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Reflection On This Year’s Monthly Scriptures

It's time to look back at the scriptures I've focused on this past year and see if God was trying to teach me anything.

Bible Study

2 Samuel| David’s Child Dies

Today, we will complete the rest of Ch. 12. Previously, David has received the news that his son would die, but as we read David struggles with this. Reading: Chapter 12:15 to the end of Chapter 12.  Ch. 12:15- Where We Left Off, David's Son Becomes Ill (v.15) Says the child became ill, so it… Continue reading 2 Samuel| David’s Child Dies

Christian Blogging Community

What God Taught Me About “Community” | Christian Blogger

The reason community is emphasized is because this year, 2018, I felt God press the word community on my heart. For those who have followed this blog since January, you may be familiar when two crucial post series to this blog was made. Community Spotlight & Community Prayer Can you believe we have spent a whole… Continue reading What God Taught Me About “Community” | Christian Blogger