Salvation- Why Is It Important/Needed?

This post was written almost two years ago, but it is a good one. God led me on a really creative way to go about explaining this as well as give the “recipe” for salvation. When I wrote the one post it was a little over 1300 words because I covered why salvation is needed and then how to receive it. To help break it down, I’ve broken this post into two parts. 

Previously written July 6th, 2017 

Most Christians have a vague, basic idea of what salvation is. People who are curious about the Bible may as well. But I want you, as a reader, and possible believer, to fully understand the depth of what salvation means, why it is crucial not only for us, but why it was needed in the first place. And also, the requirements are steeper in both mind and heart, than what many may originally believe.

The Beginning – Why Salvation Is Needed 

God created the Heavens and the Earth, plants, animals, and later mankind. All was good. However, God wasn’t like other gods. In all of His glory in making mankind, He allowed one option, most creators, rulers, and even basic authority would not allow.

The freedom of self-will.

The ability to be able to turn our back on the One who wants nothing more but good things for us.

The choice to sin.

It didn’t have to be an apple, I don’t think. Humanity simply needed something to represent a door to darkness. Without that door, the option to choose wouldn’t exist.

Sin was not something Satan created. Sin existed when Lucifer fell.

Sin is basically choosing self-pleasure and wants over God.

With Eve and Adam, they were tempted with becoming wise, knowing good and evil. The fruit appealed to the sight, and the tree itself looked desirable. These are all parts of the lust of the flesh. The eyes, the stomach, and the mind. Before sin, they felt no shame. They knew no evil. (Genesis Ch.3)

Now, they experienced shame for the first time in sinning and hid when God entered the garden.

Now, evil would forever place itself within the core of the Earth and God’s people.


Sin Requires Sacrifice  

The first consequence of sin was the death of humanity. Not immediately, but humans, at one time, were not destined to die (this is why our soul is immortal). But the choice of sin is death, and humans became mortals because of that choice.

Another consequence was that mankind would toil and have hardship in life. Women would have labor pains in childbirth. Life, in general, would not be made easy. Such is the consequence of darkness. Anxiety, depression, self-judgment, and more brokenness floods humanity because our one tie with the Truth was broken.

Sin breaks trust in God. It makes us want to focus on ourselves and our own wants.

Sin is addicting, debilitating, and chains us to where we feel we cannot break free.

If not fixed, our soul will be sacrificed to the consuming fire of sin, and eventually, we will never be free.


This isn’t meant to scare you or convict you, but our selfish heart needs to be aware. There is a cost, consequence, and penalty that needs to be paid for the choice of sin in our life.

Sacrifice was needed.

After Adam and Eve, animals that were considered pure were sacrificed not only for individuals who sinned but ENTIRE communities that sinned!

It became about following rules upon rules, and sacrifices to the smallest detail.

And if you’ve been watching how we, as humans, are with laws and rules, you won’t be surprised to know, we failed horribly.

(NIV) Ecclesiastes 7:20, “Indeed, there is no one on earth who is righteous, no one who does what is right and never sins.”

We turned to other gods and idols. We focused more on the fine print, but not the on the Hand that wrote them. We didn’t give God the attention and focus He deserved.

Very early on, prophets began to prophesy of a Lamb. Someone was coming to be a King of kings, Lord of all Lords. There was nothing mankind could ever give to amend the cost of sin.

God intervened. (Curious about the symbolism of Christ and sacrifice? Click here.)


Jesus Came To Set The Captives Free 

Jesus Christ came into our world as a babe. He grew up as a child of God to become a man of God and then proclaimed by God Almighty to be the Son of God.

He loved. He healed. He prepared the way. He was tempted, just as we are, and He prevailed! All paths we walk, Christ has walked ahead, and He chooses rightly. He knows the struggles of our heart.

Through Jesus Christ dying on the cross, when He was completely innocent, He was the first human sacrifice the people of God would ever sacrifice. He was the only One we ever truly needed.

(Aramaic English) Luke 4:18, “The Spirit of THE LORD JEHOVAH is upon Me, and because of this He has anointed me to preach The Good News to the poor; He has sent Me to heal broken hearts and to proclaim liberty to captives, vision to the blind, and to restore the crushed with forgiveness”

*Salvation is the deliverance of sin through our Savior Jesus Christ. He was without blemish, without any fault. He died being innocent against accusations. If we do not have Christ we will die because the accusations against us will be completely true. 

*- added pieces since previously written

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19 thoughts on “Salvation- Why Is It Important/Needed?

  1. A missionary friend once explained to me that this is the way they go about teaching the gospel to the African natives who have never heard of anything to do with Christianity. They begin in Genesis and develop the story from there. So important that the message of salvation is presented clearly in any culture! Well done, T. R.

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    1. I thought it was well time to share it again and I may start leaving the two posts (the second will be published next week) on every post thereafter in case people do not know. Praise Jesus for being blameless and taking our well due death of sin to the cross!

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