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2 Samuel | Wanted For Murder: Absalom

When we last ventured into this story, we left a woman who was violated and robbed of her virginity and a devastated brother who sought revenge for what happened.

Today, we are going to look at Absalom’s revenge.

Today’s Reading: 2 Samuel Ch. 13:23-39 

Murder Of Amnon

Two full years have passed since.

Absalom decides to invite all of the king’s sons because he had sheepshearers (?) I’m assuming so their sheep could all get sheared…not sure. David originally doesn’t want all of the sons to go at once because there are many of them. Absalom tries to get David to change his mind, but that doesn’t happen though David blesses Absalom.

Absalom does ask that Amnon be among the sons that venture out. David wonders about this but allows it. 

It is here Absalom tells his servants that he will get Amnon drunk and when he gives the call his servants are to kill Amnon.

Amnon gets drunk and is killed by the servants as planned. This causes the rest of the sons who were invited to flee. However, word of mouth gets back to David that ALL of his sons were killed! (v.30)

David mourns greatly, tearing his clothes and laying on the ground. All of David’s servants stood by with their clothes torn as well, which I found comforting that his servants did this. (v.31)

David’s nephew Jonadab tells David the truth. Not all of his sons were killed, rather, only Amnon. He encourages David not to take this grief to his heart to think all of his sons were dead, only Amnon.

David Wants Absalom To Return

(v.34) Absalom flees shortly after.

David’s nephew keeps watch on the hillside and sees the sons approaching. He encourages David with this news. The sons soon reach him and they lift their voice weeping bitterly along with David and David’s servants. 

Absalom was wanted for murder, in a sense. However, not for what we would think. He fled to the Geshur. And it says that David mourned for his son, and by context, I’m assuming David is mourning for Absalom. (v.38) David longs to go to his son, Absalom because David was comforted knowing Amnon was dead. 

What To Take Away: Communication is key. Absalom apparently didn’t know David’s true feeling on what Amnon did. Two years went by before Absalom murdered.

Two years that he could have been spoken to by his father. By no means was David responsible for his grown son’s actions. Maybe if David had been more open and encouraging to Absalom he would have known the truth and at least help his son know Absalom wouldn’t have to flee from his father.

A reminder, in a way, to know when we do something wrong and sin, we cannot run from our Father. God is understanding in many ways and God wants us to come to Him, not run.

Next time David will hear the plea of a woman, and Absalom will return to Jerusalem. 

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