5 Christian Teen Bloggers | Round 2

Reminder- As I was going through those who submitted their blogs I realized I would have to make an additional rule. Your blog must have recent posts within the last month to be featured. *To view all rules see post below.

I was hoping to do this series more weekly but it takes some time going to each blog, looking over posts and determining if the blog fits criteria. Thanks for your patience! This week’s selection has a ton of different perspectives and posts to offer, and I hope you find at least one new blog to check out 🙂 *See the bottom to see how you can participate.

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1. Girl Talks 31

“On my blog, I talk about Christianity, theology for girls, and the Christian life. It’s a fun place where girls can come and learn how to grow in their relationship with God for themselves! I do little studies and resource recommendations too. And I am happy to announce that some new things will be coming to the blog this year!”

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2. Stand Out Now 

“My content is very Christ-centered and focuses on stepping out and standing out. Doing something with courage and boldness.”

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3. Freedom Letters

“I mostly write about healthy lifestyles, relationships, (I have some poetry!), and I dearly hope it glorifies God. I also do calligraphy and art– I especially love scripting verses.”

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4. AymerAyd (My Witness)

“AymerAyd is Hebrew for ‘My Witness’. In my blog, I want to stand as a Witness to the people who read my blogs, as to what the Lord has done in my life, what He is doing in my life and for what He is going to do in my life. This blog is totally dedicated for the cause of Jesus, and I would love to reach out to the bigger community, as I have just recently started blogging.”

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5. The World Told By An American Youth

“I am a teenage follower of Christ. I recently started a blog and I wouldn’t say it’s a Christian blog, just more a blog about my life. But God is apart of my life and therefore he is apart of my blog. I would love to be apart of inspiring other teenagers!”

Remember… 🙂

TO BE FEATURED– if you want to be selected you must meet the criteria of this post here Christian Teen Bloggers Wanted!  please read the whole post so you do not miss out on details. Some blogs meet all criteria, aside from one or two things I really need.

If you are a Christian blogger but not a teen check out this post and follow instructions to see if you meet criteria. Christian Bloggers Wanted!

Next week I’ll feature five Christian Bloggers 🙂 

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