What Happened To The Home Schooler Post?

A couple of months ago, I asked if teens or people who had been homeschooled could fill out a question form for me. I was curious to know if people who were homeschooled experienced certain things adolescents tend to go through, but at a different age, possibly delayed, because of not being in public school. I wanted to know if by any chance a teen being homeschooled would prolong the waiting period of when teens experience peer pressure, crushes, self-identity, any later.

I noticed in my experience and others, these things tended to happen around age 12 and for the responses I did receive it seems to be about in the same age range for everyone who answered. I was surprised actually to see how relatable a lot of people’s experiences were. I had about four to five email responses, and for this kind of post, I needed a lot more to have a better survey group. 

But I definitely learned a lot, and at least from what those who took the time to share and answer, it seems like no matter the choice of schooling there are some things that cannot be prevented for a teen to go through. It’s part of life, and often times that is not easy.

I did see, however, one need perhaps to direct in further posts. That being, something I experienced too, feeling isolated as a Christian teen because of a maturity not matched with other peers and being misunderstood by adults because of that maturity. Meaning, a lack of connections with peers because they were not on the same level; and lack of understanding from adults who try to treat all teens the same in learning and being talked to.

I’ve been wanting to talk about that anyway, but after reading the responses I definitely see the need. 🙂

Thank you to all who took the time to answer my questions and be honest! I really appreciate it!

Comment Below:
What is it like being a Christian teen, or what was like for you?

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7 thoughts on “What Happened To The Home Schooler Post?

  1. Feeling isolated because of a different maturity level is definitely an issue for me. But because of being homeschooled, my parents, brothers, and I are all very close and I don’t feel lonely or anything! I’ve also been able to find a few close friends who really get me ☺

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  2. That’s a good idea! I didn’t really think much of those types of things until I went to a summer camp 2 years ago where I pretty much got the inside scoop on all that.

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