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2 Samuel |David’s Men Humilated & Jonathan’s Son (Ch.8-10)

(Looked over and slightly edited 07/14/2022)
Welcome back! Today is about battles. If you enjoy adventure, humiliation, and a bit of kindness, stay tuned 🙂

Ch. 8 – David’s Conquests

(v.1) David attacked the Philistines subduing them.

(v. 2) David defeated Moab (this is one of the bloodlines from Lot where Ruth originally came from.) David kills 2/3 of the people but leaves 1/3 left to serve him, and they do. (v.6) Syrians became David’s servants. (v.9) Tol when hearing David defeated an army he had been a war with greets David, Tol blesses him and gives him silver, gold, and bronze. (v.11) David dedicates all of these items from this and other nations he defeated to the Lord.

(v.13) With this battle alone, David killed 18,000 Syrians in the Valley of Salt, making for himself a name.

(v.14) He stations armies all throughout Edom, (known as a garrison in my Bible) and this makes all Edomites David’s servants. God was with him wherever he went.

(v.15-18) David’s administration is listed.

Ch. 9 – David’s Kindness To Jonathan’s Son

Many bloggers have shared how this is a favorite story of theirs. 

Jonathan had died in the same battle as Saul. There not many people left of Saul’s household. But (v.1) David sets out to see if he can show anyone kindness from the household. A servant (v.2-4) Ziba reveals there is a lame son of Jonathan’s left. David finds the son and assures him that he has nothing to worry about. David restores the land of Saul to him and tells him that he can eat at David’s table. (v.10) David tells the servant that the servant, his family, and his servants will work the land for Mephilbosheth (what a name!) Ziba had 15 sons and 20 servants.

Ch. 10 –  Humiliation & Battle

(v.1-5) David wanted to kindness to Hanun, the son of Nahsah who has shown favor to David before. He sent servants to meet Hanun. Unfortunatedly, (v.3-4) Hanun gets the idea that the servants of David are spies. He humiliated them by shaving half of their beards and cutting their garments in the middle so their backsides are showing. Sending them back to David this way.


(v.5) David has them stay in Jericho till their beards grow back, as they are ashamed. David does not do anything else, however (v.6) when the Ammonites see that they repulsed David they prepare for war.

(v.7-19) is the account of the war. Joab is sent out to the battle line. He makes an agreement as there are people in front of and behind if the men need his help he will help them, and if he and his section get overtaken for them to help him. Joab and his men approach the Syrians and they flee. The Ammonites see this and they flee.

David gathers all of Israel crossing the Jordan and killed a lot of people. After this many kings make peace with Israel and serve them. The Syrians became afraid and stopped helping the people of Ammon.

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Monthly Scripture, (NIV) John 16:33, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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6 thoughts on “2 Samuel |David’s Men Humilated & Jonathan’s Son (Ch.8-10)

  1. I’ve always loved the brotherly relationship David and Jonathan shared! I also like how David handled the situation with the embarrassed men. Every time I read 2 Samuel, these parts makes me smile a lot.

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  2. I love the story of David and Mephibosheth, as it shows us how Jesus came seeking for us in our weakness and lameness simply because of His covenant love for us, and when we say “yes” to His invitation, He gives us a place at His table and gives us shelter in His strong Presence.
    I also like that David showed hospitality and treated the embarrassed men with honor and dignity.

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