God, and reminds her he was chosen instead of her father. He concludes the maidservants will still hold him in honor. The chapter ends with Michal never having children.

Ch. 7- God Wants A House Of His Own & Prepares The Kingdom

(v.1-17) David realizes that he is living well, but the ark of God remains behind tent walls. God reveals to the prophet Nathan He wants to dwell in a house. He wishes for the people of Israel to move no more and be planted. He says to tell David God will make David a house and establish his kingdom (remember Christ is from the bloodline of David). He even says should David sin, he like no other will be chastened but the Lord’s mercy will not depart, unlike what happened with Saul. Nathan tells David.

(v.18-29) David gives thanks.

What stood out to you from chapters 6 & 7?

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4 thoughts on “2 Samuel| Fearing The Ark, David’s Exposing Dance & God’s Promise (Ch.6-7)

  1. Michal’s behaviour is a huge lesson for us. Sometimes we see some memes of people giving their best dance offering to God. I always feel uncomfortable with those memes because no one understands the reason behind their praise dance/offering.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a really good point! Just because we don’t understand something does not mean we should make quick judgements. Instead of accusing or judging, we should work on communication and asking. I’m very guarded so public displays of my love for Christ are not the same as to someone who does not care who is around them. They will praise God with everything they have. Maybe our culture too is a little too reserved and struggle with “someone making a scene.”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think culture has a huge part to play in it. Over here, people often give their barest minimum dance in church but let loose at parties. This was my first observation when I moved here. Church is my club and my party. I’ve got to give Him my all because I know how far He has brought me.

        With that being said, I am not for dancing to make a scene kinda thing and causing disruption.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Truth! I know in my church home any form of dancing would be making a scene. And I also am for not being a stumbling block. Maybe something God has freed within us and helped us be comfortable with, another person may not be. And I agree, it is important we don’t put ourselves in the spotlight when it is suppose to be focused on Him.

        Liked by 1 person

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