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2 Samuel | Treason & David’s Escape

Previously, Absalom returned home but two years went by before he and David ever talked face to face. Finally, they did and David forgave Absalom. The time period we are going to look at is about forty years later from this event.

Today’s Reading: 2 Samuel Ch. 15 

Absalom’s Treason

Yep, our man Abasolm will soon let David down. Like I mentioned, forty years pass from the previous story. In this time, Absalom goes to the way of the gate and he helps deal with lawsuits. He also has quite a bit of money or at least status. Chariots, horses, and fifty men to run in front of him.

When people who had a lawsuit needed to go to the king, Absalom asked what city the person was from. Absalom would tell them their case was good, but they did not have a deputy of the king to hear their case. Furthermore, he mentions how he wished he could be made judge in the land and anyone who had a case could then go to him, and he could give them justice. (v.01-04)

People would bow down to him and he would put out his hand, they would kiss his ring. (Is this where the Pope gets this from?) 

He acts like this for forty years winning the hearts of Israel.

One day he tells David he made a vow and he wanted to keep it so he could serve the Lord. The king lets him go in peace.

Absalom immediately sends spies throughout the tribes of Israel, and they are told when they hear the trumpet they are to proclaim that he, Absalom, reigns in Hebron.

(v.11) He takes 200 men with him, who were innocent they did not realize what was going on. He sends for David’s counselor. Offers sacrifices, and the men with Absalom continue to grow in number, creating a conspiracy.

David Flees To Jerusalem

(v.13) The messenger gets back to David that the hearts of the men of Israel are with Absalom. David immediately takes this to mean they needed to flee or they would not be able to escape, so they flee to Jerusalem.

David’s servants are loyal and ready to do whatever was needed. Everyone in the household leaves aside from ten concubines to keep the house.

(v.18) This is quite the scene so his servants all go in front of their king. Over 600 people stand in front of David and keep their loyalty to him. 

All the Levites were there as well, remember they were the priest bloodline. They had the ark of God with them. David not knowing if he has lost favor with the Lord asks a man, Zadok, to carry the ark back into the city. David says if He found favor with David then God would bring David back and show him. But if not God would say He had no delight in David.

David waits in the plains of wilderness to see what happens. In fact, (v.30) we see David goes by the Mount of Olives and weeps. He covers his head and he is barefoot. Everyone who was with him also did the same with their heads and feet.

Someone reveals to David that Ahithophel is part of the group creating the conspiracy of Absalom. David prays that God turn the counsel of this man into foolishness.

(v.32) When David went into the mountains where he worshipped the Lord, a friend named Hushai approached him with a torn robe and dust on his head. These actions I believe are symbolic of mourning, grief, distress, etc.

David tells him that should the man stay with David, Hushai will only be a burden. Instead, Hushai could go to Absalom and say he would be a servant. That way David could get intel on what was going on, and Hushai could also defeat the counsel of Ahithophel. The priests would also be with Hushai.

Hushai goes into the city, and Absalom arrives in Jerusalem.

What To Take Away– Even in great distress, we see David arise to pray, like Christ. We see David as a powerful example to the people. People who were loyal to him because he was a loving king. He was a Godly man. Our example leaves quite an impression on others. It’s important we are aware of the life we are living, to draw close to Christ, and to make sure we can show others who He is in us. It’s also important never to run away from God in times of hardship. Like David, we must go to the Lord. Even if we are in the wrong, like David wasn’t sure of, we need to go to God.

He will make things right.

Next time David will be cursed by someone. 

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