2 Samuel| David’s Child Dies

Today, we will complete the rest of Ch. 12. Previously, David has received the news that his son would die, but as we read David struggles with this. Reading: Chapter 12:15 to the end of Chapter 12.  Ch. 12:15- Where We Left Off, David's Son Becomes Ill (v.15) Says the child became ill, so it … Continue reading 2 Samuel| David’s Child Dies

Surprise Coming Your Way!

I have a special new series that premieres next week! I've been so EXCITED FOR WEEKS! Trying to keep it to myself is SO HARD! But it is a series that has been asked for just not in a way readers nor I expected. A hint. It is all about the community! It is all … Continue reading Surprise Coming Your Way!

What God Taught Me About “Community” | Christian Blogger

The reason community is emphasized is because this year, 2018, I felt God press the word community on my heart. For those who have followed this blog since January, you may be familiar when two crucial post series to this blog was made. Community Spotlight & Community Prayer Can you believe we have spent a whole … Continue reading What God Taught Me About “Community” | Christian Blogger

1,500 Followers | Thank You

At the beginning of this year, I didn't know how God would grow my blog, but I knew He would grow it so I could share His word and the lessons He has been teaching me. I needed to only trust Him and His timing. Every opportunity we are given make sure that He is … Continue reading 1,500 Followers | Thank You

Remember Why Jesus Came!

As some of us celebrate Christmas please stay mindful on Christ!! It is not about tradition. It is not about busyness. It is not even about family get-togethers. All of this comes after Christ, not before Him. Unless we make other idols. God has shown us grace, through Christ. Remember that and as you gather … Continue reading Remember Why Jesus Came!

Positives Of Christmas When Focused On Christ

I've heard why people do not celebrate Christmas. I understand where they are coming from. I didn't always. But pagan roots of things, the way most parts of Christmas aren't focused on Christ...well, it definitely opened my eyes. But I will say I think this is a choice individuals have to make. Being sarcastic about … Continue reading Positives Of Christmas When Focused On Christ

Gospel Journey | Christ Is Born

What a blessing that the week we cover the birth of Christ, it is also the week of Christmas! Today is when we venture into storytelling with multiple gospels. Last time we covered the birth of Christ's cousin, John the Baptist. Genealogy Of Christ This is can be found in Matthew 1:01-17. Something interesting is … Continue reading Gospel Journey | Christ Is Born

Christian Teen Bloggers Wanted!

UPDATE: AS OF 03/04/2020 ALL BLOGGERS HAVE BEEN LOOKED OVER! If you would like to submit your blog see the instructions below. READ WHOLE POST BEFORE COMMENTING IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE! A lot of people want to participate but do not read all of the instructions. Please save yourself some time and read the … Continue reading Christian Teen Bloggers Wanted!