I’m Guilty Of “I Know That Already”

I do quite a bit of Bible studying by myself and with others. I take notes during church sermons. I take notes reading through Christian literature. I engage in discussions in many forms, this blogging community included. I’ve learned a lot, and I know a lot through these experiences and everything God has taught me so far. None of this in itself is bad.

But the state of my heart and how I allow this knowledge to affect me could be.

The things we “know” can hinder us because of our pride and possible refusal to listen and learn more from others, and from what God places directly in front of our path. 

I get frustrated sometimes with others when I say something that is meant to be helpful and immediately get the short response, “I know.” It could be the way I read into things and the fact that since typed words have no “tone” we do not know how things are actually being said.

I can’t help but be reminded of how….easy this is to do when I’m listening to others or reading people’s posts, or possibly, passing by certain titles I feel won’t be for me because I already “know” the material. Knowing something sometimes makes me feel like I “know enough” and that’s where the problem lies. 

Like salvation for example.

It’s a topic those of us who have accepted Christ probably feel familiar with, right? But the truth of the matter is, I think we take the topics we are familiar with, well, for granted. At least I certainly have. I’ve started to cover Christ’s baptism in my Bible Summary series, and for His baptism to be fully covered it took about three posts, the first one was published last Sunday. I was reminded of how powerful grace was and is to this day! How grace is shown through Christ. It’s something I know, but I do not always take what I know to heart. 

It is something I should not be content simply knowing but relishing and cherishing the hand of God and everything He has done. 

To know more of His truth should encourage us, not hinder us. I really have to step back sometimes and be rebuked in my spirit for getting caught up in what I “know” when it comes to scripture and Christ. In the Lord, we should only continue to grow from what we know. We shouldn’t be hindered or stop ourselves deciding we “know enough” I don’t think this will ever be true, at least on this earth. God feeds us, like an infant, in a way. Small pieces at a time because our puny and selfish brains can’t grasp a lot at a time.

It’s important to be aware of this because I think this would stop us from engaging in stubbornness in how we respond to others. We need to actually listen first, not listen and prepare our next statement, as a dear friend and I talked about recently. We are told to not quarrel with one another in scripture.

I see too many people get upset about scripture interpretation and get emotionally involved with their feelings when things are not seen their way. Having a different viewpoint and sharing does not mean people are trying to attack us. In fact, there is a chance we likely are wrong about something at least.

We need to listen more. 

We need to be willing to not believe we know everything, even if we have read or heard something 1,000 times, maybe, hear me out, maybe the 1,001st time is when God plans for us to take away something new because we are faithful to Him and desire to grow.

He will provide.


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Has God ever taught you something new you thought you knew before?

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17 thoughts on “I’m Guilty Of “I Know That Already”

  1. I struggled with this earlier in my walk and the Lord was kind enough to point out that even the hunger to seek out His truths comes from Him, so to Him be all the glory!!!💕😃

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  2. This is a great article! I definitely am open when listening or reading scripture (on my own or in church or here or podcasts) I am always learning something new and most importantly, being encouraged in the right way!! Good post! TY!

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  3. Haha… when you see the title of this post and think to yourself, “Oh, I know about that already…” 🤦‍♀️

    But even beyond just the humility aspect of thinking we’ve “graduated” from certain truths, there is such a delight in being able to enjoy the basics as if it were the first time you’ve heard them. When simple things like “God is faithful” and “Jesus saves” cause worship to rise up in your heart instead of “Yeah, yeah, I know…”

    Jesus, give us hearts to cherish even the “simple” truths!

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