Holiday Traditions… An Idol?

How often are we devoting our time to tradition and what exactly is the state of our heart in relating to tradition?

Have you ever felt like you were in a rush during the holiday season? From Thanksgiving to New Year’s (for some). Always on the run. Trying to get things done and checked off the list.

We are so absorbed in what we have to get done, where to go, and who to talk to that I think a lot of times we forget to live in the moment.

We lose our own sense of control and cater to what “needs” to be done. But truthfully, very FEW things in life truly ever need to be done. We are the writers of our to-do’s.

I never used to look at tradition as an idol. I think we can have traditions and it not be an idol. But when it comes to something we are serving over others and especially God it is an idol. When our time is stolen from God because we give it elsewhere. When we choose another priority over Him we have made an idol.

It doesn’t have to apply solely to tradition of course, but I wanted to give the warning.

Be aware this season. Remember who Christ is and live with Him daily.

Has tradition ever become an idol for you?

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12 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions… An Idol?

  1. Our pastor was just talking about this in church! He brought up the the time Mary said “my souls magnifies the Lord”. Are we really magnifying the Lord or are we magnifying everything else? It’s so important to focus on what Christmas is really all about. ❤️

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  2. I think traditions, especially ones that require finances, can easily become idols. Over the years, we have cut back on acquiring stuff which has made holidays a lot calmer and more enjoyable. Without specific traditions, we can have a good time and enjoy the season even when the Lord gives us differences in situations each year.

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