3 Days Of Darkness & Urgency To Read Scripture

The past few days I have been watching some videos on people sharing dreams or visions specifically on the 3 Days of Darkness.

You can go to YouTube and you may notice what I did. A lot of people are sharing these visions or dreams about the 3 Days of Darkness (DOD some refer it to) in the month of January 2019, pretty recent since the publishing of this post. 

I’m very careful and I caution everyone as well whenever you listen to visions or dreams others have. We need to know the truth, and we must be able to know the truth without relying on anyone else. This is why it is crucial we study scriptures and why we need to know what scriptures say.


UPDATE: Since this post, I have studied over scripture and written up a post covering the Three Days Of Darkness in more detail and seeing the validity of darkness in scripture. Please view for more information – 3 Days Of Darkness Fact Or Fiction


The visions and dreams, however, I do not think should be ignored either. This is one reason why I share my dreams on my blog. It is important to listen to what others are seeing and hearing. Scripture does not seem to shy away from the fact people will still have dreams in the end of times and prior. I know the urgency in every single dream I’ve had (aside from other messages and themes) is we need to draw close to Christ and a large part of that is through prayer and scripture reading. 

I personally believe the reason why we are told time is short in the Bible is because of God’s timeline, remember a day with the Lord is like a thousand years. It has been a little over two days of God’s time so to speak since Christ left this world and sat beside His Father.

A lot has happened!

I think ever since Christ ascended we have been in the end of times. And we see movements throughout history of how the world is approaching the day of Christ closer and closer. Time truly is short.

We cannot go our days going through the motions. We need to draw closer to Him. People who do not know Him need us to draw closer to Him so God can equip His saints and teach us, and guide us on how to reach others the way He wants us to.

I feel the need for me to study scripture more.

Every time I’ve studied deeply, He has always given me something. I want to know these cryptic scriptures, and I’m thankful that not all scriptures dealing with the second coming (what happens before, during, and after) are cryptic. There are a number of blunt scriptures, and it is evident with our weather alone we are at least at the beginning of them. (I’m not here to argue or debate how far along everyone thinks we are. This is not so much about time frame, but rather we need to draw closer to Christ and know what scripture says ❤ ) 

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19 thoughts on “3 Days Of Darkness & Urgency To Read Scripture

  1. Great post! The rapture becomes closer every second.
    God has been speaking to me the past few days about taking time to worship more, instead of praying for requests as much. I decided to devote my daily prayer time once a week or so to just worship. That’s what I did this morning, and it was wonderful!

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    1. Worship is powerful! Prayer can come in many forms and it is so important we lift up our voices in knowing Him and giving Him glory. He goes first even in prayer ❤ and that's how it needs to be. May you be moved and encouraged in worship and may God speak to you and direct you to His footsteps 🙂

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  2. Yes indeed we re close. I’ve heard it said, that we re at the final minutes of time. The main thing is to keep ready. Be a witness, share w others and to live till He comes!! Be blessed another good post!! Thanks

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