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How To Worship Without Music

I’ve been thinking a lot about worship ever since last week when I shared Is Worship With Others An Idol?

Recently, I have been reading A.W. Tozer’s book, Pursuit of God and he mentions, *“The shallowness of our inner experience, the hollowness of our worship, and that servile imitation of the world which marks our promotional methods all testify that we, in this day, know God only imperfectly, and the peace of God, scarcely at all.” 

This quote may be shocking to read, it was to me because of how true it was!

*”To great sections of the Church the art of worship has been lost entirely, and in its place has come that strange and foreign thing called a “program.” This word has been borrowed from the stage and applied with sad wisdom to the type of public service which now passes for worship among us.” 

What is worship?

In our world today, we often correlate worship with praise music. But it is EXTREMELY easy to sing praise music with lifted hands, and well, not be worshipping. I looked up the definition and synonyms associated with worship. I feel like I needed the reminder.

Worship is a religious service or adoration.

I’m going to focus on adoration because that is what we need to know. Adoration comes in the form of prayer. It comes in the form of offering, showing honor and/or showing devotion.

Adoration is simply love in the form of worship and devotion.

Devotion is a commitment (engagement and loyalty).

Offering is something contributed like a gift or donation. but something interesting is an offering can also refer to sacrifice (to give up something) or atonement (please read note.)

Note: Jesus Christ was our ultimate offering making atonement for our sins. We cannot atone for anything, I do not want anyone to misunderstand.  Post | Salvation (What Is It, How To Get It) 

Honor is to show integrity (honesty) or respect.

screen shot 2019-01-30 at 3.50.23 pm

With this in mind, here is my definition of what worship to God is.

Worship in regards to Christ


  • We are committed to worshiping God daily.
  • We are committed to worshipping God only and nothing else, no idols, nothing placed before Him.
  • Worship through devotion is shown through consistent prayer, reading scripture, talking to Him, and singing praise to Him (with or without music).


  • Repentance. We leave our sins to Him and we surrender our flesh to Him.
  • Offering can come in the sense of sanctification as we give up more things of the world to Him to draw closer to Him.
  • We do things for Him, maybe it comes in the form of a service of others because that’s what He wants us to do. We sacrifice our priorities for the priorities of others, like Christ.
  • We can worship Him through fasting. By giving up something we take great value in to draw closer to Him.
  • We give Him the sacrifice of our time because He is worth it.


  • Our bodies are living sacrifices and treating them properly and abstaining from sin is needed. This is how we honor Him with our bodies.
  • We respect the Lord and do not take His name in vain.
  • We show honor to Him by trusting Him when times are hard. What God has called us to do, we do not run away from.

Worship is so much bigger than what we think of. There are so many ways to worship the Lord. It’s important we have the perspective of, “I’m doing this for the Lord,” and then be reminded why it is important we give sacrifices, sanctify our life, honor His ways, and devote our time to Him.

Worship begins with sincerity of the heart putting to action the surrendering of our flesh which makes a connection to God.

Worship…is so far beyond music alone.

*The Pursuit of God, (1948) Harrisburg, PA: Christian Publications

Comment Below:
What is worship to you?
What are some ways you can think of that shows worship to God?

he is with us in all seasons

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31 thoughts on “How To Worship Without Music

  1. Amen 🙏🏽 you broke that down very well! I’m going to make sure to save this to reread it because this is some true word of the day! God spoke through you to get this out… What an awesome God we serve… I needed this… thank you.. ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. I love the way you broke this down and explained it! It’s true that there’s so much more to worship than what we normally hear about. I like what you said about sacrifice and repentance being a part of worship. I agree, and I’d go so far as to even include asking in worship, IF that asking is in keeping with the sacrifice of our doubts for faith, the sacrifice of pride for recognition of Him as Lord, the asking that comes alongside repentance when we realize that we need His help to walk in this new way.

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    1. I’m so glad you liked this post. It’s true, worship comes in many ways and maybe ways we aren’t even thinking about. But if it gives glory to God in some form, than I think it is part of worship 🙂

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  3. As I read this message the Lord reminded me of an excerpt of scripture that I believe encapsulates and embodies what you described worship as being. “In all yOUR ways acknowledge Him!” Our true worship unto the Lord is quantified and defined by the life we live between the benediction and the call to worship. I love what you say, “is so far beyond music alone.” What do we do after the music stops? I remember a time in my life when I checked off all the boxes of “worship during church,” but my life beyond the music was an absolute disgrace to the Lord.

    The Lord dropped Amos 5 in my spirit a few years back and He taught me what our “Sunday ONLY worship” is to Him…

    “I hate, I despise your feast days,
    And I do not savor your sacred assemblies.
    22 Though you offer Me burnt offerings and your grain offerings,
    I will not accept them,
    Nor will I regard your fattened peace offerings.
    23 Take away from Me the noise of your songs,
    For I will not hear the melody of your stringed instruments.
    24 But let justice run down like water,
    And righteousness like a mighty stream.

    This passage has spoken powerfully to me about how the Lord regards the “shallowness and hollowness of our worship” when our lives look nothing like Him or His word!

    Thanks for this message T.R

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    1. I am so glad that God spoke to you and encouraged you to give Him more because He deserves it. Scripture is power and it is amazing how He will use all sorts of scripture to make HIs point across when we need it. Yes, we should worship Him in all ways. Amen.

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  4. Our worship of the LORD should be evident in all of our days, and in all of our ways! Our speech can be worship, besides our songs in Church. My single word choice this year was: ADORE. The LORD is teaching me what that means! This was an excellent post and points out that we should examine “how” we worship! Thank you for the quote by Tozer…….eye opening for sure!!

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      1. Hello friend…….wanted to let you know I am passing along to you the Liebster Award! It is kind of a feel the love award. You don’t have to participate, but just know you are listed and if you decide to answer just let me know! It was a fun thing to do! Blessings! Look at my most recent post…..all info is there!

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  5. There really are different ways to worship and I am glad that you took this topic on in the gracious and thoughtful way you do. My favorite part: “ Worship is so much bigger than what we think of. There are so many ways to worship the Lord. It’s important we have the perspective of, “I’m doing this for the Lord,” and then be reminded why it is important we give sacrifices, sanctify our life, honor His ways, and devote our time to Him.”

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    1. I’m so glad this blessed you! I was hoping this would encourage others to help us look at our life and how we worship Him. To only be encouraged to worship Him more and be aware 🙂


  6. Outstanding, dear TR! Everything you say here is so on target! My worship is characterized by a variety of factors, but I especially love to worship God through prayer! That time with Him… praising Him for not only what He has done but for WHO He is refreshes my soul! Thank you for this wonderful post! ❤ ❤

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  7. One of the biggest meanings for Worship is “bow down” before Him. Not many people fall to their knees or prostrate in our services. Think about it; people from other religions fall on their knees on their prayer rugs and/or lay prostrate before their gods; why don’t we do it more? Another nuance of worship is to offer our lives/all parts of our days to Him, remembering whatever we do should be done as working for Jesus and not for men. I think our lives should become more devoted to the Lord as we grow deeper in our understanding; in Him we live, move and have our being!

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    1. Good points. I know because of Christ it is not the physical manner in which we praise and worship. Others may look on and potentially judge how we worship in a physical manner but man cannot judge the state of the heart in which people worship and pray. God can and I think that is most important.

      I think naturally as we devote ourselves to the Lord and He provides understanding our lives will reflect Him and we will want to walk in the footsteps of Christ. To be Christlike and do what He has called us to do 🙂


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