5 Christian Books You Can Download For Free (600th Post)

So sorry! I was hoping to finish this earlier today, but I went out with my husband and got back a little later than I planned. 

I wanted to get a quick (xD after what I wrote, yeah, not so much “quick”) post out here for those of you enjoying the weekend. About a month ago, I went searching through my Amazon Kindle app looking for free reading material.

You know when you are on a mission and you are successful with one mission of finding treasure, so you go on another, and another…several hours later I have a digital collection.

I think it might be nice to share with you all of the various books I’ve been finding in regards to devotionals, Christian topics, or works by Christian authors (like Tozer and Spurgeon). 

I would like to start a series in order to share various titles with you. I cannot guarantee every single one I find will always remain free, I don’t know. But a lot of my findings are very old works so there shouldn’t be much worry about them not staying free.

I’m not affiliated with Amazon or will make anything on this post from sharing 🙂 I just thought if this benefits me, it may benefit you. I’m going to share the top three (cough, four) works I’m currently reading in this list as well.

I’ll share the name of the book with the link, and add a little description of what the book is supposed to be about. Depending on the book, I may add a little explanation. If I can find a more modern version of something I always choose that option 🙂 

2 Things To Keep In Mind

– Majority of these books will be from Amazon Kindle so you will need an account with Amazon. Make sure when looking at the website you are selecting KINDLE, which then should read the price as $0.00. You will have to “purchase” but you’ll still “buying” the free digital book.

– You can use the Kindle Cloud Reader if you do not want to read on your phone and would prefer your computer. I recently found out about this, and I love using this when I go over the books I like taking a lot of notes on (see #1).

5 Books You May Want To Check Out

1. A. W. Tozer – Pursuit of God (Updated and Annotated) 

  • This is the book my two sisters in Christ and myself are studying weekly. We are starting Ch. 3 today for the week, and I always take away so many quotes of his. He truly was a man of God speaking deep truth. It’s evident that he loved Christ while living on this earth.

Book Is About – Pursuing God after we have found Him at the cross. Many think it ends right there. We receive salvation and that’s enough. This is simply not true, and Tozer points out why, as well as direct the reader in how we should pursue God.

2. Andrew Murray – Humility (Updated and Annotated) 

  • I am covering this book with my fellow sister in Christ during our weekly Bible Study. We just started this book and will begin Ch. 2 this next week.

Book Is About – What really is humility? Murray explores this and shows how in-depth humility really goes.

3. Jon Cardwell – To Be A Pilgrim: A Modern Christian Allegory Inspired by John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. 

  • I did find Pilgrim’s Progress for free (that will be listed at some time, but feel free to search on your own.) The language is definitely hard for me to easily read, now I know some readers prefer thy, thee, etc. I like that he tried to write the story in a way that is more understandable. Pilgrim’s Progress is packed full of a story, but if you are struggling through the language you miss out. I’m a couple of chapters in, and I’m already glad I got this.

Book Is About– Cardwell took Pilgrim’s Progress and tried to retell the story in a way others would be able to read and understand. It deals with a man, Christian Newman (yes, that’s a hint 😉 ) who is on a ship know as U.S.S Destruction. Dressed in rags with a heavy burden on his back he is then told by a preacher what he needs to do. Newman flees the ship and tries to seek Christ. In doing so a whole new adventure awaits him as well as the snares of the wicked world trying to pull him back to Destruction.

4.  Josiah Tidwell- The Bible Period By Period A Manual For Studying The Bible By Periods

  • I forgot I’ve been reading this one. I’m a little over halfway through, and it’s a really easy read. It’s nice to see the connections of stories and build up of what awaits to happen next with Christ’s appearance. Like I said, I’m over halfway through and still in the Old Testament.

Book Is About– A summary of the Bible in a timeline sort of form. I think this is extremely helpful in understanding the Old Testament especially.

5. John Bunyan-  John Bunyan’s Poetry Divine Emblems

  • Since we were speaking of the man, I thought it would make sense to share this. He didn’t only write Pilgrim’s Progress, but other works, including poetry.

Book Is About– A collection of poetry. From what I’ve read of the reviews they are rooted in Old English with deep analysis, theology, and truth.

I hope you enjoy these finds and if you read any of them or some look interesting to you, let me know 🙂 

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