Quotes From You| February ’19 Highlights

Quotes from YOU is a way to not only advertise Christian bloggers and their posts but to give you an idea of who these bloggers are. Selecting a particular quote from a blogger’s post that stands out to me, that I hope, stands out to you.

Usually, in a quote post, I select few, but this is the community. Take some time to hear what they have to say.

Here are quotes from bloggers that stood out to me in the month of February.

” I found myself rationalizing that since I’m unwell, I can complain about being overwhelmed by those clothes and put on that nasty old victim mentality; No one understands, no one gets it, blah blah blah. It’s so easy when you feel poorly for so long to become trapped in wrong thinking.” – Vivan

“Living in the Spirit is a lifestyle that we choose over and over, every day. Seeking God’s Spirit is a discipline. It is the manifestation of “praying without ceasing.” It is deliberately thinking “Lord, guide my steps” in all the little situations of the day.“- Lily

“I also think that because the pastor is called to lead the church, he/she should also be held accountable to not only God but to other pastors to make sure that the pastor in question isn’t teaching a false doctrine.” – Joshua

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“Even when I am deeply immersed in my devotional time, I can’t always tell that God is in the same room, around me, surrounding me, holding me in the palm of his hand.”- Meredith 

“In my Sunday school class, we have been talking about this. The Bible doesn’t specifically say, “Shae, thou shalt do A, B, and C and that is God’s will for your life.” But my teacher told us to do the things God does say specifically to do with all our might, and God will make clear what his will is in time.”- Shae

“I want to love my spouse and I want to honor my vow to my marriage. And I desire others to do this too.” – Love Joy Balance

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“What He is saying here is that it isn’t enough for us to say “well I have nothing against him/her so I am free”. We need to pursue peace. We need to try as much as possible to ensure that the other party is OK too. ” – Efua 

“Because He suffered the unimaginable anguish of Roman torture, betrayal, and loss, I believe He is the only God who has an experiential knowledge of what it means to be a man.” – Heather

“Sometimes I do, say, think, or emote first; then, after I’ve gotten upset or said or done something stupid, I go back to God and ask Him what He thinks about it.  At that point I have to ask for forgiveness and sometimes even for help in cleaning up the mess. This doesn’t mean that I don’t ever have the fear of the LORD, but it does mean that I go through periods where I forget how awesome He is, and yes, I’m not reverencing Him in the moment, and I’m not being wise in that moment either.” – Ruth

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What was your favorite quote?

Monthly Scripture –(NKJ) Proverbs 18:13, “He who answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame to him.”

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14 thoughts on “Quotes From You| February ’19 Highlights

  1. “Because He suffered the unimaginable anguish of Roman torture, betrayal, and loss, I believe He is the only God who has an experiential knowledge of what it means to be a man.” – Heather

    Very powerful truth right there!

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  2. Tough to pick a favorite! I love the quote by Joshua and agree with him fully, but the one by Lily about living in the Spirit is excellent (and very true), too. Good reminder! I love Shae’s viewpoint, and Vivian is dead-on about becoming accepting of wrong thinking when you deal with feeling unwell frequently…. and I love the rest (except maybe the crazy lady at the bottom – lol), too, so there’s that. 😉

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  3. Thanks sis. Difficult to pick me. However Heather’s sounds so comforting and reassuring. More-so because i have just read and make reference to Hebrews 4:15 in a post i just finished for tomorrow. I’ll be going to bed with these words of comfort tonight. Thanks again for sharing 🙂

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