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2 Samuel | David Falls Into Adultery & Murder (Ch.11)

(Updated: 07/14/2022, adding some resources and notes.)

Today we cover the story of David’s sin. Many people are fairly familiar with it. Even great men of God can fall into temptation. David fell multiple times as we will see. I will provide resources at the end of the post that discuss whether or not Bathsheba was raped. People do not tend to agree on this matter. But something to keep in mind is when rape did occur in the Bible, we were told.

Ch. 10 – David, Bathsheba, and Uriah

It was spring during a time kings went out to fight their battles. David was known for being out in battle with his men, but this time was different. David sent men out, but he remained at Jerusalem. He was on the roof looking out and noticed a woman bathing.

She was beautiful and he immediately lusted after her to the point he not only asked who she was but sent messengers to her. She returned with them and David laid with her (meaning that they had sex). 

Let’s pause. I think this quote from Got Question on whether Bathsheba was raped or not is very helpful to take into consideration.

There is no question but that the Bible strongly condemns David concerning this incident. There is no sense in which Scripture defends his actions. Nor is there any indication in Scripture that Bathsheba initiated the sin or was considered overtly complicit in it. At the same time, there is nothing in the Bible indicating that David applied force, threats, or violence against Bathsheba.” Got Questions – Did David Rape Bathsheba

Let’s continue.

After a few months, Bathsheba realizes she is with child and tells David.

David sends for Bathsheba’s husband. David asks how the men in the battle are doing and how the war was going. David tried to get Uriah to go to his own home to sleep with his wife. But instead, Uriah sleeps at the door of the king’s house with all the other servants.

(v.10) David questions why he didn’t go to his own house. Uriah answers that the ark, Israel, Judah, and others are in tents and sleep in the open field. It wouldn’t be right for him to go to his own house and lie with his wife.

David had him stay a few more days. He feeds Uriah and gets Uriah drunk, but Uriah still sleeps at the door of the king with the servants. He does not go home. (v.13)

David at this point gets desperate and writes a letter to the man in charge of battle, Joab. David says for Uriah to be put in the front of the battle, the most dangerous place, and then for people to retreat from Uriah so Uriah will be struck and die.

Joab follows orders and Uriah dies. David receives the news. (v.18)

Bathsheba mourns her husband and when the mourning period was over David sent for her and she became his wife, bearing him a son.

David’s actions displeased God. Note: Bathsheba is not counted guilty for sin. 

Helpful Resources on whether or not Bathsheba was raped.

What To Take Away– David was not present for the war. He didn’t do something he should have done as a leader. We can learn from David’s mistakes. Sometimes we don’t do the things we know to do and temptation is waiting for us. Sometimes we put ourselves in situations we shouldn’t be in. And when that happens, temptations can come because we are vulnerable. Disobedience can lead to more sinful disobedience. Do not give an inch to sin because sin will try to eat you alive.

Next time we will read about how David is told a story, not realizing it is about him. 

How does this speak to you? 

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