Positives Of Christmas When Focused On Christ

I’ve heard why people do not celebrate Christmas. I understand where they are coming from. I didn’t always. But pagan roots of things, the way most parts of Christmas aren’t focused on Christ…well, it definitely opened my eyes.

But I will say I think this is a choice individuals have to make. Being sarcastic about how other Christians celebrate Christmas in a snarky tone is not going to make anyone look “better”. I’ve seen it personally.

I’ve noticed a number of believers who do not celebrate Christmas tend to struggle with “baby Jesus.” People get adamantly upset with baby Jesus. The baby is not strong. The baby cannot do anything. We don’t worship a “baby”.

I do understand the concern. Christ should be celebrated well beyond the fact He was born. Many nativity scenes show wise men worshipping baby Jesus, and from scripture, it looks like the wise men didn’t arrive to see Jesus until He was a toddler or even a little older than that.

But at the same time, I want to caution people not to be legalistic…yes, even about this. In the sense, please do not rile yourselves up in a passionate argument. It is utterly pointless.

People are flustered because they don’t celebrate and people are flustered because they do.

Stop it!

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 1.32.59 AM.png

There is some good regardless.

Paul talked about how even if a bad shepherd preached the Gospel, Christ is still being preached.

(NIV) Phillippians 1:17-18, “The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains. But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice. Yes, and I will continue to rejoice.”

I think and, currently, believe through this journey of giving up worldly things even if people celebrate Christmas this is a way for the Gospel to be preached! The world may want to only focus on Christ as a baby (if that), but we who know the truth should understand the importance of Christ’s birth leads to His death and resurrection.

Without His birth, without His coming, we would not be able to celebrate the latter.

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 1.35.18 AM.png

There are countless times we see baby Jesus in peril. Is He strong enough to do anything about it? No. BUT GOD ALMIGHTY WAS! God provided angels. God provided another way for Mary and Joseph. God’s will was done!


God keeps His word. He protected His Son against the world until it was time! 

God will protect us too even when things look bleak and He can do that because we have intercession through Jesus Christ, and it started, not only with His birth but a promise God made long ago.

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 1.36.02 AM.png

Maybe Christmas is one of the only ways people hear about Christ? The world teaches how to be “religious” and some people only show up to a church on a holiday. These people are not even on the milk yet. They don’t know the truth!

Of course, we should be an example of Christ every day and do our best to preach Christ to others regardless of the day.

But I believe God is still glorified through this.

When we aren’t fighting over what is an idol or isn’t an idol in someone’s else’s walk with Christ. We must be careful of judgment. Talk about it, yes! But don’t throw stones! Be gentle. I’ve shared how things easily can be an idol in our lives because they can. But understand we can’t force a person to make changes in their walk with Christ.

God is glorified through the truth. He is glorified through worship of Jesus.

“What is Christmas? If there never was a Savior wrapped in a manger? What is Christmas without Christ?”  – Kutless – This Is Christmas 

“Endless hope for endless joy started with baby boy.” – King & Country – Baby Boy

If we don’t celebrate Christmas or parts of Christmas that is absolutely fine. But we must make sure we are not becoming angry or bitter with others. Don’t let something you gave up to God become a burden! 

Rejoice always!

Remember the Promise God gave us

May We Praise Him In The HighestThe King Who Was And Is To Come.Lift Up Your Banner Holy PeopleAnd Praise Him As One.

Monthly Scripture- (NIV) Romans 1:17, “For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed–a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.”

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28 thoughts on “Positives Of Christmas When Focused On Christ

  1. I hear you about folks being discomfited by the “baby” Jesus. But being squeamish about worshiping what God chooses to do–including coming as a child–harkens to the rebellion of angels who were not inclined to worship God made man.

    We humans are a stiff-necked bunch.

    God becoming man is the ultimate in humility–a lesson for us. Something we need to look to everyday, every moment. Those who dismissed Jesus as just a man and beneath their expectations missed out in a big way. Our Lord wept because they didn’t recognize the time of their visitation.

    What they failed to see is that the flesh availeth nothing.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! And a happy New Year. (I can’t believe 2018 is almost over–yikes ;^)

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    1. I understand the concern because He certainly didnt stay a baby but His birth meant His death. I see the birth not separate but I understand why some people do struggle with it. I just hope these things do not rob people of rejoicing in God and they are not robbed rejoicing together. 🙂


  2. Jesus came to earth, just so He can die for us and make a way for us to live with Him forever! As Christians, we should be celebrating this every day, and hey if the world wants to join in on a particular day, fabulous! Let’s do it! God is love, we should aim to be like God… everything we do or say should come from a place of love. If not, then what do people see differently in us? Nothing. All they see is a bunch of self-righteous angry people. Where’s the hope in that?

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  3. Loved , “Stop it”. Made me laugh. We need to walk in our own convictions. There were times we didnt do all the Christmasy stuff and other times we did all the traditions. My joy is growing in Christ, whatever that may look like. My niece and her family chose not to celebrate in the traditional way this year. Instead they want to focus on unity in their family doing other things. Great. We are not our society. We are the children of God. Do what draws you closer to him.

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  4. Well said. If we are to go by the pagan root thing, then we might as well rename the days of the week too. Like you said, it’s an opportunity for people to hear about Christ. The fact that Jesus Christ gets a public holiday makes me excited. Yes the world gets to honour Him in the manner. Of course people do it the wrong way. But we know better.

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  5. Amen, girl. I agree that people should be cautious in becoming legalistic. Yes, the holiday was appropriated from a pagan holiday. No, Christ wasn’t born in December. But if we are putting the Christ in Christmas and celebrating the birth of the savior, does it REALLY matter? If nothing else, Christmas is, as you say, an opportunity to spread the good news.

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    1. Sure, it is an opportunity… possibly…but so is Halloween or…is it right to take something wrong or evil and try to use it for good?
      Who are we living for? Are we truly FOR or AGAINST Him?
      The Bible tells us to not conform to the world. To run from evil, to hold on to what is good. How are we going to share the good news with someone or “save them”, by celebrating and telling them that we believe the truth, but we are making an exception here, to share the truth with you.?
      Ask Yahweh (God), does it matter to Him?


      1. I wouldn’t directly compare Christmas to Halloween because Halloween has nothing to do with Christianity in the past or the present, whereas Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’s birth for Christians today. It is worth noting that Christmas carols were used in the early modern period to spread the story of Christ’s birth to illiterate pagans.

        Scripture certainly does tell us to run from evil and hold to what is good. You have implied with that statement that you view Christmas as evil. I wonder–if a person uses the month of advent to reflect on the story of Jesus’s birth, heighten their awareness of the lonely and the needy, spread joy to others, spend time with their families, and give thanks to God for their blessings–would God call that evil?

        Paul tells us several times in his letters not to get caught up on these little issues. He says, don’t let people say “You can’t eat this, you can’t drink that.” His words echo Jesus. When elites ask why His disciples ate without washing their hands, He responds that what comes out of the mouth is what defiles. The exchange reflects that our hearts matter more than outside appearances. You also reflect that idea with your question–“Are we truly FOR or AGAINST Him?” In other words–“Where is your heart devoted?” The state of our hearts matters far more than whether we have a tree with ornaments in our house. Love covers a multitude of sins.

        Blessings to you.

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      2. I wouldn’t have compared it either, until I discovered what it actually is.
        Christmas isn’t Christ’s birthday, it is the birthday of ‘the sun’. Sun worshippers celebrate this with human sacrifices. It was later ‘christianized’ to help save and sharing the Christ with the pagans.
        Here we are years later, we have not won the pagans to Christ. Instead, we are celebrating paganism. Who won who?
        The Bible warns us about ‘ men’s traditions’ throughout.
        It also warns us about trying to worship our own way. Yahweh (God) did not tell us in any way to celebrate this pagan holiday. There are even a few verses that seem like Christmas, such as Jeremiah 10. It’s not hard to find out the truth about Christmas.
        Why celebrate Christmas?
        It seems that most people celebrate Christmas because that’s what everyone else is doing.
        If no one celebrated it, would you still?
        There is a reason why in history, Christmas was banned.
        I don’t want to comdemnation anyone. I have celebrated Christmas my whole life. This year, I will not be. I understand. But it is time for us all to examine ourselves. Who are we living for? If it be for Yahweh (God) let us whole heartily live every moment for Him, the way He wills. Not what we think and not what the world says. This is for everything, not just one holiday. Seek the truth!!!☀️🌸☀️

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      3. All valid points. What God has shown me thus far is that sometimes He will lead us to give up things others may not immediately give up. And sometimes we instantly want to urge people with where we’ve been led.

        For example, God taught me a lot about the urgency of Hell this year and how we truly are taking this life for granted. But I can’t constantly reprimand people over and over for something strongly God has led me on. Instead, I have to show why it matters to me in a gentle manner. Scripture says we catch more flies with honey.

        I can tell you love Him and you want to serve Him and worship Him properly. ❤ My concern is that I don't want you to feel frustrated or confused with other believers and that frustration robs you of rejoicing in Christ.

        I believe most believers who do celebrate Christmas fully understand where you are coming from, especially Lily. ❤

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      4. Thanks. I know. It’s quite hard sometimes. I learned that lesson the hard way a few years ago. But I still have a hard time speaking in love. It’s hard to temper my passion, especially since I’m around a few people who are overly passionate on a daily basis.
        I am still learning myself. I am working on how to share what I do know, because I have been blessed to know certain truths, I have a responsibility to share them. I am still learning how to.
        I realize that everyone is on the same journey and at different places.
        As far as Christmas, I understand because I used to celebrate it without really celebrating it.
        Writing encouraging letters, giving gifts, fellowshipping with those I know and love.
        But I have come to see that doing these things for Christmas, is not abstaining from all appearance of evil, as the
        Bible tells us.
        Those who know me, always see that I love to do these things all year around. Rightly so, I will continue to do so. But from this year forward, I will not be celebrating pagan holidays.
        This is where I am at.
        Sweet Blessings to you!!!

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      5. Amen! And that is perfectly fine!

        It is hard when those around you come off strongly as well so you feel you have to be guarded. But in saying that, sometimes God has taught me if I have to be guarded and come off harsher because of how others have spoken to me, I’m not ready yet to speak where He had led me. It is a hard lesson, but very valuable. Thanks for being honest 🙂 I know it is not easy to do.

        A fellow sister in Christ is researching origins and some she found were saying that Christ’s birth were celebrated (200) before the origins of the sun holiday in 270 something. My friend sent me a huge thing of interesting quotes and stuff she found about how the talk that people said the church chose the dates only appeared later. Apparently early believers did celebrate His birth. If and only if you are interested I can send you the article and quotes. 🙂 Not to change your perspective, only to share information.

        God bless you!!!

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      6. Thank you! Though I have read this before.
        Christ and Christmas do not go together Biblically.
        Dueteronomy 12:19
        1 Corinthians 10:20-21
        Ephesians 5:11
        Even Encyclopias tell us that Christmas is pagan…and these verses seem quite familiar….
        Jeremiah 10
        Revelation 11:9

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      7. I think the point is if we are not partaking of Santa or even if we take out all things associated with Christmas, we can still have Christ. For me at least, this is what differs the most between Halloween and Christmas, and trust me I see your concern because I’ve thought about it.

        Halloween is not focused on Christ. at all. Now, yes, people definitely try sometimes. But the holiday isn’t. There are no parts of scripture the holiday shares, rather, the scriptures warn against. As for Christmas, if people are making it all about Christ, truly, including celebrating not only His birth but what it represents, which includes His death and resurrection which we are told to remember, this is VASTLY different from the world.

        The world does not celebrate Christ. The world does not know. Scripture teaches of His birth. He is the ultimate gift of Grace from God. If this is the only time someone might listen because they feel empty and don’t understand, I think God can receive glory through this.

        However, you’re right. If we are participating in all these traditions, Santa, etc and just tacking on a moment to reflect on Christ, if that, then absolutely. I think the holiday makes it tempting and difficult to not focus on Christ and we are conforming to the world especially when we have an opportunity to make it about Him and show others.

        This is where I’ve been led so far. I hope that helps. ❤


    2. ❤ ❤ exactly. Like absolutely there are things we need to be careful of and I shared some of those in past weeks. But ultimately if we are focusing on Him and making it about Him that is what is most important.


    3. The holiday wasn’t appropriated from a pagan holiday, it supplanted it. We are told to subdue the earth, to overcome evil with good. Those who get legalistic often miss what Christ came to give us. Salvation and a lesson in true humility.

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