End Of Times | Why It Is Important To Be Aware

The time is NOW!

No, not to pack your bags. Rather, unpack your burdens! No, not to buy a ticket. Rather, choose how you will “spend” your time.

When I was growing up, I believed the rapture would happen at any time. I believed the rapture would happen first, and then all troubles of the world would be unleashed. My interest in the End of Times was mainly focused on entertainment (in a sense) and a curiousness. But as time went on, I continued to notice more and more pieces of scripture that stood out to me. 

Pieces of scripture those around me weren’t talking about. In fact, and to this day, a lot of people struggle to talk about the End of Times. When I was a teen I was constantly told, “Be ready,” and the subject was dropped. The issue is, WE MUST LOOK AT THE SCRIPTURES and be willing to listen and discuss. This is a large part of how we become ready, to be aware of the truth. We cannot be swayed by the darkness of the world, and if you think what is happening now is scary most of us truly don’t know what scary is, especially those of us in America. We get comfortable in our lives. We have a roof over our heads.

So what happens if the rapture…doesn’t happen the way we think?

What if many believers die and only a handful remain for the rapture?

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 5.02.10 pm

I’ve waited about two years before talking about this topic on my blog. It’s controversial. It makes people uncomfortable. I don’t want anything to be a stumbling block. But it IS a big deal. With everything going on in the world, I feel like it’s time to talk about it, and I’m going to break this up into a series so the posts won’t be as long.

I’ve noticed either people are focused way too much on the Rapture, End of Time scriptures, signs etc, or people don’t know at all. Lacking in Biblical knowledge of scriptures and not necessarily aware of what is happening in the world. Signs we could use as reminders that, “I am coming quickly.”

We need a balance. We need an understanding.

I caution you if you are a follower of Christ DO NOT TAKE THESE SCRIPTURES LIGHTLY!

Do not look at them with a curiousness. Do not read them for being entertained.

God has been urging my heart to understand the seriousness of what they mean. People will die. Believers will be persecuted. Many souls will never know the grace of Christ because of wickedness.

  • This knowledge should tear at our hearts. It should urge us to work on praying daily to God. To lifting up His body, and to lifting up anyone who does not know Him. 

Do not get comfortable because when we are comfortable we can be deceived.

When we are comfortable that is when destruction hits.

(NIV) 1 Thessalonians 5:02-03, “For you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.”

Be ready. Be prepared. I’m going to try to discuss what exactly that means, and why it is necessary in relation to the End of Times.

Note: There are varying opinions on the timeline of when prophecies have been fulfilled or when the rapture takes place. This series is not about making any specific claim (aside from looking at what scripture says) rather this is to urge everyone to know Christ, reflect His light, give up the world, and how we can “be ready”.

Comment Below:
What are your thoughts on the End of Times?

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15 thoughts on “End Of Times | Why It Is Important To Be Aware

  1. Wow, I think God is really moving in the lives of his people who are willing to listen. I just did a sermon on this very topic at church Sunday. Urging other believers in America to repent and follow Christ. Then my mom sent me a YouTube video of a pastor preaching an almost identical message that same Sunday. And now your going to talk about it on your blog! God is truly trying to warn his people to get ready and be alert! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading what the Lord gives you on this topic!

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  2. “What are your thoughts on the End of Times?” I don’t believe in the Rapture because the scripture that “supports” it is obscure. Maybe you will change my mind? 🙂 I believe that Heaven and Earth will come together and be transformed based on Revelation 21 and other verses. I’m intrigued to see what you will say on the topic. It is a tough one, and my views on it are definitely not set in stone.

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    1. I used to believe in the Rapture the way most people talk about it. I don’t anymore. I do think there will be a gathering of the elect and the dead based specifically from scripture but that’s mainly as far as I go. Whether or not people go to Heaven (for a period?) or are with Christ during the thousand year year, that I’ve yet to gather. You are right there is only one scripture I believe that uses the term Raptured and it is used very loosely for people’s interpretation.

      This of course is not meant to forcibly change views rather help people know what the scriptures actually say. 🙂

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    1. God has to be our main focus amen! And we shouldn’t be caught up in anything else, lest it become an idol. The main reason why I want to discuss this is the urgency we need to pray more. We need to talk about God more. And should people experience tribulation with the persecution of Christians I want people to look at their heart. It is one thing to say we are ready to die and then be in the actual circumstance.

      The topic of the end of times pushes people to know. It also is a sign to encourage sinners to draw to Christ, if anything else. But we must make sure we are not making this a priority over our walk with Christ.

      One way I am serving God right now with the end of times is to push people to know what scriptures say because all scripture is important. To push people to draw closer to Him. He is, I think we can agree, all that matters. 🙂 The end of times, though scary for humans, is all about God’s glory. It is not about man, but about God.

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  3. I’m actually glad you are going to blog about this! More people need to! My thoughts…

    I was like you when i was a little kid. I NEVER thought i would live to see my 16th birthday!😂 (I’m turning 16 this year!🤗) I always thought the Rapture would come before i got married or even turned 20. At that age it scared me but it doesn’t really scare me anymore. Although I’m not ready for Jesus to come back, and the ONLY reason i say that is because i have lost family members that need to come back to Jesus!! But, if that wasn’t the case then i would be the first one to say “Come now Lord!”. I can’t wait until i get to walk on streets of Gold and look upon his face who saved me by his grace!

    But, we are definitely in the End Times! There is no doubt about it!!

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    1. I listen to one YouTuber in particular who shares her dreams and it is true. The more you are surrounded by the talk and scriptures it can feel overwhelming. What I am seeing is the End of TImes can be looked upon as a way to draw people to Christ. When people aren’t sure about the world, we can point to God’s Word. He said it was coming. He said He is coming. Time is short, but all the more reason to draw close to HIm ❤ *Happy early birthday 🙂 that's so exciting!

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  4. I agree this is an important topic! I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately. I have an old childhood friend,an atheist, who is going through a difficult time and I’ve had a couple of chances to talk with him lately, so I’m feeling the urgency.

    As far as timelines, after studying the Scriptures, I earnestly believe there’s some ambiguity about times on purpose. Knowing human nature, I think if we (believers) knew the date and time, we’d be pretty lazy right up until crunch time.

    I’m not sure how it will all go down, either, but I do think once it does, we’ll be able to look back at Scripture and many of the Jewish feasts and say, “Of course! It’s plain as can be now.” Some of Jesus’s first coming was like that when you look at many of the OT Scriptures and the Jewish customs and feasts, so I guess I kind of expect His second coming to reflect other Scriptures and feasts as well! Either way, I guess we’ll all know in due time.

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    1. You know, I’ve heard some other people talk about the feasts and comparisons in the Old Testament with some things that may happen with the second coming so I see what you mean!

      I agree about if we knew exactly the time. God gave me three different viewpoints as I grew up on what Christ meant when He said it would be like “the days of Noah.” And people being settled and taking things for granted is huge!

      What a blessing for us to have scripture! God does not want us to be in the dark. He may not give us everything on what will go down, not like many I think could handle that information anyways. But He certainly gave us quite a bit to work with. All the more reason to draw close to Him ❤

      May God put words in your mouth with your friend!

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  5. Thank you, T.R., for talking about this subject. The Lord gave me a poem to write last night which I believe reflects the times in which we now live. It definitely expresses some of the emotions I go through with what all is going on in the world right now, and I know these are all signs of the nearness of our Lord’s return.

    I believe what the scriptures teach with regard to us being taken up to be with our Lord, but I don’t believe that happens until the end, after the tribulation. And, I certainly don’t understand the whole 1000 year reign of Christ on the earth, either.

    I just know what the scriptures teach with regard to how I am to be living now, and that one day he is coming back, and I will be with him forever. And, I know much scripture tells us about these dark times and how many of us will be hated, persecuted, falsely imprisoned, and how some of us will even be put to death for our faith. And that is taking place in other nations, and I am seeing the signs of that coming to America soon, too.

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    1. Amen! I know we are to be gathered at the end, but what happens after point well, that’s up to Christ ❤ and I'm okay with it 🙂 It so important we look at scripture, and I'm glad God is leading your heart to share with others and direct Him to His truth. God continue to be with you, Sue!

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