When Faith Is Fractured | Interview With Fractured Faith

I came up with the idea to interview other Christian bloggers after my first author interview I did with Allyson. Post | Author Interview | Allyson Kennedy 

I think as Christians we need to grow together. We need honesty. We need to be willing to go beneath the surface of blessings. We need testimonies and see where people have walked. What are their stories? What has God done in their life?

This is what I want to seek out.

Today’s post, I reached out to the blog Fractured Faith. You can find an assortment of posts run by the Black family, but Stephen is the one who leads many of the posts. I’ve read their blog almost from the beginning when they first started in 2017 and they have grown tremendously since then.

They have been very open about issues they’ve dealt with, and the blog documents many of these experiences and thoughts. Stephen started writing a book last year, it’s written, and now he is in the editing stage. (As a reader, I can tell you it’s well-written.) With everything that has been shared, I really feel like people need to hear how God has worked and moved. Especially for those who have experienced a toxic church and hypocritical Christians.

With no further delay, meet Stephen, from Fractured Faith.

1. In case no one knows, what inspired your blog’s name?
  • I’m a Christian who blogs as opposed to a Christian blog. While some of my posts are overtly ‘Christian,’ most are not. The blog name sums up my own stumbling, faltering faith. As I see it though, a fractured faith is better than no faith at all. 
 2. What has your walk with Christ been like?
  • My walk has been meandering, to put it mildly. It has taken me most of my life to figure out I wanted to follow Jesus. He’s been incredibly patient with me lol.
3. Being open on your blog about your toxic church experience, what do you want people who attend church to know? What do you want others who have had a toxic experience to know?
  • People let you down and that includes Christians. It took me a while to work out the difference between religion and forming a deep relationship with Jesus. My advice to those who have had bad experiences is to not blame God for the flaws and weaknesses of his followers. 
4. Have any seeds of anger and/or bitterness been planted because of these experiences, and did it take a while to recognize the full affliction of others being a stumbling block?
5. You took a few months break in discussing faith on your blog and in your own life. What did you realize during that time about your own faith that you struggled to realize before?
  • I realised I couldn’t go it alone and what a patient, understanding God we have. 

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6. During this have you felt any tugging from God, or any sign given to you that He is still watching and He cares? Would you mind sharing any moments that have occurred, or any moments ever in your life that you felt Him present during a trial?
  • God has spoken to me. Sometimes subtly, but other times he’s had to hit me over the head with a hammer to get the message across. I’ve certainly seen him at work in my writing, relationships with loved ones and prophetic words and images I’ve received. 
7. You’ve opened up about how it is almost blinding to be hypocritical when we are in pain as a believer. What are some things you want to share that could help us open our eyes to the true state of our heart and spirit when we are upset?
  • I’ve learnt that God is big enough to take our anger. In fact, he encourages it. It’s all about keeping open the channel of communication with him, even at our lowest ebb. We can scream and shout at Him. He still loves us.
8. You are in the process of writing/editing a book. Has your state of mind and state of heart ever influenced your writing?
  • Yes. The book contains a lot of layers and there is a definite spiritual undercurrent to it. I don’t want to give too much away but the central message is one of hope and redemption, no matter what your circumstances. I’m hoping it appeals to people from all faiths, cultures and backgrounds. 
9.  What do you want bloggers and readers to take away from this interview?
  • I hope people realise no matter how much they think they’ve messed up their lives, that God can and will still use them for His purpose. Don’t give up on Him because He will never give up on you. I’m a walking, talking testimony to that. 

Thank you so much, Stephen, for taking the time out of your busy schedule and with everything going on to answer my questions!

I hope this interview has been encouraging and don’t forget to check Fractured Faith!

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22 thoughts on “When Faith Is Fractured | Interview With Fractured Faith

      1. Sorry, I didn’t see this till now!
        Yes, I had my surgery on Dec 4th and they took out my appendix while they were in there because it didn’t look quite right. It ended up being fine, but it’s not like I needed it anyway, so it may save me another surgery down the road.
        This surgery seemed different from any others I’ve had. I think it must have been all the prayers that made so much difference.
        Normally I go home and sleep the rest of the day and much of the next day, but I felt so good as soon as we left the hospital that my husband and I went for coffee and then walked around Christmas shopping for about 3hrs, although I paid for overdoing it the next day and was in a lot of pain. I was ready to go back to work within a week.

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  1. Authors are real people too. I enjoyed the interview. It is nice to find openness of beliefs in today’s world. It seems that radicals or atheist get so much attention while the believers, (not necessarily church-going want to be Christians) are overlooked. I love news stories where someone helps a stranger because it is just the right thing to do, and not for the glory of their own, or some self-interested idea. I think there are a lot of fractured believers out there among us.

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