Chains Falling On My Knees

My vulnerabilities

are mocking me.

Inviting the dark ones

who haunt me

when I cannot move.


Lord, God, You are strong.

Lord, God, You have my hand.

Please search throughout me.

Please give me a way

To get through this.


Because I cannot see

Help me feel Your Spirit

To walk forward.

Set me free.


I’ve given up much of this world.

A battle while I’m on my knees.

Fear beckons at my door.


Be still. Be still.


A warmth envelops me.

A scream comes out, it is not me.

A darkness flees from the door

As light surrounds.


Holy One, guide me through this war.

Help me feel Your spirit

when I can’t see.

Hold my hand.


Time is coming short.

Lord, God You are my life.

I need only You to get through.


The battle continues

but I’m still on my knees.

I feel Your Spirit all around.

You are the Savior.

Set me free.


Hold my hand, as I see

the path that has been lighted

because of You.

Chains falling.

Chains falling.


Chains falling.

Written: 01/13/2019 – Somethings take time when it comes to God breaking chains. Part of this is because the more we are in the world, the more we have to give up to get out of its grasp. This is not the fault of God, but our own. Christ told us a man can clean out his heart and because the spirit that left liked it so much, he will come back with more spirits that are stronger than him. It is so important we turn over to Christ daily and with all things. These battles can only be fully fought in His shelter, under His wing. 

Make time for Him daily and give Him requests with sincerity and earnestness. 

(NIV) Isaiah 4:06, “It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain.”


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