Gospel Journey | Wise Men & Fleeing To Egypt (Timeline Confusion?)

Last time Simeon met Christ and Anna preached redemption. Today, we are going to cover a little tricky part in the timeline. I may be slightly out of order. Bear with me. But from what I gathered Bethlem and Jerusalem is a pretty straight distance and very doable to walk from one to the other … Continue reading Gospel Journey | Wise Men & Fleeing To Egypt (Timeline Confusion?)

Donations For Children’s Home & Details

A fellow blogger got a hold of me, Maddy, some of you may know her. She shares beautiful photography on her blog. To learn about the children's home check out this link Connie Maxwell. From what I saw it is a place meant to help kids and families in a Christian environment. You can donate directly … Continue reading Donations For Children’s Home & Details

Salvation Does Not Allow Us To Keep Sinning!

Further Clarity (added 12/16/2019)- My concern in this post I didn't have the right words completely. There are many people who think they have accepted Christ and think they have salvation. But they are like the seeds Jesus talked about in His parable. They are choked, have no place to grow, etc. These people have … Continue reading Salvation Does Not Allow Us To Keep Sinning!

Christians, Stop The Band-Aid Answers

Let's be blunt and honest.  God's timing is not our timing, and I don't like it when people tell me to pray and God will basically give me what I want because it is not about what I want. It's about His will and how He plans to guide me. How He wants me to … Continue reading Christians, Stop The Band-Aid Answers

2 Samuel | Rape Of Tamar

Disclaimer: Today's story does deal with rape, if that makes you uncomfortable, please feel free not to read on, and I'll see you next week ❤ I have a trigger warning beside the scripture that covers that exact scene if you want to read everything else but skip it.  Last time we were in 2 … Continue reading 2 Samuel | Rape Of Tamar

He’s Coming Soon, Only Endure!

You're the One who gets me through. Waters crash and my soul breaks inside, But then, I hear the Thunder and a roar. A fire that deepens within, A cry comes out.   Listen for the whisper. Let the rain fall over you. His hand will never leave. Can't you see, He's coming? Only endure! … Continue reading He’s Coming Soon, Only Endure!

I Complicated My Prayer Life

It's been about a year since I started a series for the Christian blogging community to pray for each other. Community Prayer. Talking to God hasn't been hard for me, but giving Him fears, things I struggle with, things that were out of my hand, let alone the requests of others, I needed to dedicate … Continue reading I Complicated My Prayer Life

Focus On God | 3 Quotes You Need This Week

Today, let's focus on God. Aside from the worry. Aside from others. I know we all need this reminder. "Those who leave everything in God's hands will eventually see God's hands in everything."  - This is so true! If we focus on Him, we will see Him! If we are not looking for Him, we won't … Continue reading Focus On God | 3 Quotes You Need This Week