Community Spotlight | February ’19 Highlights

Cannot believe we are already heading towards spring!

As a reminder these are the posts that have spoken to me in the month of February, this is never to make anyone feel like you need to make this list. *If you’re interested in other possible ways of being spotlighted see bottom.

This past month’s roundup…

God’s WarriorAre We Pushing People Out Of The Church – I really like this post that Joshua wrote. As a fellow blogger who writes about church, sometimes these topics are not the easiest. He does a great job of balancing out what a church is meant to do and what a church is not meant to do, which then leads to us pushing people away.

MeredithHow Do We Attain Authentic Peace – I love this reminder that we are to be in peace through Christ. We can only do this while spending time with Him.

I Don’t Always Feel Christian- I love the honesty of this post, and how Meredith points out even when we don’t “feel” Christian there are things we need to be reminded of and cling to.

Christ’s Pattern For Prayer– She covers the Lord’s prayer and how easily we can work on focusing when we pray and what to specifically pray for.

Christian Meal Replacement– I love how Meredith covers how we can switch from something we used to do that entertains the flesh, over to Christ.

Shae Verse Of The Week | Matthew 6:33 – This post shares a beautiful true story about how a man prayed and thanked the Lord for the food He would provide…when the man did not have food. Yet…immediately, God DID provide. I love the story and its reminder.

I’m Not Raising Grass– She shares this beautiful message about who her great grandpa was, and how he was focused on things that really mattered.

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Love Joy BalanceWholesome Wednesday | Marriage – I love all the suggestions in how we can bond and care for our spouse.

DianaAbraham Proves His Faith – I was catching up on Diana’s blog and her Bible studies have been amazing. She adds all of these extra research details in her posts, and as someone who does Bible summaries as well, I very much appreciate her going out and beyond.

Efua- Seek Peace – I really love this post from Efua. She encourages and reminds us why it is so important to seek peace in everyone as we are encouraged to do in scripture. That is not so much about feeling like we have an issue with someone only, but also even if we feel okay about something, we need to make sure the other person is too, and that they are at peace with us.

But I Am Not Loved– Efua shares such a beautiful picture on God’s love for Leah, the first wife of Jacob. She also shares God’s love for us when we women struggle for the attention of a man.

Are You Willing To Relocate– Sometimes it is not so much a physical place God needs us to be. It could be as simple as changing our mind.

It Isn’t What You Think– She shares this amazing story between the difference of rain in England and rain where she grew up in Nigeria. Efua then ties this danger of flood waters to sins we may deem “small” and how dangerous they really are.

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Heather DavisToto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Athens anymore – Heather shares some deep truths about resisting the pressures of this world.

VivianA Grateful Heart- I really love the honesty Vivian shares in how being sick isn’t easy. Sometimes, when we are hurting, we are blind. But God has a way of opening our eyes.

Ruth- What Is The Beginning Of Wisdom– I love how in-depth Ruth was with this post. She explains how one simple scripture was turned all around for her and took her deeper than before. She then goes into things we need to consider.

More Doggie Lessons– This post surprised me from the title. A reminder that we have intimate times with the Lord and other times we drift away, Others drift away too. We must be careful not to judge what we can easily be hypocrites of.

OliviaWhat Matters Most– I really enjoyed the honesty in her post. Olivia shared how easy it is for us to be hypocritical towards others.

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