I’m Disgusted With Myself Sometimes

I said on one of my posts about how I'm sad, torn, and disgusted when people turn away from Christ and not embracing the title of what it means to be Christian. It's been bothering me ever since that I may have hurt people in the process of saying it, especially for people who may … Continue reading I’m Disgusted With Myself Sometimes

We Live In A “Woe Is Me” Passive Aggressive Society

The world wants us to feel justified in our pain. I'm not talking about understanding when people hurt us, it is wrong. I'm talking about grudges, bitterness, anger, and reliving our pain over and over again. It not only hurts us, but it creates a monster inside. One full of passive aggression, barriers galore, and … Continue reading We Live In A “Woe Is Me” Passive Aggressive Society

It’s Been Awhile…Thought I Left

Dear T. R. , Did you miss these talks? Or were you pleased there was no letter to keep you accountable to the public eye? Are you hoping this may make a view count or are you finally focused on the truth of helping others see Christ in all things? I imagine you know what … Continue reading It’s Been Awhile…Thought I Left

It Doesn’t Matter If Christian Music “Sounds The Same”

It is not about the sound being the same, but the message and the people who represent it. In any genre of music, there are going to be groups of bands and singers that have the same sound, let's be real. Christian music is no exception. But I find it ironic how people try to … Continue reading It Doesn’t Matter If Christian Music “Sounds The Same”

2 Samuel | Treason & David’s Escape

Previously, Absalom returned home but two years went by before he and David ever talked face to face. Finally, they did and David forgave Absalom. The time period we are going to look at is about forty years later from this event. Today's Reading: 2 Samuel Ch. 15  Absalom's Treason Yep, our man Abasolm will … Continue reading 2 Samuel | Treason & David’s Escape

Christian Radio Stations You Can Listen To Online

Today is going to be a really easy post. Happy Saturday! When I lived in Little Rock, AR that was the first time I was able to listen to Christian stations that I liked. I was never one to be into Christian radio stations for the longest time. My mom would always listen to the … Continue reading Christian Radio Stations You Can Listen To Online

5 Christian Teen Bloggers | Spotlight

Thank you, everyone, for your patience in waiting for this series. TO BE FEATURED- if you want to be selected you must meet the criteria of this post here Christian Teen Bloggers Wanted!  Remember, I need a description of your blog to help readers get to know what your blog offers. Some blogs meet all criteria, … Continue reading 5 Christian Teen Bloggers | Spotlight

I’m Guilty Of “I Know That Already”

I do quite a bit of Bible studying by myself and with others. I take notes during church sermons. I take notes reading through Christian literature. I engage in discussions in many forms, this blogging community included. I've learned a lot, and I know a lot through these experiences and everything God has taught me … Continue reading I’m Guilty Of “I Know That Already”

My Word For The New Year in 2019 & Reminder

Orphanage Donation - REMINDER! Some of you may recall I had a post sharing that a fellow blogger, Maddy, is helping a local orphanage. She is still taking donations, but mainly money donations at this point as this is the LAST WEEK TO DONATE! You can send gift cards through Amazon as well. Here is … Continue reading My Word For The New Year in 2019 & Reminder

The Lie Social Media Gives That Christian Bloggers Continue To Spread

Note: I am not saying every single Christian blogger writes this way. I wanted to discuss the topic because of how our world is. We're not honest enough most of the time. You see it in social media. The perfect Instagram. The perfect and ideal life someone shares on Facebook. Exciting accomplishments shared on Twitter. … Continue reading The Lie Social Media Gives That Christian Bloggers Continue To Spread