Prayer Requests For January ’19

The new year is coming soon!

If you have any requests or updates for prayer let me know!!!

May We Praise Him In The HighestThe King Who Was And Is To Come.Lift Up Your Banner Holy PeopleAnd Praise Him As One.


10 thoughts on “Prayer Requests For January ’19

  1. Thank you for this!
    If you would lift us up in prayer in terms of employment for my husband and my online business growing in 2019 please hun. Much appreciated! Let us know if we can pray for you too!

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    1. Absolutely I’ll have this added to the January prayer list when it is posted. If you want to pray for me specifically my request is always at the bottom of the community prayer ❤


  2. Please continue to pray for my family and I as we step into this New Year! Prayers for my father as he goes into surgery for a biopsy to make sure he doesn’t have cancer.. Thank you 🙏🏽

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    1. Leigh! I’ll keep you in my prayers as well. God has you covered… I pray you have a Marvelous bless day.. Prayers going up and blessings coming down 🙏🏽

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