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2 Samuel | David’s Hypocrisy & Confession (Ch.12:01-15)

We are continuing the story of when David fell in sin. He lusted after his neighbor’s wife. He slept with her. After David’s attempts to try to get the husband to sleep with his wife to hide the pregnancy David resorts to having the man die in battle. God is displeased and that is where today’s story begins.

Ch. 12 – Nathan’s Parable And David’s Confession

God sends Nathan to David, and Nathan gives a parable to David.

There was a rich man who had many flocks. There was a poor man who only had one little lamb that he treated as if it was his own daughter (v.3). It grew up with him and his family. The lamb ate the man’s food and drank water from his own cup.

A traveler happened to pass by the rich man. The rich man refused to use any of his flock to feast on, and instead, took the lamb of the poor man.

When David hears this story he is exceedingly angry. He desires that the rich man who has done this die for what was done.

Nathan reveals that David is the rich man in the parable (v.7).

God reveals how David was anointed and how David was delivered from the hand of Saul. David received the place where Saul used to stay as well as wives. God also stated that David had been given the house of Israel and Judah. God even states had this been too little, God would have given David more.

But instead, David’s act of evil is the same as despising the commandment of God. (v.9) God says, because of what David did, that the sword will never depart from the house of David. God says (v.11) He will raise up adversity (we see this in Psalms) against David and the house of David. He will take David’s wives and give them to David’s neighbor.

(v.12) Very powerful scripture. God says what David did in secret God will bring to the light.

(v.13) David admits his sin and Nathan tells him that the Lord has put away David’s sin but there will still be consequences. David, in his sin, gave the enemies of the Lord great occasion to blaspheme. Nathan also says the child of David that was born will die.

Nathan goes back to his house.

What To Take Away– It is easy for us to see the error, as scripture says, “the speck in the eye” of others. But it is very easy for us to be hypocritical against our own faults. We need to be aware and ask God to open our eyes.

Next time we will continue the rest of Ch. 12 and read about how David tries to prevent his son’s death. 

Has God ever convicted you before through someone else?

May We Praise Him In The HighestThe King Who Was And Is To Come.Lift Up Your Banner Holy PeopleAnd Praise Him As One.

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