Christian Bloggers Wanted!


(If you have already left your info on the Christian Teen Blogger post, you do not have to leave the same info here. You can only be featured once. 🙂 ) 

Are you a Christian blogger and would like others to be aware of your blog? This post might be in your field of interest then.

After I wrote my post for Christian Teen bloggers I got quite the bit of responses, still intending to do the series (yes, series, no way one post is going to work xD). I thought I would open this up to all other Christian bloggers who didn’t make the cut for the teen list. (If you are a teen, see below)

I have a number of Christian bloggers I tend to advertise already, but I know there are so many more out there. So, if you are a Christian blogger here is what you can do to help me out.

First, if you happen to be between the ages of 13-19 see this post because I have a separate series I am planning to do to advertise Christian Teen bloggers. Christian Teen Bloggers Wanted!

Second, it needs to be a Christian blog. I’m looking for Christian blogs. So not Christians who blog, but blogs that are focused on Christ, scriptures, topics Christians would deal with, including any topic the Bible would cover. I need the majority of the blog to be dedicated to helping others draw closer to Christ, being informed of Christ, etc.

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Third, you must have AT LEAST ten posts written for your blog, & BE ACTIVE WHEN I CHECK YOUR BLOG! When I look the blog over, I ned to have an idea of what your blog is about. Preferably, 20 or more would be good (so people have a variety of posts to look at). The more posts you have, the better it will be for me to have an idea if your blog makes the criteria or not.

If you are starting out and have no posts yet, don’t worry about getting your name out there first. Get your material out first, and then when you are ready, head back here, and let me know so I can check out your blog.

If your “latest” blog post is a month or a few months old, I may not spotlight you. I want active bloggers. If your posting is sporadic, I may not spotlight.

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Fourth, LEAVE A DESCRIPTION FOR ME IN THE COMMENTS OF WHAT YOUR BLOG IS ABOUT! This will save me TIME in trying to look at everyone’s blog and figure out how to summarize it. You know your blog better than anyone. Give me a summary that would be great for someone who has no idea what your blog is about, and what exactly as a Christian blogger are you hoping for that your posts do? If you could also leave me an explanation as to why you started blogging that would be great, I want people to be introduced to you properly, and knowing a little bit of your story helps!

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Fifth, for Christian bloggers who I have advertised before YOU ARE STILL ABLE to participate in this. In fact, there will probably be bloggers I follow who may not comment below who I will advertise regardless. But if you do want to make sure I am aware you would like to be considered, follow the criteria and let me know in the comments.

And that’s it, until I see a need I may edit in here.

I will be selective about this. Not every blog that is listed below will get advertised. This is not meant to be personal, please do not take it personally.

This will be an ongoing series, so do not worry if you happen to comment later. Should the series stop, I will update this post to let future readers know.

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Monthly Scripture – (NLT) 1 Timothy 1:19, “Cling to your faith in Christ, and keep your conscience clear. For some people have deliberately violated their conscience and as a result, their faith has been shipwrecked.” 

*** Community Prayers | February ’19 –Join Me In Praying For Each Other And If You Have A Request To Add Let Me Know.

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Help For Christian Bloggers- Christian Blogging 101/Help 
General Help For Blogging- Blogging 101 

Second Blog: Peeking Beneath

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115 thoughts on “Christian Bloggers Wanted!

    1. I’m a Christian blogger that writes mainly about overcoming anxiety through faith. My husband works at a local church and we enjoy doing ministry together. One of my favorite ministries is Celebrate Recovery. This is a non-denominational Christ-centered recovery program for just about anything (anxiety, depression, etc.). Helping lead this ministry at my church has greatly impacted what I am passionate about and how I write.

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  1. Hi😄. I write about encounters and testimonies on my blog. Everyday is a new encounter, and if you look close enough, you’ll even see God in those encounters. I write about encounters and encourage people to involve Christ in everything they do.

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  2. Hi TR! I’d be interested in this amazing opportunity 🙌🏾 I am a Christian blogger that takes life experiences of my own and with the help of the Lord finds the blessings out of what could be frustrations. My blog is genuine, authentic, transparent but always encouraging and hopefully brings people closer Christ by evaluating their own situations. God bless for all that you do and thanks in advance for this amazing opportunity either way 🙏🏾💕 Blessings!

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  3. Great idea for connecting Christian blogger T.R.!

    I find that I spend most of my time critiquing movies and pulling out Biblical concepts of popular films, sometimes music, and then sometimes I just do a devotional on a Bible verse. Still trying to figure out my focus. God bless!

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  4. Love this idea!
    I’m a Christian blogger that writes to encourage others on their journey with God. Ever since I was a young girl, I loved to read and write. God can reach people through many platforms, and I felt inspired to use my blog to hopefully be a help to others. I have a passion for encouraging other young adult women, but most of my blog posts can hopefully be inspirational for anyone. I tend to write based off of lessons I learn though everyday life. My aim is that what I write brings others closer to Christ.

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  5. I’m a Christian blogger- my mission statement is to encourage Dads and all Christians to fulfill their calling, grow in relationship with Jesus, and be the discerning leader of their home. I also have guest “discerning Dads” blog to get different perspectives.

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  6. Wow, thanks for the interest and publicity you are giving to those who seek to witness for Him. My blog is directed towards encouraging others in our everyday life and struggles thru scripture. I bring up a variety of issues and interject my dry humor along the way. I invite you, and anyone, to take a peek. ♡

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  7. Hello! My blog aims to encourage people to have a journey with God. I also write about some of my experiences of His goodness and some social issues and how we can see God in the midst of it. I am currently writing a series about depression and suicide which I think is a topic we often talk about less. I’ve been your follower since I started blogging. I admire your passion for connecting bloggers to the community. Keep it up T.R.!

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  8. This is a wonderful idea and I’m glad your doing this ❤️
    I have always wanted to write/blog about Jesus and how we interact with him daily in every situation we may face. As you have already seen I’m just starting out. I hit rock bottom by realizing that my husband who is a drug addict won’t get professional help and that was the end of our marriage. And for some reason it woke up something in me and I’ve just thrown myself into the Bible and our Jesus Christ. It’s amazing to see the transformation I’ve gone through. All my experiences and how amazing his mercy is…is what I’m trying to reach out to my readers. Saving yourself has been a big hit and I’m so thankful that I was able to get that out there for the readers to realize that. I’ve gotten messages about it so I’m forever grateful and I give all the credit to Jesus. I will continue to post more about life experiences and obstacles that we go through and how to involve him in it 🙂
    Bless you for doing this ❤️🙌🏼

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  9. I am a Christian blogger, I started with the encouragement of a friend who said I had a lot to share. My blog contains a variety of content, testimony, Bible studies, personal thoughts and insights, some poetry and fictional pieces, and reblogs of others who inspired me. The title emotionalpeace came from what I was seeking for. I want the peace that does not leave when everything around me is going wrong. There are a couple of posts I hope you will take time to read, they are both testimonials, I gave up on life and survived/Testimony, and Scars to Beauty marks. Thanks for this opportunity.

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  10. Over the years, my understanding of the gift of salvation through Christ has grown. I have gradually come to understand how He is enough for me on a daily basis as I have experienced many losses over the years. Physical disabilities have drastically reduced my contact with people since I am mostly homebound. 

    In an attempt to participate in the Great Commission, the purpose of my blog is to share with my readers what I am learning as I study the Bible and apply it to my life. I have found treasures as I have dug deeper and deeper. Sometimes, I even find diamonds where I only saw pearls the first time around. Sermons from people like Charles Spurgeon spark deep thoughts about what I read in Scripture, and I’m eager to share these with someone. 

    What a blessing it is to have technology to help with this commission; I pray that something I share will be an encouragement as I attempt to point my readers to the True Treasure.

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  11. Hey there! I’m a Christian blogger and leader in my campus ministry. I write the things I am learning in my own walk with God that I think others would benefit from hearing. Before I post, I really want to feel led by the Spirit that this is what He wants me to say, so that is why I don’t post on a regular schedule. I want to be writing in faith, not obligation:)

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  12. I am a Christian blogger. I blog at The goal of the blog is to encourage Christians to walk closer to Christ. Along with devotions, we discuss theology and apologetics.

    Thank you for what you do.

    God Bless,


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    1. Thank you for sharing. I don’t know if this gives me enough information for readers to have a clear view on your blog’s main topics and what the purpose of your blog is. 🙂 If you could give me more information that would be helpful.


  13. Great idea, T.R.! My blog is called Skipping Stones: Musings of a Mindful Disciple. Posts usually focus on one verse or passage of scripture and how a mindful, aware, Christian can use it, either to evaluate their walk or incorporate it in their walk and thought life. Blessings! Tim

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  14. Hi! I am a blogger who focuses on my journey with Christ and documents the lessons I learn along my journey. My purpose was to use my passion for writing to share the wisdom that the Lord provides me as I make new discoveries about myself and the world we live in.
    Much love!!!

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  15. Hi I blog over at I think I’m only just scrapping 10 posts but only 2 weeks in so that’s climbing almost daily.
    I would like to be considered. God bless xxx

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    1. Hi 🙂 I need a better idea of what the purpose of your blog is. If you want some examples, I posted today the first Christian Bloggers Spotlight if you would like to use that as what I am looking for. 10 posts in two weeks is awesome! Well done!

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  16. I am a theology student at Liberty University. I write a column for and have recently started a blog called “Contemplating Christianity” on WordPress. Originally I was using BlogSpot but recently decided to switch. I have a passion for writing and strongly desire to communicate the Gospel to others. I would love to be considered. I write about Apologetics, Theology and Scripture.

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  17. Hey! I just stumbled upon this blog as I was about to write.
    Not that I’m anything impressive but I was thinking of taking up writing a bit more seriously and my site seems to fit your bill. It’s more of a personal reflection blog, founded on reflection on the Word, personal devotionals, and any life experiences in which I see God’s fingerprints on it.

    “I’m Not Qualified” was by far the most popular post about my personal experience post-grad college looking to get into the world force. I’ve had multiple people come up to me from my church and even outside telling me how they were so encouraged to trust in the Lord during a similar season in their life. Check it out! Thanks!

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  18. Hey, T.R!
    How are you doing?
    I’m glad I came across your blog. I’m a Christian blogger and my words are simply to encourage, edify, and to build others up. Meeting some Christian bloggers here and reading their posts has really added great value and enlightenment to my spiritual growth. So, keep up the good work you are doing here and God bless you!

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  19. Greetings! I am a Christian blogger. God mainly uses my ministry to help women although I believe anyone can benefit from my blogs. While I am writing I am inspired to reach women. I enjoy serving women in ministry helping them overcome challenges or just being a cheerleader for them on their journey. My blogs are inspired by my every day live experiences. I write as a healing tool for myself first and others second. I want to reach and connect with more women. The more people connect to my writings and other work, the more inspired I am to continue serving!

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  20. Hello,

    I am a Christian blogger, using my blog to minister mostly to other Christian women about issues dealing with faith, family, marriage, and fitness and well-being. I always try to implement scripture into every post and have received so many questions about my faith from sharing my blog posts! I think this is an amazing way to connect to others and create disciples. I hope that my blog meets the criteria! Thanks for reading!

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    1. From what you shared I think it does 🙂 when the time comes I get to your name in the list I check out the blog and overlook your posts to decide. It is a first come first serve basis, so if you do not see your blog immediately listed, that’s why 🙂 . I think what you blog about is important and certainly things people need discusssion on.

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      1. Aww well thank you for considering me for this opportunity! I think it’s great to have a Christian community and to spread the word about other bloggers who are trying to disciple and reach the lost! Thank you so much!

        I enjoy all your posts by the way!

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  21. Hey T.R.!
    My blog is called The Memoir of a Christian Millennial, I felt called to start my blog a few years ago when I was having a hard time in college. I noticed that going to a secular college left me feeling really isolated in my faith due to how much Christianity gets called into question. So I decided I wanted to try to reach out to others that may feel like I do. I talk about all ranges of Christian issues as well as post Bible Studies, right now I am working on a series where I am going chapter by chapter through the Bible called Cover to Cover. I hope you’ll take a look at my blog and see if it meets what your looking for! 🙂 Prayers and Blessings to you!

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    1. Sounds wonderful and topics that others will connect with :). When I get to your name I’ll look over your blog. It’s a first come, first serve basis, so if you do not see your blog advertised immediately, that’s why. But I’m pretty sure it will be fine. I’m doing a Bible series on my blog, too! It’s wonderful people are getting the word of God out!

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      1. Great! And yeah it’s been super fun doing the series, been such a encouragement for me to study as much as I should be and try to reach others with verses and chapters that may have been overlooked before 🙂

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      2. Definitely! I started the series because there is so much in each verse and I felt like myself as well as many others can get in a habit of getting stuck in their favorite passages or books and don’t pay enough attention to the Bible in its entirety! 😄

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  22. Hello am bro George, my passion for writing started at a very tender age, I could read almost everything I saw and I began writing in books and on social media to get it out to others however I thought it wise to take my writings across the world to bless more lives. So I just started my blog this year which was aimed to throw more light on Christian issues and related Faith subjects in the light of God’s word, that is my desire to see believers to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the son of God, notwithstanding I also do write inspirational stories for individuals who have taken it upon themselves to pursue a worthy course.

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    1. It is nice seeing other bloggers who felt their calling early in life. I think you cover topics others would be interested in and they help shed light on things people need to know. Thanks for sharing!


  23. I’m a Christian blogger that tries to write something pertaining to our faith from all over, ranging from Free Will to Apologetic arguments for God’s existence. I have at least 30 articles posted.

    My blog is call ‘Theist Thug Life’ and can be located Check it out!

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  24. Hi,
    Thanks for providing this opportunity. I am 19 turning 20 next week, so went for the adult one… lol!😂
    I started writing a blog after several years of severe chronic illness. It is called Treasures of Darkness (from Isaiah 45) and its focus is finding the treasures God gives in whatever darkness we find ourselves in… and ultimately the source of this is “Finding Jesus in Every Circumstance”.
    My blog is a collection of letters, diary excerpts, and thoughts from years of suffering that I am now starting to write up. I share parts of my own journey, and my own brokenness, and dig deep into scripture to uncover those eternal jewels of truth. My heart is to be biblical and vulnerable.
    Although I write from a perspective of chronic illness, it is not particularly aimed for that. God has given me a heart to reach into brokenness and suffering in whatever form this takes. And who is there who has not known this?
    My prayer and desire for the blog is for others to discover the life of abundance God calls us to, and live it to the full, unhindered by any circumstance. To know their worth and calling in Him – undimmed and unsnatchable. To see more of who He is – the heart of everything I write. And in response to live a life of abandon to the God who has given us all.

    Blessings in your blogging, ❤️

    Living for Him


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  25. The Reluctant Bride explains how to handle major transition periods like marriage, getting a new job, etc. with faith instead of fear. I almost didn’t marry my husband because of an intense season of anxiety, so I want to encourage others to move forward boldly in Christ Jesus.

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  26. My blog is called Life is a Vapor. My target audience includes Christians willing to be challenged to step out of their comfort zone and live an authentic, audacious Christian life. I have written on a few controversial topics that challenge believers to approach social issues from a biblical perspective as well as topics on emotional health. I also include recommended Christian books and interviews with Christian authors as well as missionaries living boldly for Christ in places like France and Cambodia (coming soon).

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    1. That sounds absolutely wonderful! I, too, write sometimes on controversial topics and urge believers to look at what scripture says. I’m so glad ypu are pointing the light at Christ and His truth!

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  27. Hi there! The Early Church Blog is a Christian blog aimed at seeing Christ in the history of the Early Church. We cover the first few centuries of Church History and consider how it is we can see the Gospel going out through the young church. The New Testament promised God will always keep His church, and it is awesome seeing Him doing that in a really tough period of Church History! Check us out over here:

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  28. Thanks for the opportunity to share 🙂 I’m pretty sure I’ve shared my main blog, Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates ( with you before.

    I have another blog though called blogging Proverbs ( which I’d love more people to discover. In it, I blog devotional thoughts on every single proverb, and I’m nearing completion! My blog is the kind of thing you can dip into if you want to read up on a particular proverb. Equally however it could be read all the way through to get hopefully a good introduction to the book as a whole.

    Thanks, and God bless,


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  29. About my blog:

    Kindom Konversations with Kiana is a transparent journey of beliefs. In the blog, the writer shares the lessons that come by way of the struggle to be more like Christ daily. This blog is empowering, challenging and encouraging all in one read. Each post provokes thought and challenges the perspective and actions of the reader.

    I hope you all check it out!

    P.S. Thanks for this platform and opportunity. This is great thing you’re doing!

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  30. Hello T.R. Noble, how is your ‘cuke’ little guy doing today? 🙂

    Homer Les here spreading words of encouragement and faith to all who will listen. Our blog Uncompromising Faith is all about encouraging believers to step into a wilderness and become disciples of Jesus. We encourage faith in the One who died for us and set us free.

    May the Father bless you richly.

    Homer Les

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  31. Hi there and thank you for sharing this opportunity with us.

    My name is Aundre and my Wife and I have recently launched a blog called PoetryHost.

    PoetryHost is an online platform; dedicated to providing Christ-centred content, through the use of Poetry and Spoken Word.

    Our aim is to help “bridge the gap” between current generations and generations to come. 🙂

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  32. Hello, I’m a Christian blogger & write to encourage others to have Spirit-led lives. I either share some personal experiences of what God is teaching me along with Scripture or share devotionals to challenge us in the word. Thanks for the potential opportunity! Blessings 🙂

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  33. You will see a new book called Walking, The Way, Discipling Everywhere with a fresh set of eyes being published in the near future! PRAISE GOD!

    Jesus saved me 16 years ago, and over the past two years, God the Holy Spirit has inspired me to write a book on life change and the true work of God in a person’s life. My blog page is in the final phases, and you will also see it soon on

    Here is a link to my YouTube channel, check it out!


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