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Community Spotlight | October ’18

October is over with and November has started. The fall leaves are finally changing here and I’m so excited!

As always, these posts are NOT to make anyone feel like they need to make this list. It is not about that. These are the posts that really spoke to me this past month.

Little Change– Any blogger that will be spotlighted for the first time, I have decided to put at the top so if you are looking for new Christian bloggers this will be easier to embrace these bloggers into the community.

Some New Faces To Welcome

(New Spotlight) In His GripThe Master Recipe– Jenny had left a comment on my post posts and it made me want to check out her blog. I was not disappointed. Jenny writes this wonderful comparison between trying a pizza made in India and having to add a lot of things to it, to how we do not have to add anything to the Word of God which is our bread. Powerful!

Broken Candles– Jenny wrote this beautiful reminder God was teaching her all through her picking up and buying a broken candle.

(New Spotlight) – Lunching LadiesI Am Who I Am Because of Them – This post is written by the mother of Amazing Tangled Grace if you are familiar with his blog. She writes a beautiful throwback to her parents. How they worked as a couple and how they raised the kids. I really liked what she said about how hardworking her mother was.

(New Spotlight) Refreshing Spirit–  The Standard –  Olivia has made a return after an absence of two years. I met Olivia through Grace, Following Him Beside Still Waters. She has such a heart for Christ. This poem is about holding onto Him and not giving up. Hopefully, she gets time to write more.

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Beehopper – Winds Of Adversity – Beth has written a piece inspired by the hand of God. There is a strong wind coming and we must cling to Jesus to get through it.

Can God Hate– Beth shares a wonderful perspective of what it means to hate in a godly way. God hates the absence of love and she goes into detail of what exactly God hates.

Fractured FaithWhy I Need To Start Reading My Bible Again – This post I think so many people can relate to. There are times we are blind because of life and what we are going through. I relate and wrote about this too. I love the realness and how God helped Stephen face the truth.

Running The Race The Time I Went To A Writer’s Conference & It Wasn’t About My Writing – Heather shares how God took something meant for her and He turned it around for others. She shares the power of praying for others, and how when we ask if we can pray for people, we may easily learn a lot, and see just why God puts prayer on our hearts and minds.

On the Altar – Heather shares a wonderful post about how she was reminded to give it all to God. Like Abraham and his son. This post spoke to me because I need to walk forward in faith, and if you need that reminder this post will speak to you too.

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Your Mercies New Mom Guilt- This post is for all the moms who are struggling. When things are not together. When the house is a mess, and the kids are pulling your hair (possibly literally).

Discoveries– Holly shares a really insightful post. How are we placing ourselves in a box? Especially for moms out there. She shares how certain happenings with a door made her ask herself what she needs to give up. And what God revealed to her is a reminder we all need.

Forgive Me For Not Asking– This post is all about sharing how doctors and nurses struggled to be understanding. Holly shares a bit of what she went through when she was depressed and the coldness she sometimes received. She also shares how before this she did not understand depression well, and now she knows how to reach out to others.

The Wife Of A LumberjackMy Date WIth Jesus- Allie wrote this lovely post about spending the day with Jesus. We need to invite Him in our day. It means the world. Whether going out to eat, a bookstore, sitting outside, or in my case, doing the dishes.

You’ve Just Stepped In Water With Socks On– Allie paints a wonderful post with the gentle truth of conviction, what it means, and what we need to do. As I told her, I could not say “amen” enough.

Healing From Addiction– Allie opens up about pornography. I specifically asked her if I could share this because this is a tough subject to open up about. But she has shared she is comfortable with it, and I encourage you to visit her post and see how God led her through this very trying time.

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God Whispers Truth-  The reality of TBI – Vivian shares how God understands us even when others do not. If you are struggling especially because of illness or a disability this is for you.

Bumps In The Road–  Vivian reminds us life is not always going to go the way we think. It is possible for us to do what we need to do but there will still be bumps in the road. Wonderful post!!

By Faith Not By SightStrong Enough– Leigh shares how she has been struggling, and she opens up about how God still helps her.

Honest Thoughts From A Pastor (Comeback Pastor)The Expectations of Others– Pastor Winters has shared a wonderful point. Who are we trying to please? People or God?

I Resign– Pastor Winters brings ups points a pastor should resign away from, however, and he points this out too, I think we all can relate to what he says. We shouldn’t compare. We should make sure we are content with where God has us and the skills He has blessed us to use. Powerful post and other points are made. If you need a reminder, read this.

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Dreaming Of GuatemalaMissions Monday- Part Nine– Maggie is back! I don’t know if you all knew, but after a hiatus of two months, God revealed to her she was to make a return to the blogging world. It has been a while since she has discussed her heart’s calling for Guatemala. This update and where God is leading her is really insightful in God cares for us and how we should be looking at Him for our purpose. Welcome back, Maggie! 

DoubledgedswordBe A Bartimaeus– Dave wrote a really powerful post about how the blind man Bartimaeus shares characteristic we need when it comes to Jesus.

Consider How You Ask For Wisdom–  It is so important we understand God is not asking to be perfect by the stand world standards. He wants us to go to Him and He will help us.

A New Life- Fragments of a Broken Childhood– Amy shared how she was able to let go of not feeling validated through pain. She then explains one last story of her childhood dealing with her 9th birthday. She then shares what she did for her daughter’s 9th birthday and it is heartwarming.

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JesskiddingGuard Your Chocolate– Yet again, a post title seemingly light that leads into a deep issue we all need to be aware of. Jess goes from chocolate to guarding our heart and what that means. It really spoke to me and I hope it speaks to you.

Showers Of GraceIt Could Have Been Much Worse – when Grace shared this on her social media I really wanted her to share this story of God’s love and protection and I’m so glad she did!!!

Grace Over PainWhat We Are Missing – Efua brings up a lot of things God has been putting on my heart lately. She talks about why prayer alone is not enough. We need application. There are many believers who have allowed wickedness in our lives. We need to repent and turn away from what we have allowed in our lives if we really want to see the hand of God at work. There’s nothing wrong with Him, it’s us. We are accountable when we pray and anything that is not right with ourselves or others we need to actively make right.

Loved By King of Kings- Rotten To The Core– Ruth has shared a wonderful comparison to rotten apples and how not everything is as it appears on the outside.

Nostalgia– Beautiful poem Ruth wrote that truly captures nostalgia. How things change since we grew up and towns do not always stay the same. But God does.

What was a post that either you read & enjoyed or one that you felt God move you to write? Share below, and don’t forget to encourage others. 🙂

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Monthly Scripture, (NIV) John 16:33, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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